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How to Enjoy Living Abroad on a Student Budget

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Studying at an international university is a dream come true. You will make some of the best memories of your life here. As much as it’s about your course, it is also about experiencing a new culture and a new country.  From figuring out a new city in a foreign land to keeping a tab of your student budget and finances, you will learn some amazing survival skills.

While living on a student budget, you will have to make sure that your money lasts till the end of the month. Does that mean you won’t have any money at your disposal for fun outings or weekend plans? Surprise! Surprise!  Here are some amazing activities that you can enjoy on a student budget.

Are you a student travelling abroad? The best mediums to buy forex
Are you a student travelling abroad? The best mediums to buy forex

Explore Nearby Towns

Visiting surrounding towns or villages is a great way to spend your weekends. Explore small towns near your university or go on a hike to a nearby village and enjoy some fresh air outside the city. Since these places are not your usual tourist destinations, they’ll be serene and peaceful. You won’t have to battle crowds of tourists.

If you’re worried about traveling costs, using public transport is the best way to save up on a few bucks. However, you might need to carry some cash to cover your travel costs in some places. Withdrawing cash from ATMs with your debit card every time will be an expensive affair because of the high transaction charges. Use Thomas Cook’s One Currency Card or Borderless Prepaid Card to avoid this. Saving a dollar here and there might feel like a futile effort sometimes, but it will add up to a significant amount at the end of the month.

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Hopping to a Local Bar

Going to an expensive or high-end pub might not be the best option when you are on a student budget. Try some local bars to save up on huge cover charges. Some of these bars also give you student discounts on your college id-cards.

Though food and beverages might be reasonable in local bars, you might end up splurging occasionally during one of your weekend parties. To avoid high charges while paying by your card, use Thomas Cook’s One Currency Card as there are no extra charges for swiping. 

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Fancy restaurants are not the best option when you need to be careful with your budget for the month. Look up some cafes where you can try out some great local delicacies at reasonable prices. They usually are also the most authentic. This will also give you a chance to meet interesting people and explore other cultures closely.

Even if you save up on few bucks by choosing the least expensive dishes on the menu, remember, if you pay with a debit or credit card from India, an additional transaction charge will be levied. Plus, there are taxes on those additional charges which end up making it a very expensive affair. At such times using Thomas Cook’s One Currency or Borderless Prepaid cards are the best options as they do not levy a transaction charge.

Cook Some Exotic Cuisine

Those weekly markets in nearby towns or in the city square are a great place to shop for some fresh fruits and veggies. Since these markets sell only locally grown vegetables and fruits, you will get the freshest and exotic fruits and vegetables. Learn a new recipe and invite your friends over and surprise them with your culinary skills.

You will most likely have to pay by cash at these markets. If you are going to be shopping at regular intervals at local markets, you will require cash more often. Banks and ATMs levy heavy charges every time you withdraw any amount. Those charges might create a big hole in your pocket, leaving you almost broke.

Join Free Tourist Walks

Tourist walks and museum visits are not only the best ways to explore the city but also one of the cheapest ways to do so. Joining free tourist walks comes with an added advantage of interacting with tourists and locals. What could be better than meeting new people and exploring new places all without incurring any costs?

Though you might be walking or cycling across the city during these tours, it’s always a good idea to keep some cash or your cards with you. With Thomas Cook’s One Currency and Borderless Prepaid Cards, you don’t have to worry about theft or loss.

How Can Thomas Cook Help

Thomas Cook offers a 24/7 customer helpline service in case you need any urgent assistance. In the event that your card is misplaced or stolen, just report the loss immediately and a backup card will be dispatched to you. So, don’t panic when you lose the cards, just call the Thomas Cook helpline and we’ll help with everything you need. Studying at an international university, staying in a foreign land and meeting new people from different cultures is going to be an exhilarating experience. Figuring out so many things all at once may seem overwhelming to you. With Thomas Cook, you can leave all your worries about managing your finances. Check out Thomas Cook’s forex app that lets you reload your currencies and track the exchange and conversion rates. With Thomas Cook on your side, leave all your concerns and just focus on making the most of your stint abroad. Also Read: Ultimate Guide to American Student Visa

Table of contents

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