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Top 10 Student Essentials for moving abroad for Education

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About 261,406 students left India to study abroad in the year 2020. Not only does opting to study abroad push you out of your comfort zone, it’s a chance to explore the world, learn new languages and cultures, and be exposed to world class education. Definitely an experience not worth missing, is it not? As you embark on this new adventure of your life, it’s best to go prepared with everything you need to have. Here’s a list of the top 10 student essentials for your education abroad:

All Important Documents and Photocopies

From your passport to your college ID, keeping all the documents and their photocopies handy will save you a lot of effort while moving into another country. Moreover, the photocopies will be your savior if the original ones are lost or stolen. Ever since COVID happened, moving into another country is harder than before so do ensure you face no troubles as you begin this journey of studying abroad.

An Adequately-Sized Backpack 

Whether you’re going to travel the countryside in England or the big cities of New York, you’re going to need a big durable backpack to keep all your essential items like your camera, journals, electronics, and medications while exploring the country. Moreover, it will be useful while doing grocery shopping and storing supplies. Hence, make sure to carry one!

A Day Bag

Other than a backpack, keeping a Day Bag for your daily use to carry around books, mobile, stationery, and other essential items is a must. It will be easier for you to visit places with your classmates and even hang around before returning to your place of stay. Having a Day Bag that goes with different outfits is a bonus!

A Good Pair of Sneakers

Let’s be honest, study abroad means a lot of walking daily. Be it from your dormitory to your classroom or walking down the road to your part-time job, having one or two pairs of sneakers that match with various outfits will allow you save space and money in style.

A Phone with the Best Features

Having a mobile phone with a lot of storage, a great camera and other splendid features may turn out to be just what you need. There wouldn’t be the necessity to carry around a heavy DSLR while traveling and you don’t have to worry about the storage space. Plus, you can store important college documents, notes and what not! Don’t forget to post Instagram stories on the go!

Medicines and Prescriptions

Wherever you go, minor aches and illnesses are common. You might catch a cold or have a tummy ache (eat healthy, please). Having medicines that suit you and prescriptions of medications that you regularly take is essential when travelling to a distant land is crucial. Make sure to check with the country embassy before you carry any medicine as every nation has different laws when it comes to medicines and drugs. If a medicine is not allowed, you may carry an alternative that is allowed in the country where you are going to study abroad.

Denim and Cotton Tops

Having reusable clothes will save a ton of effort and money. Denim jeans can be used multiple times and they also go with a lot of tops. Cotton clothes can be put to dry sweat and can be reused. This will help in saving time as well.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize!

Clothes and footwear are never enough; you also need those accessories that give style to your personality! Watches, scarves and belts are the most essential items in this category. Additionally women may add jewelry and handbags and men may add ties and neck bows depending on their tastes. Add that extra oomph in your appearance and also make sure you research about the local trends in apparel before choosing your accessories.


Keeping travel size bottles of shampoos, soaps and other toiletries for your first 2-3 weeks is recommended. While these are things you can buy there, you also shouldn’t have to worry about brushing your teeth the moment you land!

Something to Remind you of Home

Do you have a favorite top that you wear at least once a week or a favorite book that you read every six months? You might want to carry them as it will help in seeking comfort in your everyday life and adjusting to a new environment. It is exciting to try new things and welcome the changes as they come. However, you always need a piece of home that brings you happiness and peace. Pick any item that you find suitable, from a small pen to a family picture, and bring it with you.

Other than everything mentioned above, pack enough clothes and your required electronics. It’s best to travel light and buy stuff like stationery, groceries and bedding once you arrive at your new home in a new town!

Are you ready to study overseas? Can you already feel the wind on your face? Are you ready to board this flight 


Table of contents

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