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Being the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is the most visited place by Muslims. The state of Saudi Arabia is the home to holy Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina, which makes the country one of the most sought after religious destination for Muslims across the globe. Housing some of the most famous monuments and sites such as Madain Saleh, Al-Ula and Jamarat Bridge, Saudi is also a tourist destination. Most of these monuments are maintained by Saudi tourism.

In order to travel to Saudi, one would need distinguished foreign exchange services in order to make sure that their transactions of converting Rupee to Saudi Rial or even converting INR to SAR or SAR to INR are done in a proper manner. When one needs to convert INR to SAR, reliable currency converter services are a must. Also, while converting Rupee to Saudi Rial, one needs to keep in mind the existing forex rates as well. So that means that the process to convert INR to SAR needs to be done by a professional entity in order for it to be legal and valid.

We here at Thomas Cook provide a number of other additional services like flight booking and even visa application services. Most Saudi packages already include these services in standard Saudi packages, making it even easier for the tourists to select their packages. WHY THOMAS COOK FOR CONVERTING SAUDI RIAL (SAR) TO INR ONLINE



  • When I was planning my first pilgrimage to Haj, a friend suggested Thomas cook to me. I was really awe-struck at the quick and efficient services provided by website. After I made the purchase online, I got a call from a Thomas cook executive asking for a convenient time to deliver the currencies. As suggested, the Saudi Rials were delivered right to my doorstep. Thanks to Thomas cook I did not have to visit banks or wait in the long queues at the airport.

    Parul Shah
  • Being a frequent traveller to Saudi, I am often dissatisfied with the deals I get while convert INR to SAR. Most of the times, I have ended up paying much more than the existing exchange rates in the forex market. Since I have started using Thomas cook, I am assured of the best forex deals as they maintain complete transparency of rates. I could not get INR to SAR conversion without any hitches but also enjoy a high level of trust over them, due to the reliable service provided by them.

    Karan Gover
  • When I had visited Saudi for a business trip last month, I had exchanged the currencies using the Thomas cook online foreign exchange services. With the website it is very easy to obtain currencies of any country by following a few quick steps. I was greatly pleased by the quick and efficient customer service of Thomas cook. They also offer great exchange rates for INR to SAR as compared to banks and other websites.

    S Malik
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