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Travelling has always been much favoured by people of all ages and cadres to give themselves a break from the humdrum of life and rejuvenate themselves. But like everything good that deserves being better, travelling too has evolved to its newest and the most satisfying avatar of Experiential Travel. The new and already a popular kid on the block, it is fast resonating with travellers of all kinds; passionate globetrotters, family vacationers, adventure seekers and couples looking to reconnect. But What is Experiential Travel.

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Experiential Tourism

It has become a thing of past to travel for the sake of travelling. Rather than following the cookie cutter norm of holidaying that has been observed for generations now, the future is now about experiencing a place with its simplest and the most complex of trivialities. Experiential Travel is all about that. It is experiencing the culture, history, traditions and even quirks of a country to gain a deeper, more interpersonal feel from your journey. And with people looking to gain more and more out of their travels, Experiential Holidays have become the first choice of travellers all across the world.