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Oman once used the Indian rupee as its official currency till the Omani Rial (OMR) was introduced in the 1970s. The currency is essential for those traveling to the sultanate. Omani Rials are signified using the symbol ع.ر. If you are planning a trip to Oman, you can buy Omani Rial at the Thomas Cook India website. This will ensure you have a smooth travel and stay, besides allowing you to indulge in shopping expeditions. The procedure involves filling in a form, after which an executive will get in touch with you to guide you through the rest.

The website also shares updates on current exchange rates, which come in handy when you convert OMR to INR or INR to Omani Rial online. Set alerts for Omani Rial rate on to buy the currency at the best rates and get the most of exchange deals.

If you have a foreign trip lined up and don’t know which is the most reliable source to buy your forex at the most competitive rates, Thomas Cook can help you buy Omani Rial online to avoid last-minute hitches. We maintain utmost transparency with regards to booking foreign currencies, as you can check Omani Rial forex rate live on our online portal around the clock. Thomas Cook is a leader in Foreign Exchange, and respects your need for convenience. Just freeze your currency rates online and you can be rest assured about your foreign exchange purchases. Buying foreign currencies couldn’t get easier than this.



  • Earlier, exchanging the currencies was always a burdensome task. At times, I even forgot to exchange the currencies before travelling, and had to face many difficulties. But since I discovered Thomas cook foreign exchange website, have been traveling hassle free. The website is extremely user friendly and easy to understand. The foreign exchange rates for INR to OMR are displayed live.

    Parul Shah
  • When father who stays in Oman suddenly fell seriously ill, I had to rush to sultanate within in days’ time. A friend recommended Thomas cook to exchange the currencies in advance so that I do no face any problems during my trip. When I ordered the currency through the website, Thomas cook had the currencies delivered to my residence the same day. I would definitely recommend Thomas cook to anybody who are planning to go abroad.

    Karan Gover
  • Being a frequent traveller, I am often dissatisfied with the deals I get while convert INR to OMR. Most of the times, I have ended up paying much more than the existing exchange rates in the forex market. Since I have started using Thomas cook, I am assured of the best forex deals as they maintain complete transparency of rates.

    S Malik
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