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The city of Nagpur came to existence in 18th Century by the leader of Gond Dynasty named Bakht Buland Shah. Over the time, multiple dynasties captured and modelled the art and architecture of the place in their own style. The city was plunder twice and razed to the ground. However, despite the attacks and wars, development of Nagpur continued. In 1817, The British annexed the city from the Marathas.

 Nagpur city is very fascinating and diverse in terms of travel and cultural experience. Food lovers and shopping enthusiasts would love to come here to enjoy the street side attractions and various famous restaurants. Apart from sightseeing attractions, one can also laze around picnic spots like Waki Woods, Adasa and Ramtek. The city takes pride in the history that spans back to 5000 years. There are evidences of life existing during megalithic era. The first written inscription about the settlement of Nagpur comes from a 10th century copper plate found in Wardha district. According to another inscription found in Ramtek, Nagpur and its surrounding regions formed the part of the thickly wooded country called Jhadimandala under Yadavas of Devagiri.

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