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Pack more fun into travel with right travel insurance

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Travelers want to be safe, no matter where they are. It is no wonder that the safest of tourist destinations are among the most popular ones. Yet, you can never be sure about the safety of yourself, friends and family and belongings despite all precautions. It is in the view of this uncertainty that tourists need an assurance (Travel Insurance) so that they can spend their vacations in peace.

This assurance comes in the form of several insurance options for tourists. The insurance products provide coverage to various sections of tourists. Pick the option that suits you the best and have the time of your life for a small premium paid in Indian currency.

Travel The World Concept

Worldwide travel insurance

If you opt for the Single Trip World Wide insurance policy, it will facilitate reimbursement of several types of medical expenses. This is significant because medical treatments can be very expensive in foreign countries. Trip cancellations and interruptions or missed flight connections have all been covered by the policy in ways to minimize losses. A misplaced passport is often a cause of distress. But the worldwide travel insurance policy makes such a loss less distressful. The insurance policy also covers home burglaries.

Senior citizens now have the advantage of a worldwide insurance for travel coverage that includes them specifically. Senior citizen travel insurance gives elderly tourists all the advantages of the Single Trip World Wide insurance policies.

There is also an Asia Plan for tourists traveling within the continent. The benefits of Asia travel insurance includes medical expenses, daily allowance in case of hospitalization, personal accident, total loss of checked-in baggage and emergency extension of hotel stay.

Students Travelers - Travel Insurance

Insurance cover for students

There is also a plan exclusively for students called the Student Elite plan. It’s particularly useful because in some countries, students must compulsorily have a health insurance cover. The student travel insurance policy gives protection against the high costs of treatment in foreign countries.

You can also avail the domestic and international insurance policies. Both give wide-ranging coverage. Domestic travel insurance is recommended for those traveling within the country for business or leisure, while overseas travel insurance is necessary for those traveling far from their homes.

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Table of contents

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