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Here is a chance for you to book your travel insurance online. Thomas Cook's travel insurance policy is a new opportunity in travel insurance India. The plan offers coverage for personal accident, medical expenses and repatriation, loss/delay of checked baggage, loss of passport, curtailment/ Cancellation and much more.
It also takes care of other matters related to the world of travel. There are travel insurance policies online catering to the specific needs of all concerned — be it a student, a corporate executive, a senior citizen or a family.


ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance Plan

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Make traveling fun with ICICI Lombard international travel insurance

ICICI Lombard international travel insurance plan makes it easy for you to make your journey totally safe, enjoyable, and free of stress. The insurer is the friend that lends a helping hand as you clear hurdles that you didn’t know existed before you began your journey. It shields you from those twists and turns inevitable on any international trip, and does not let anything ruin your traveling experience.

Need for preventive measures

Unfortunately, things often go wrong despite precautions. The costs of fixing travel troubles while on a trip abroad are exorbitant. Besides, such attempts may turn out to be time-taking and highly inconvenient. Therefore, preventive measures are necessary. The most effective among the measures is insurance, which can be particularly useful when you travel far from home.

ICICI Lombard overseas travel insurance policy is not only comprehensive medical insurance plans for those traveling overseas, but also work to make trips more enjoyable. They are customized for every traveler’s needs in ways that turn traveling into a pleasant experience.

No medical check-up up to 80 years, Total loss of checked-in baggage, and Passport loss.

Any claim arising out of Pre existing medical condition / ailment whether declared or undeclared will not be covered