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thomascook.co.in delivers a new, easier way to find holidays

Stop Searching For Dream Holidays & Start Finding Them Instead

Searching for the perfect holiday is frustrating enough in the real world , but it’s even worse on the Internet. One shudders to think of the reams of endless and irrelevant 'results' a search engine would regurgitate if asked about 'a quiet holiday in an idyllic mountain setting.' Thanks to thomascook.co.in’s high-powered new Holiday Finder search, finding the proverbial needle is made ever so much easier.

Amidst a flurry of recent activity, the Thomas Cook (India) Ltd’s travel site has pulled yet another rabbit out of its very busy hat. "If the perfect holiday is like the needle in a haystack, our new search technology is like taking a powerful magnet to the whole barn," shared Ashwini Kakkar, CEO and MD of Thomas Cook India. "With literally tens of thousands of holidays available on our site, customers can now find exactly what they are looking for."

Designed for all types of travellers, thomascook.co.in’s new search puts more control into the customer’s hands by letting them search for holidays based on where they want to go, what kind of holiday they want and when they want to go.

To find a holiday in the Swiss Alps, for instance, a customer simply selects, Europe, Switzerland and Mountains from the search menu, clicks on the 'Find’ button and is presented with a well organised list of choices matching the requirements. An advanced search is available for holidays within India where an additional search by state is possible, allowing customers to find all possible holidays in Kerala or Rajasthan, informed Madhavan Menon, Executive Director, Foreign Exchange.

The site even accommodates people who are not too sure of what they want to do or where they want to go. Customers can browse through holidays by using a map to select continents, countries and cities. For those who know what they want, but not where they want to go, a menu is available which allows searches by ‘holiday types’ where customers can choose from categories such as honeymoons and beaches.

"Ultimately a traveller wants only one choice: the right choice. But the definition of that varies for every individual. We are about accessibility and our new search makes the right choices extremely accessible to customers. Now you can search for something as broad as 'Europe’ or as narrow as 'Bandhavgarh,’" continued Kakkar.