Ladakh Holiday Packages

A Trip to Ladakh is every trekker and bikerandrsquo;s dream. The long winding, sinewy road to this scenic mountainous heaven is a lure hard to avoid on a Ladakh Tour. However, this mesmerizing paradise is a little difficult to reach. Also, it is cut off from outside world between November and May; therefore Ladakh Tourism has limited opportunities. It is the time in between May and November that you should plan Ladakh Holidays with the various Ladakh Vacation packages available.

In the months when the place is accessible for travelers, a large number of tourists Travel to Ladakh to witness its natural grandeur. Ladakh honeymoon packages are very popular. There are rugged mountains wherever your eyes stretches, constituting to the rough and harsh beauty of the land. Ladakh is bounded by the Himalayas and the Karakoram.

Ladakh Tours are a photographerandrsquo;s nirvana. Captured through the lenses are some of the best vistas of a harsh terrain that anyone can comprehend.

Go on various trekking expeditions that are organized by Ladakh Packages. Even though a harsh land, Ladakh beseeches all with its warmth that is reflected in its local people.