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The official currency of the United States, US Dollar (USD), is one of the most important currencies worldwide and has great reserve value. Abbreviated as “$,” the US dollars are traded and used for numerous international transactions. Apart from the US, it is also used in the US territories and several South American countries such as Ecuador, El Salvador, and Panama. USD also finds usage in East Timor, South-east Asia.

Thomas Cook India offers you the advantage of converting your money to regional currencies. You can buy US dollar before a trip to any of the aforementioned regions from Besides the Prepaid Forex cards and Foreign Currency Traveler’s cheques, you can carry US dollars to pay for your regular expenses during the trip. You can convert USD to INR or INR to US dollar online at competitive and live US dollar rate by logging onto our website anytime.

If you have a foreign trip lined up and don’t know which is the most reliable source to buy your forex at the most competitive rates, Thomas Cook can help you buy US Dollar online to avoid last-minute hitches. We maintain utmost transparency with regards to booking foreign currencies, as you can check US Dollar forex rate live on our online portal around the clock. Thomas Cook is a leader in Foreign Exchange, and respects your need for convenience. Just freeze your currency rates online and you can be rest assured about your foreign exchange purchases. Buying foreign currencies couldn’t get easier than this.

Why Thomas Cook for Converting INR to US Dollars (USD) Online


  • My son has been studying in the US since the past few years so I keep visiting the US frequently. Converting Indian Rupees to dollars was always a troublesome task for me. I was so relieved to discover the Thomas cook online platform for exchanging foreign currencies. It is so quick and convenient and saved me a lot of time and trouble before I left for the US.

    Netra Mehta
  • Being a student who was travelling to the US for the first time, I was anxious about many related to my travel and stay. Thanks to Thomas cook foreign exchange portal I had one less thing to worry about. The website is extremely user friendly and easy to understand. The foreign exchange rates are displayed live. All you have to do is freeze it at the required rates and pay the amount online

    Karan Gover
  • I and my family had been planning to go to the US since a long time. I wanted to avoid waiting in long ques at the airport. Using Thomas Cook to exchange currency was the best decision. They also offered great exchange rates and home delivery of the currencies. Thanks to Thomas cook, I could save a lot of time and effort while getting INR converted to US Dollars.

    S Malik
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