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A Scandinavian country in Europe, Denmark is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. The place was the setting of Shakespearean’s play, Hamlet that has made it famous among people. With a wide variety of landscapes and areas of natural beauty waiting to be explored, Denmark Tourism gives you opportunities to meet real Santa Clauses, swim with sharks, climb a mountain of sands, hear singing trees, and much more. Visiting this place with the official currency is an exciting experience that you can get by converting Rupee to Danish Krone from Thomas Cook at the best prices.

With Thomas Cooks’ new Denmark packages, you can visit this place of amazing natural beauty. Once your visa application process is over, you can go ahead to convert INR to Danish Krone. Thomas Cook takes the responsibility of your travel services and provides you with services like foreign exchange, flight booking, and travel insurance. We always strive to make your trip comfortable and hassle-free. With our currency converter tool, we aim at providing you with the official currency of Denmark. We convert INR to Danish Krone and also deliver the Denmark currency. By converting Rupee to Danish Krone, we aim at making your Denmark trip comfortable as well as memorable.

Why Thomas Cook for Converting INR to Danish Krone (DKK) Online


  • When I had visited Denmark for a business trip, I exchanged the currencies using the Thomas cook online foreign exchange services. With the website it is very easy to obtain currencies of any country by following a few quick steps. After the purchase, I got the currencies delivered at my home according to my convenience. They also offer great INR to DKK exchange rates as compared to banks and other portals.

    Parul Shah
  • On my last trip to Denmark, I had exchanged the currencies well in advance. Since I had booked my trip from Thomas cook, I decided to get my currencies also exchanged through the Thomas cook website. I got DKK delivered right to my doorstep. Even for my future trips, I would definitely choose Thomas cook to exchange currencies.

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  • A few months ago, when I had been planning my first abroad trip to Denmark, a friend recommended Thomas cook to get my currencies exchanged. I tried that and the best part about ordering from Thomas cook is that they maintain complete transparency regarding the forex exchange rates.

    S Malik
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