2002 Press Releases

Thomas Cook launches new e-commerce platform

thomascook.co.in to spearhead company’s multi-channel plans

Hot on the heels of unveiling its new brand, the country's leading travel and tourism company has completely overhauled its two year old website and launched a dynamic new thomascook.co.in. The core objectives for the relaunch, according to Madhavan Menon, Executive Director, were to "make online travel easier for our customers and to adopt our new brand online. Our customers really wanted to see more advanced booking capabilities from our web site."

In keeping with those goals, thomascook.co.in is now 'wired,' with real-time connections to over 400 airlines and 60,000 hotels. It is also the first Thomas Cook site in the world to have been built, around the company’s new brand. Customers can book their holidays, hotel rooms and flights online with a choice of payment options. "What we've learnt is that customers want to book online, but not necessarily pay online, so we're offering them all the choices they want," says Menon.

thomascook.co.in aims to support customers through every step of the travel purchasing process -- travel guides, maps and weather reports are available for hundreds of countries; holidays, hotels and flights can easily be booked online; email and telephone assistance is available at any time. The new site also boasts an exclusive members area, 'My Thomas Cook,' where customers can register for exclusive benefits. and contests where they get a chance to win their dream holidays.

thomascook.co.in stands out in a crowded field. One look at the site's entry page shows the difference: completely devoid of the clutter and complication that plague other travel sites, it invites customers to choose their own path to holiday bliss. "We've had an online presence for over 2 years now and we've worked very hard to create a web site that works from a customer's point of view. It's too easy to continue looking at yourself from the inside, but to truly succeed in today's world we need to see ourselves from the point of view of our customers, they're the reason we're here," says Ashwini Kakkar, CEO and MD of Thomas Cook.

"My Thomas Cook is your ticket to travel. Membership is open, join the new world of travel today and we promise you the best service you've ever experienced at the hands of a travel company," says an ebullient Kakkar. Backed by a state of the art call centre in Chembur and a nationwide network of 54 locations, Thomas Cook is strategically positioning itself as a truly multi-channel, full service travel company. The company also has plans for deeper integration with its call centre through Voice Over IP (VOIP), which will be permitted from April 1st this year, when new telecom regulations come into place.