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Tips to Get the Best Health Insurance for International Travelers

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In today’s connected world, international travelers are more common than ever. Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or a combination of both, you must understand your travel risks and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from unfortunate events. When traveling abroad for business or pleasure, having a medical emergency is not uncommon. Such a scenario is stressful, scary, and financially draining. However, when you choose the best international travel insurance, you will be well protected from high overseas medical bills, medical assistance, and more without making an out-of-pocket payment. Having this proper solution to safeguard you and your international trip beforehand is recommended. To help you get started on the right foot, we, at Thomas Cook, have compiled some valuable tips for getting the best travel health insurance. So, read on to know more.

Some valuable tips for getting the best travel Health Insurance

Tip 1: Check the benefits provided by the Travel Insurance

If you have any medical or travel-related issues while abroad, your travelers international insurance will step in to cover the majority of your costs. This insurance is one of the most important things you can buy while traveling abroad. The great thing about it is that it’s not just for emergencies – you can use it to ensure that your trip goes as planned. So, when looking for one, do check the benefits it provides to ensure you are choosing the best one. When you choose the best Travel Insurance, then some benefits that you can expect with it are:

  • Trip interruption or cancellation insurance
  • Compensation for lost or stolen luggage
  • Compensation for loss of passport

Check out what else we can provide by browsing our website to get the full picture.

Tip 2: Set an emergency medical cash fund

Experienced travelers will tell you how important it is to keep an amount aside designated for emergencies during international travel only. If you stay prepared, then you can handle unforeseen medical situations better. A health insurance plan for international travelers provides coverage for medical expenses. So, if you choose such a plan, you do not worry about carrying the fund with you at all times during the trip.

Depending on your situation, health insurance travel plan benefits can be used to pay for medical and hospitalization bills, transportation, and other expenses incurred for medical purposes.

Tip 3: Proper help and guidance during a financial emergency

You have to understand that an uncertain situation that you might face while traveling abroad is not limited to medical emergencies only. On a trip, most travelers face great challenges when they undergo a financial emergency. The best travel insurance factors in this unforeseen calamity and hence provides benefits like financial assistance during an emergency abroad and financial allowance when the insurer suffers from accidental loss of money.

Tip 4: Choosing the right option

When the best health travel insurance is considered, expect different options or types of this plan to choose from. The only way you can ensure you are indeed selecting the best plan for your next international destination is by choosing as per your need or the destination. For example, with Thomas Cook, you will be getting options like Student Travel Insurance, Asia Travel Insurance, Senior Citizen Travel Insurance, and Overseas Travel Insurance. You can guess that each one provides different facilities. The only way you can understand which type of this plan will be the best for you is by understanding them in detail. Once you have the full picture, choosing accordingly becomes an easy process.

Get a Travel Health Insurance Plan with Thomas Cook

We, at Thomas Cook, know the issues that most international travelers deal with. Our health travel insurance is designed to ensure you can get the most out of our service and overcome a difficult situation in your life without any financial burden or scarcity. If you choose our plan, then you are getting access to world-class overseas healthcare forex products and travel cards. Next, we have mentioned only some benefits that you can enjoy if you choose our overseas healthcare travel plan:

  • Loss or Theft Protection

Our Travel health insurance will reimburse you for your stolen, lost, or damaged belongings while traveling. Loss and theft protection is a great benefit to have while traveling abroad. If you lose or have your belongings stolen, this type of coverage will compensate you for the cost of replacing your items. When you are traveling internationally, finding the time and money to replace your stolen/lost suitcases is hard. The quick inflow of compensation provided by us can make the replacement process easy on the mind and the wallet.  This coverage applies to items in your possession while traveling, including articles in your hotel room. If your belongings are lost or stolen, you must file a claim with us as soon as possible.

  • International Health Insurance

Our plan is considered the best international travel insurance and is designed to cover your medical expenses during your travels abroad. As mentioned above, this plan covers various unforeseen events and medical issues, including accidents and personal injuries, medical evacuation, and even routine medical care. Unlike visa insurance, our international health insurance plans for travelers cover all types of pre-existing conditions, including chronic illnesses like heart disease. This type of plan will cover the cost of your medical bills, including prescription drugs, surgeries, and other treatments.

  • Filing a Claim for an International Traveler

Filing a claim to enjoy the benefits of this type of plan is a standard and easy procedure, regardless of your type of healthcare travel insurance. Generally, you should file a claim immediately to avoid unnecessary delays. We will guide you during the purchase period, however, we understand that a customer of ours who is facing a medical emergency abroad will have a difficult time recalling how our plans can help. For this reason, we provide 24/7 assistance to ensure our customers get the guidance they need during this difficult time.

It’s important to double-check your policy to find out when your claim filing window ends. Thomas Cook’s insurance coverage is only valid during the trip. Before filing a claim with your travel international health insurance plan, you must ensure that you have the correct documentation. This includes copies of all medical bills, receipts for expenses you paid out-of-pocket expenses, and any other documentation supporting your claim. Once you have this documentation, you can file a claim using our online portal.

Other benefits associated with our health insurance for international travelers are:

  • Numerous travel coverage options, ranging from around 50,000 USD
  • The plan stays active for 180 days from the date of purchase and comes with the option to extend the plan period for additional 180 days
  • Plans that are affordable, provide a paperless facility and have no sub-limits reimbursement for baggage handling and a passport
  • For cancelation of the ticket because you missed the flight, you will be provided with compensation

To conclude

When traveling abroad, having the best international travel insurance can make all the difference. With the tips that we provided above and our effective yet affordable travel plans, you will be well-equipped to handle any kind of medical emergency and other unforeseen situation effortlessly and quickly. To know which overseas health insurance plan is best suited for your international travel, contact Thomas Cook today for the proper guidance and more!

Table of contents

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