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Top Trending Offers on Forex Card for Students

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Foreign exchange, much like the mode and value of currency, has come a long way thanks to the shift of going cashless. But before we jump into the offers, let’s briefly understand what foreign exchange is! Foreign exchange is an economical term, used in context to the difference of value between the currencies of two or more nations. It is the rate at which you can convert your domestic currency into foreign currency. It can apply for your trip to the country overseas or settling in that country for good.

As mentioned earlier, there has been a drastic change in the way we operate with money today. It has all become digital these days or paperless. Thanks to the advent of e-wallets and the different glossy cards we hand out on different transactional occasions. Similarly, these two techniques can also be used for foreign exchange and that too by people from all walks of life. All you need is a bank account and ID proof. We have heard of international debit and credit cards, there’s a new addition to the international card family, the forex card for students and others who wish to stay abroad.

Benefits of Forex Card for Students

Once you get a Forex card for your child, he/she can live hassle-free abroad. They can use it anywhere for meals, daily needs, educational purposes, recreational purposes, ticketing, etc. While abroad, this card can be used just like an international bank card. There are times when using these cards also gets you incredible monetary benefits and benefits in kind. Bid farewell to searching for exchange centers and international banks to exchange your currency on the run!

Student life abroad can be more challenging than the one in a domestic country. So, these cards have started coming into use widely. There are many financial institutions that provide the facility of Forex cards for students. Thomas Cook, being the only RBI-approved AD II in India, is one of the well-reputed travel agencies providing a plethora of effortless foreign exchange services. Get your child a Thomas Cook Forex card now and make their dream of living and studying abroad stress-free!

Let’s dig deeper to figure out offers which the best forex card for students by Thomas Cook gets us, here we go…

Travel Offer

Planning a trip? You can use your Thomas Cook Forex card and avail an amazing discount of flat 18000/- on booking flights, hotels, and selected travel experiences. Please check the validity and eligibility before applying for the offer.

Food Voucher

We know that the way to a person’s heart is through food! That’s what we have considered while setting up offers on our Forex card. Just order from freshmen and get an instant 15% discount on your order above 250/-. Remember that the max amount is 100/- and it can be used only once.

Gift Voucher

Is a loved one’s birthday coming up or is your anniversary coming soon? You can gift amazing gift articles, flowers, and other items from the famous Ferns & Petals. Pay with your Forex card and avail yourself of a discount of 20% on 999 from the online store.

Shopping Voucher

Do you love footwear? Guess what a Thomas Cook Forex Card gets you! Amazing offers on Bata and Puma. With Bata, you get a discount of 25% on purchases worth 999/-. With Puma, you get a flat discount of 500/- on purchases worth 3000/-.


If you’re looking for the best forex card for students, then get your kid a Thomas Cook Forex card, now. These aren’t the only benefits you get. There’s a lot more we got for you to help your kid achieve the dream of foreign education and stay effortlessly. Get to your nearest Thomas Cook branch now, call us or get in touch online. We are there for you at all times!

Table of contents

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