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How would you like to spend your trip abroad - enjoying the city's delightful tourist spots, dining out, seeing important landmarks and taking in the breathtaking landscape and exotic culture of the country, or would you like to spend your precious time looking for a money changer to convert your money into the local currency!! Thomas Cook presents you the Travel Currency Card - a hassle free, secure and convenient way to carry money and make payments when you travel abroad, so as to make each moment of your trip abroad memorable.


These cards are issued by Axis Bank & are available at all the Thomas Cook branches across India.


SMART features of Travel Currency Cards 

  • A range of seven destination currencies to choose from thereby saving on currency conversion. These are US Dollars, GB Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs & Japanese Yen. Though the Card is denominated in the 7currencies mentioned above, it can be used in the local currency of the country you visit.


  • Non- Personalized Cards - Available off the shelf at any of the Thomas Cook branches.

o        No Name, Photograph, Signature based security for ATM purchase

o        16 digit Card Number & Validity Period

o        4 digit PIN security for ATM usage


·         Only card which offers online transactions abroad. Travel Currency Card can be used on VBV Verified By VISA enabled websites for online purchase


·         Multiple add on card can be issued with different PIN to one primary card since the same is linked with one account.


·         Activated within 24 hrs. Add on card can be activated later.


·         5 years validity of the card can be renewed later.


·         Check & View balance in destination currency,


·         Change PIN in India after activation at any of the AXIS Bank ATM.



VISA Flag Cards

  • Largest Acceptance worldwide


  • Cash Withdrawal at  10,00,000 VISA ATMs


  • Payment Transactions at 24 million VISA Merchant Establishments across the globe.


  • 4 Digit PIN Security for ATM usage


  • Signature Based Security for POS Purchase


  • Reloadable even from a remote location.


  • Balance Inquiry on iConnect, AXIS Bank’s Internet banking


  • Monthly statement sent on email id


  • Lost Card Liability in INR upto Rs. 2,00,000/-


  • Replacement of Lost Card: Card dispatched in 2 working days


  • 24 Hour Customer Service:

o        91-22-67987700





  • GCAS - Global Customer Assistance Service from VISA at cost


  • Only One Card per Currency Per Person



Unutilised Balance - Flexible Options


  • When you return from your trip, you can choose to

o        Get your balance on the Card encashed at any Thomas Cook India branches

o        Transfer it to a Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Account

o        Or simply let the balance on your card (upto $2000 or its equivalent in the above - mentioned currencies as per RBI Regulation) remain so that you can use it for any future trips.




Loading & Reloading Amount


  • Multi Currency Options



Min Issuance

Min Reload

US Dollars

USD 250

USD 100


EUR 200

EUR 100

GB Pounds

GBP 150

GBP 100

Australian Dollars

AUD 300

AUD 100

Canadian Dollars

CAD 300


Swiss Francs

CHF 300

CHF 125

Japanese Yen

JPY 30000

JPY 12000


For list of VISA ATMs please click here:


To find out more about prepaid cards, send us a query


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