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The Swiss Franc is the official currency in Switzerland, which is probably the only country where franc is still used. Denoted by the ISO code CHF, the Swiss Franc often turns up as an international benchmark in the world of finance; in addition, it finds use in Liechtenstein.

Thomas Cook India can offer you all the required travel-related assistance in the scenic Switzerland, no matter where you are - reveling in the mountains, rolling hills, plains, or large lakes. Since carrying local currency is a sensible way to avoid financial troubles during any trip, you need to buy Swiss Franc before visiting Switzerland. We let you convert Swiss Franc to INR or INR to Swiss Franc online at your convenience so that you can get the required amount of money any time. You can also set mobile and e-mail alerts on to know about the current Swiss Franc rate.

If you have a foreign trip lined up and don’t know which is the most reliable source to buy your forex at the most competitive rates, Thomas Cook can help you buy Swiss Francs online to avoid last-minute hitches. We maintain utmost transparency with regards to booking foreign currencies, as you can check Swiss Francs forex rate live on our online portal around the clock. Thomas Cook is a leader in Foreign Exchange, and respects your need for convenience. Just freeze your currency rates online and you can be rest assured about your foreign exchange purchases. Buying foreign currencies couldn’t get easier than this.

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  • Before I went on our honeymoon to Switzerland, I made sure that I had some currencies exchanged well in advance. As this trip was very important to me, I did not want any snags to affect trip. I got the INR converted to CHF & delivered right at my doorstep as per my preferred time and convenience. I was also confident about the exchange rates Thomas cook maintains complete transparency by featuring the forex rates live on the website.

    Parul Shah
  • After securing a good job, I had planned a vacation for the entire family in Switzerland as a treat. In order to avoid any last minute hitches, I needed to plan everything in advance. A friend of mine suggested Thomas Cook to me. Thanks to them, I was able to exchange currencies easily through their website. The excellent customer service ensures timely delivery at the convenience of the buyer. The exchange rates provided by Thomas cook are better than any other provider.

    Karan Gover
  • Whenever I travel abroad, I make sure I exchange the currencies well in advance. Thomas Cook provides reliable and quick services for exchange of foreign currency. During my last trip to Switzerland I used the Thomas cook online forex services in order to convert INR to CHF. I was deeply impressed with the quick service and timely delivery of the currency. Once I had placed the order, a Thomas cook executive contacted me to ensure suitable delivery.

    S Malik
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