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Selling leftover money after your holiday might turn into a dilemma, as you might not get the same competitive rates that you had spent while buying the Syrian Pounds. You can save them for your next holiday. However, if that is not on your cards any time soon, we can help you sell Syrian Pound online as well, and that too, at the best rates available. With the help of Thomas Cook foreign exchange tool, your money transfer online for Syrian Pound becomes increasingly simple and hassle-free. You can check live currency rates on our online portal around the clock and sell your forex from the comfort of your home.

Why Thomas Cook for Converting Syrian Pound (SYP) to INR Online


  • Looking at the present situation of Syria, I wasn’t sure of what to expect at the airport. In order to avoid taking any chances, I went ahead and used the currency exchange facility provided by Thomas Cook. Must say it was a great way to exchange currency as the rates were nominal compared to the exorbitant rates at other places.

    Amrit Shukla
  • The situation in Syria was constantly going from bad to worse and so we decided to leave the country last year. As the authorities were getting furious, and the system was unreliable, we opted for the currency exchange provided by Thomas Cook. Not only was it hassle free, but they also seemed to infuse assurance amongst their customers, which was a noble practice indeed.

    Lisa D'souza
  • In order to conduct a peace talk for the betterment of the people of Syria, we decided to send a delegation from our NGO. As our point of contact there had informed us about the deteriorating system, we converted our SYP to INR using Thomas Cook’s efficient system. Hats off to them for operating in such prevailing conditions and providing the best to their customers.

    Ruchita Mehra
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