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The country of Switzerland is situated on the land bordering France, Italy, Germany and Austria. Home to the most spectacular countryside, ancient castles, clear turquoise lakes and breathtaking mountain, Switzerland is known to be extremely popular amongst the tourists. Most Switzerland packages cover a number of beautiful sites and monuments. They are maintained by the Switzerland tourism and are open for public.

For most tourists, foreign exchange becomes a problem. The process to convert INR to CHF or CHF to INR is a tedious one and requires professional services. Not just that but to convert INR to CHF, one need to be aware of the existing forex rates as well. With modern technology, the process of converting Rupee to Swiss Franc has become simpler. With services from Thomas Cook, Rupee to Swiss Franc can be easily converted online as well. So now, to convert INR to CHF, one has to simply log online and submit a query form, and the company will revert back on it.

Thomas Cook services are not limited to the services provided within the pre-existing package. One can always avail additional services like flight booking and visa application services. This only serves to help the tourists in their travels. Reliable currency converters are also provided.



  • Before I went on our honeymoon to Switzerland, I made sure that I had some currencies exchanged well in advance. As this trip was very important to me, I did not want any snags to affect trip. I got the INR converted to CHF & delivered right at my doorstep as per my preferred time and convenience. I was also confident about the exchange rates Thomas cook maintains complete transparency by featuring the forex rates live on the website.

    Parul Shah
  • After securing a good job, I had planned a vacation for the entire family in Switzerland as a treat. In order to avoid any last minute hitches, I needed to plan everything in advance. A friend of mine suggested Thomas Cook to me. Thanks to them, I was able to exchange currencies easily through their website. The excellent customer service ensures timely delivery at the convenience of the buyer. The exchange rates provided by Thomas cook are better than any other provider.

    Karan Gover
  • Whenever I travel abroad, I make sure I exchange the currencies well in advance. Thomas Cook provides reliable and quick services for exchange of foreign currency. During my last trip to Switzerland I used the Thomas cook online forex services in order to convert INR to CHF. I was deeply impressed with the quick service and timely delivery of the currency. Once I had placed the order, a Thomas cook executive contacted me to ensure suitable delivery.

    S Malik
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