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Find ancient India through monuments in Odisha

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Odisha has successfully preserved the ancient glory of India in the different layers of its culture. The richness of India’s ancient past has always attracted historians from all over the world. The sheer enigma and grandeur exhibited in its ethnicity remained unrivalled for many years. At a time when India is fast losing its essence and natural fervor in the wake of commercialization, the heritage site of Odisha has somehow managed to treasure and preserve some of the most majestic and grandiose fragments of India’s past in ruins of various monuments in Odisha.Bhrameswar Temple, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India The history of Glorious Odisha dates back to almost two thousand years, much like many traditions in India. The heritage sites of the state are bejeweled with a number of ancient monuments that testifies some of the earliest forms of architectural excellence. The exquisitely carved walls of these monuments in Odisha and their majestic structures are a must-visit attraction for tourists on Orissa tours. From the divine Jagannath Temple to the ruins of princely Konark Sun Temple, the magnificence of Lingaraj Temple and the glory of Mukteswar Temple, there is a lot for tourists to expect from their trip to Odisha.

Konark Sun Temple - Monuments in Odisha

Architecture in Orissa thrived particularly between 7th to 13th centuries AD under the patronage of the Ganga dynasty. Around the same time, Kalinga School of Architecture also made their way into the picture. These different schools of architecture followed their distinct set of code that was laid down in primordial religious texts. Most of the monuments in Odisha that remains till date are at large temple complexes adorned with intricate architecture and dedicated to a deity. They are constructed in resemblance of human body parts.

Most of the temples in the state have a curvilinear spire which rests on a square base. The interior chambers of the monument or “garba griha” is dark and built to allow visitors only a glimpse of the deity. The spires built around the monument are engraved with various depictions from Vedas and symbols of virtue and immortality. Thus, it is best to say that visiting the monuments built across the state of Odisha can help you to catch a glimpse of the glory, culture and traditions of India’s past.

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Table of contents

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