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The country of Qatar is known for its amazing views and lip-smacking cuisine. A number of Qatar packages are available with the basic Qatar tours and site visits. Most of the important buildings and monuments are preserved and maintained by the Qatar tourism and are open for public viewing.

In order to avail reliable foreign exchange services, one can now put their trust in online platforms. Not only will they convert INR to QAR via online transactions but also provide the Rupee to Qatari Rial conversion process at prevailing forex rates. Unlike before, to convert INR to QAR or QAR to INR, one simply needs to log in online and submit a query or request and the carrier will avail the Rupee to Qatari Rial conversion. This has not only made the process to convert INR to QAR easier and more efficient but also provided the tourists with a quick way to convert their currency, even on the go.

One can easily visit the Thomas Cook site online and avail our travel packages. Not just that, but we also provide additional services like visa application and flight booking services, making it easier for the tourists to manage their travels. Currency converters are also available online.



  • Before my last visit to Qatar, I had exchanged the currencies using the Thomas cook online foreign exchange services. With the website it is very easy to obtain currencies of any country by following a few quick steps. After I made the purchase, I even received a call from a Thomas cook executive asking for a convenient time to deliver the currencies. I was truly impressed with the excellent customer service and quick delivery.

    Parul Shah
  • Earlier, I used to dread waiting in long ques to exchange currencies at banks and airport kiosks. Since I found out about the Thomas cook online currency exchange, international travel has become much more covenant and hassle free. After I had placed my order the currency was delivered to me on time. The forex rates for INR to QAR are displayed live.

    Karan Gover
  • During my last trip abroad, I had somehow forgotten to exchange the currency and faced many problems in when I landed there. When I and my family went to visit a friend in Qatar this year, I made sure that I has the currencies exchanged well in advance. I opted for Thomas cook as they provide the best exchange rates and reliable service. I got INR converted to QAR at good rates.

    S Malik
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