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Why you should Carry a Travel Card while on a Leisure Trip

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The age of revenge travel is here and enthusiasts from all walks of life are planning vacation trips more now than ever before, trying to make up for their confinement at home during the lockdowns. If you are planning for leisure travel overseas, it pays to know that there are ways to better manage your money. Your foreign vacation can get quite expensive if you do not take the necessary steps to secure yourself financially. A prepaid travel card is a powerful method for doing so.

What is a Prepaid Card and How to get it 

A travel card or a prepaid card is similar to the credit card, but without all the strings attached. It is a non-personalized anonymous card that can be preloaded with an amount of your choice in the currency of the country you are visiting for leisure travel. With prepaid travel cards, you can say goodbye to long and expensive foreign exchange procedures and instead adopt a handy and safe method of spending money overseas.

Here is how you can obtain a Forex prepaid car via the Thomas Cook website:

Step 1: Head to the Forex card page on the Thomas Cook website and select the type of card you are looking for. If you are travelling to multiple countries, make sure you select the multi-currency card. After doing so, select the primary currency that you want to preload in the card and input your mobile phone number and email address.

Step 2: You will now be in the review booking page. Here you can choose other currencies that you want to load onto your multiple-currency card. In case of one-currency card, you can directly move onto selecting the date, time and purpose of travel from the drop-down menus. On this page, you will also be able to see the amount of money that you are planning to preload onto the card in rupees. From here, you can move onto the sign-in page.

Step 3: After signing in to your Thomas Cook account, you will be asked to provide valid documents for identification. The crucial documents that you need to have handy include a valid visa, valid passport, confirmed return ticket within 60 days of purchasing the card, valid pan card, and a copy of the A2 form that you can download from the review booking page. At this point, you can also choose whether you want to collect your Forex travel card from the nearest Thomas Cook branch or if you would like to have it delivered to your doorstep, for which you need to provide your address.

Step 4: The last step involves making the payment for the preloaded amount, which you can do through a payment mechanism of your choice (debit or credit card, mobile wallet, netbanking, etc). This marks the end of the process and you can relax knowing that you will soon be holding a prepaid travel card filled with the currency of your choosing.

Advantages of Using a Travel Card on your Leisure Trip

Here are five benefits that come with opting for a prepaid travel card while travelling overseas for a leisure trip.

Offers: Thomas Cook offers a variety of travel vouchers and amazing offers when you buy a Forex travel card through our website. The travel vouchers can help you cut down on costs pertaining to air tickets, hotel bookings and holiday packages. The product vouchers and offers can make your shopping more rewarding.

Multiple Currency Compatibility: if you are planning to travel across multiple countries in one single trip, managing the various currencies can become a nightmare if you go the traditional foreign exchange route. With our multiple-currency cards, you can preload money in various currencies beforehand, making it easier, faster and more efficient when it comes to crossing borders to different destinations.

Big Savings: As travel cards are prepaid in nature, you can successfully freeze a low conversion rate for the currency of your choice by preloading the amount during a dip in exchange rate. Moreover, travel cards come with zero surcharge when used at ATMs. Any unspent funds in your travel card can be used on your next trip.
Budget limits: The prepaid function of travel cards allow you to set a budget for yourself and stick to it, Zwhich is especially important when on a leisure trip in an exotic foreign location where it is extremely easy to lose control and spend more than you can manage comfortably

Higher security, lower risks: Unlike a credit card or debit card, the travel card does not allow potential thieves to gain access to your bank account, making them a more secure option. Moreover, Thomas Cook provides free replacement of lost cards by offering backup travel cards at zero cost. You can also avail an insurance cover of up to USD 10,000 with your travel card purchase.
With myriad benefits, lower risks and easier handling, prepaid travel cards are the future of Forex. Make sure you let go of financial worries while on leisure travel by purchasing a Forex prepaid card and focusing on enjoying yourself in a responsible and safe way.

Table of contents

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