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How to Buy US Currency at Affordable Rate with the Help of Thomas Cook

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Nowadays, foreign travel has become accessible to many people. The reason for traveling abroad can be for work-related purposes, to lead a student life, or just for a holiday. No matter what the reason may be, during foreign travel, the question that is on everyone’s mind is – how are they going to buy foreign exchange when traveling abroad?

It can become confusing for most. Thus, Thomas Cook is offering a single solution to this problem with our Travel Forex Cards and Forex Currency Notes. Our travel forex products can come in handy if you are planning your next foreign trip to the US or if this will be your first trip. Forex cards offer you the opportunity to buy foreign currency at an affordable price. Our forex products provide you with the option to follow simple steps to obtain US currency fast.

To know more on how to purchase US currency at a great price with Thomas Cook, do read on:

Buy foreign currency

One of the first chores for travelers to complete, if they want to enjoy a hassle-free journey, is to get local currency. Purchasing currency abroad is never simple. Purchasing foreign currency can occasionally be a considerable challenge in an unfamiliar place, and it could ruin your vacation. But Thomas Cook makes a great effort to prevent it from happening.

Getting foreign money has never been as simple and hassle-free as it is now due to the modern web world. Thomas Cook enables you to instantly purchase foreign currency anywhere on the globe online. Going to airport exchange desks, believing currency touts, and purchasing from shady sources are all past things now with our help. You may purchase foreign currency including US currency with Thomas Cook’s forex services in the comfort of your home at the best foreign exchange rates.

Options available at Thomas Cook to buy US currency

Travel has become a simple way to unwind and revitalize from today’s busy and frantic life. International excursions are thrilling. Low currency exchange rates and enhanced worldwide connectivity have made it much simpler to find new and interesting areas to travel to. Planning and finding the best exchange rates can make your vacation more memorable. You may easily exchange INR to USD with just a few touches at a favorable conversion rate if you go for us.

Thomas Cook understands that keeping updated with the fluctuating foreign exchange rates can be stressful. Thus, we have provided you with the option to track the live currency exchange rate of any currency of your choice. We know this was required as it can help our customers to make the right decision when buying US currency.

When you choose us, you are getting two options to buy US Currency, and these options are:

  • Forex Cards

Forex cards are not credit or debit cards. These prepaid cards enable customers to make significant purchases without high charges or fees. Cash withdrawals in foreign currencies are possible with no or very low transaction costs. The forex rate is also extremely low with these cards. These currency cards are quite practical since they are very easy to purchase and can be quickly replaced if lost or stolen. They also include an emergency cash option that enables the user to withdraw money up to the cardholder’s total balance when needed. Forex cards can solve the problems related to money exchange inforeign travel. It is quite challenging to maintain the same exchange rate daily because the currency market is always moving. Making the trade tends to become highly expensive since it changes often, frequently, and even every hour. Additionally, significant sums will be contributed by money exchange services, driving up the rate even further. These two issues might be resolved by utilizing Thomas Cook’s Forex Card. Our forex cards can be loaded in advance and the currency exchange rate during that time will be locked in. So, until your next reload, the locked-in exchange rate will be considered, and you can actively avoid foreign exchange rate fluctuations. So, in a way, you can make the most of your purchased US currencies when you choose this option to buy.

  • Forex Currency Notes

Even though you are carrying a forex card, it’s advisable by the experts of Thomas Cook to carry 30 percent of the currency in our forex currency notes which provide the same lock-in of exchange rate feature. Using our forex currency note will come in handy when you are in need of quick cash to pay meals or transportation costs when traveling abroad.

Summarizing the steps to buy US currency online with Thomas Cook:

There are a few easy procedures you must follow to exchange US currency. Visit Thomas Cook’s website, provide the necessary information, select the US dollar, and purchase foreign currency at the day’s best forex rate. Let’s look into these simple steps to buy US currency with the help of Thomas Cook:

  • Select the preferred currency and the desired value: Choose the currency amount and type of the currency option to US currency. Suppose, the US dollar buying rate todayis 80.49 INR and the selling rate is 76.94 INR. Then, you are getting a remittance rate of 80.94 INR. It makes Thomas Cook the only company to offer the best forex ratein India.
  • Add the traveler’s information and the delivery choice: You will get the option to select branch pickup or home delivery. Thomas Cook is making the process super easy. You don’t have to visit the bank or go through the hectic process of filling out thousands of documents and waiting for a long time.
  • Make an online payment: You can make payments using various methods, including debit cards, credit cards, and online banking. It will put the whole process at your fingertips.
  • Get the confirmation: After completing this easy four-step process, you will get a confirmation and a receipt. 

Why consider Thomas Cook to buy US currency?

One of the major reasons to consider buying US currency from Thomas Cook is that we delivered your purchased forex to your house. You are also given the option to collect the purchased forex from the nearest Thomas Cook outlet. Additionally, you have various payment options when purchasing US currency from us. You are allowed to buy forex worth up to Rs 50,000. If the US currency exchange crosses the equivalent of the allowed amount, then you can use other modes of payment like Net Banking, Credit and/or Debit Card, Crossed Cheque, Pay Order, Banker’s Cheque, and Demand drafts. We have selected only the easiest payment methods to ensure you save money and time by using Thomas Cook. 

These little things could be quite helpful for your international trip. There are other advantages of using Thomas Cook Travel forex cards. You will get 24-hour delivery, forex blocking in advance, the best exchange rates online, the security of your internet banking, and more. Simply put, we work to improve your travel experience by offering top-notch amenities everywhere. Thomas Cook provides various payment options so that you can purchase US currency as per your preferred mode of payment.

Thanks to Thomas Cook’s online FOREX buying service, purchasing foreign currency has never been easier, simpler, or more time-efficient than it is now. Simply said, it has brought back the enjoyment of your vacation. Before you buy foreign currency on your foreign travel, read our blogs for some general advice. And to buy US currency with our forex products, do contact us for further details.

Table of contents

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