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Festive Ping, Fantastic Forex Friend Is Here!

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Festivals are so much fun, whether you’re abroad for overseas education or a holiday; enjoy them freely with overseas forex.

As the Indian monsoon retreats and winter creep in, it is festival time! A time to celebrate with friends and family. But if your children have left the country to study abroad, make it a special occasion for them with forex outward remittance. Now, making an international money transfer is as easy as logging on to the Thomas Cook website and sending the amount you desire, in the currency you require. The beauty of it all is that your loved ones can celebrate Indian festivals even if they’re abroad for overseas education.

All they need is a bit of money for a worry-free celebration. Of course, if the ever-changing international travel guidelines permit it, you can surprise them with a visit. But with the pandemic still raging, forex outward remittance is the next best thing you can do to ensure that they celebrate without worrying about money. Whether you like it or not, it does cost money to celebrate, even if you are not splurging. Let us show you a hassle-free way of spreading the festive cheer.


Thomas Cook: A versatile forex partner

Thomas Cook has decades-long experience of dealing in foreign exchange. Whether it’s forex for education or foreign currency for your next holiday, Thomas Cook takes all the guesswork out of the process. It gives you a step-by-step course of action to send money abroad through the outward foreign remittance service. Thomas Cook has branches all over India, and you will surely find one close to your house. But you don’t even have to step out to buy foreign exchange. You can call your nearest Thomas Cook branch and have it home delivered.

You can buy it online if you want to send it abroad. It is a simple enough process so that you can do it on your laptop or smartphone. Start with selecting a currency to remit. Thomas Cook offers a wide selection of foreign currencies. The next step involves filling in all the details of the person for whom the forex is meant. This is necessary to ensure regulatory compliance with international laws. Once it is done, you can make an online payment of the money you intend to transfer. That’s it. You have purchased forex at a blocked rate and have a receipt for the same.

Why use Thomas Cook forex?

Forex involves multiple regulations and laws as your money travels from one country to another. Thomas Cook takes care of all compliances to ensure that buying foreign exchange is a hassle-free process for you. Thomas Cook is an RBI-authorised forex provider that offers you fair and stable currency exchange rates. On top of that, you can block your foreign currency at advantageous exchange rates. You can keep track of the entire process at every stage. It operates through a global network of trusted money transfer agents. Add sparkle to the celebrations of your loved ones anywhere in the world and you enjoy the convenience of #gharpeforex.

Table of contents

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