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The country of Syria is known for its architectural feats and scenic sites. In ancient times, several kingdoms existed within the boundary of modern day Syria, making it a hub for religious activities. Most of these structures are maintained by the Syrian tourism and are open for public.

When travelling to a foreign country, foreign exchange becomes a crucial task. In order to convert INR to SYP, one needs reliable forex services. Not just that, but these services make sure that during the process of converting INR to SYP, current forex rates are being followed. This makes it easy for the tourist to convert Rupee to Syrian Pound. Thanks to the advanced technology that is now being used by travel websites, one can now apply online and easily convert INR to SYP, with just the click of a button.

Thomas Cook provides a comprehensive list of Syria packages available online. These packages can be customized according to the needs of the customers, adding additional services later on like flight booking services and even visa application services. Reliable currency converters are available as well, making it easier to convert Rupee to Syrian Pound.



  • Having heard so much about the recent occurrences in Syria, I was skeptical about what to expect out there. Fortunately, I had exchanged my currency in advance through Thomas Cook’s efficient currency exchange facility and was able to make my own arrangements, which put most of my needs in place.

    Parul Shah
  • I had to urgently plan for a trip to Syria in order to meet an old friend. I’ve never been a fan of spontaneously planned international trips, but thanks to Thomas Cook I could convert INR to SYP online and that put most of my worries to rest.

    Karan Gover
  • This was my third trip to Syria for business, and by far the best one! I tried converting inr to syp through Thomas Cook this time around and I must say, it was quite a convenience for me. I think I’m going to get used to of this in no time!

    S Malik
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