2004 Press Releases

Thomas Cook Launches New Insurance Products

Thomas Cook Insurance Services (I) Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Thomas Cook (India) Ltd, the leading travel and travel related services provider, today launched a new product - EmigrationCare to its existing portfolio of Travel Insurance products. It has also enhanced its original product TravelCare with new and relevant features.

EmigrationCare fulfills the mandatory insurance requirement for persons migrating overseas on purpose of employment. The risk cover includes Hospitalisation Benefit, Accidental death and Dismemberment benefit and Travel Inconvenience as well as Non-risk benefits of Latitude Membership and AT & T post paid global calling card.

TravelCare the travel insurance which offered uncommon features like trip delay, hijack and legal bail bond and home burglary insurance has now been enhanced to include new features. TravelCare is the only insurance product in India that currently offers unique international cover such as trip curtailment and trip cancellation, money insurance (emergency cash advance) and dental insurance as well as automatic extension of policy up to 7 days.

Also another first is that under TravelCare, Indian travellers can avail of a policy for upto 180 days and up to the age of 70 as compared to the normal policies by others which are for 90 days and up to the age of 60 only. This is particularly beneficial for people such as aged or retired parents who are visiting their children or professionals and consultants who need to stay for long duration overseas for work purpose.

"The Travel Industry is set for an upward trend and with most countries making insurance mandatory for visa purpose, travel insurance segment holds vast opportunities. And in today’s world with its constantly changing environment, we conscientiously endeavour to modify and upgrade our products so as to align it with emerging customer requirement. In fact Thomas Cook in its 160 years of existence has been offering innovative products which have been created to make travel easier for people around the world," says Ashwini Kakkar, CEO & MD, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.

The non-risk benefits included in the Thomas Cook travel insurance products are Latitude membership, IAPA card and AT & T card.

The Latitude membership provides the user with a world of useful recovery and discovery services such as assistance for lost/stolen documents, medical and legal emergency assistance, arrangements for flight bookings and transportation and interpretation and messaging assistance to even booking theatre tickets and sending flowers.

The post paid AT & T global calling card enables one to stay in touch with family, colleagues, friends and associates when overseas with the billing facility linked to one’s designated global credit card with payment in Indian currency.

The IAPA membership entitles the member access to online reservation and discounts on hotel accommodation and car rentals worldwide.

Thomas Cook Insurance has been operating for 2 years and is a licensed corporate agent for TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd. It has been recognised as its Top Business Partner.