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Azerbaijan Tour Packages

About Azerbaijan holidays: Plan to visit the beautiful Europe? Then I'm sure you must have heard of Azerbaijan. A mesmerising country, that flaunts beautiful backdrops and vibrant cultures. And a trip to this land gets much easier, thanks to Thomas Cook India's Azerbaijan holiday. Thomas Cook India provides you with an amazing experience through their Azerbaijan tour package. It has been customised in such a manner, that it will suit your every need. And what could be better than ticking off two alluring locations in a single trip? Choose the Thomas Cook India's Azerbaijan tour package that gives you the opportunity to explore Dubai as well. Splurge INR 1,16,868 for a trip that takes you to two fascinating countries, a journey which is worth every penny. Right from flights to comfortable accommodation, visa, delicious meals and sightseeing with expert guides, all your travel arrangements will be taken care of by Thomas Cook India.

With Azerbaijan holiday package available from all major cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chennai, Delhi and Ahmedabad, getting to Azerbaijan with Thomas Cook is convenient and comfortable. The Land of Fire is placed beautifully amidst Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran. Due to its outstanding location, Azerbaijan is influenced by the West and the East, clawing onto its deep and fascinating history and cultures. The architecture, locals, fashion, delicacies and cultures are a mix of the Persian, Turkish and Soviet heritage. Flavoured with modern and traditional masterpieces, a holiday in Azerbaijan is worth planning. From stunning architecture to alluring terrains, this country should definitely be on your bucket list.

Azerbaijan Tour Packages

Azerbaijan Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
Fusion Azerbaijan 3 Nights /4 Days Rs. 60,413.00
Fusion Azerbaijan Fully Loaded 4Nights /5 Days Rs. 63,256.00
Hello Azerbaijan 4Nights /5 Days Rs. 72,400.00
Magical Azerbaijan With Dubai 6 Nights / 7 Days Rs. 1,18,736.00
I Love Baku 4Nights /5 Days Rs. 26,688.00

Best time to visit Azerbaijan
The best time to visit this alluring country is during the months of April, May and June. A sight to view, the snowcapped mountains melt to display a wildflower frenzy. Spring brings in the biggest holiday season in the country, which is marked by the Persian New Year, Novruz Bayrami, that is celebrated around the third week of March. The entire landscape blooms with beautiful flowers and is covered with a green carpet. During the month of May, the country hosts its Republic Day. The cities are decorated with National flags and in Baku, an official ceremony is held where the President and the government officials raise the flag at the Presidential Palace. The best time to hit the beaches and resorts is during the month of June, when the Summer season emerges. The month of October acts as a transition between the summer and autumn. The capital experiences drizzles pushing the summer heat away. Evenings are much cooler and calmer during this month. This provides a perfect time for sightseeing and day trips. The month of October also brings in the celebrations of Azerbaijan's Independence Day, throughout the country.

How to reach Azerbaijan It is an easy affair to travel to Azerbaijan with Thomas Cook India's Azerbaijan tours. It is well connected to some major cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Bangalore. Hence, it provides a smooth journey for all the travellers who wish to plan an Azerbaijan holiday. The package provided by Thomas Cook India also gives you the liberty to spend 3 days in Dubai for an extraordinary trip. The flight journey to Azerbaijan takes about 5 hours from India. Hence, depending on your preferences and comfort, you can choose froma budget friendly flight to a luxurious travel option.

Where to go in Azerbaijan A place of beautiful cultures and welcoming people, Azerbaijan is also blessed with some beautiful places that one must visit during their holiday. Here's a list of locations one must not miss.

Hazrat Zahra Mosque An old Islamic worship house, Hazrat Zahra Mosque rests on the main road towards the south ofBaku, surrounded by a beautiful backdrop that overlooks the Caspian Sea. The mosque includesthe tomb of Ukeyma Khanum, a descendant of Prophet Mohammed. Originally, this mosque wasbuilt during the 13th century, which was later destroyed by the Bolsheviks in the year 1936. Today, the mosque is one of the most significant monuments that flaunts the Islamic architecture and is a spiritual centre that witnesses Muslims from all around the world who pay a visit and seek blessings. The mosque consists of three domes, and the entire worship home is decorated with blue mirrors which contain inscriptions from the Holy Quran on their borders. The beauty of this mosque is not the only thing that will blow your mind, but also the fact that many writers andexplorers have mentioned this monument in their books and research works. And you will also want to do the same when you face this beautiful man-made structure during your holiday in Azerbaijan. A story that goes by the monument is that, this mosque proves to be a place of worship for infertile women, who travel to this location to worship and gain the ability of giving birth.

Palace of Happiness Palace of Happiness is marked by a heart-touching story of Muxtarov and his wife. On their visit to Italy, Muxtarov's wife fell in love with abuilding and wondered how lucky the residents were, to be living in that building. This led her husband to build a Neo Gothic Palace in the year 1912 in their homeland, an exact copy of the building she fell in love with. The palace was known as the Palace of Happiness. It took about 9 months of construction and stands till date for you to marvel at its beautiful construction during your Azerbaijan trip. Today, the Palace is a base for Muslim women's club, a museum and it also serves as a Palace of Marriage Registrations. The magnificent interiors and gothic-European architecture that it flaunts is something you will fall in love too.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum Standing in the heart of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Carpet Museum houses an extensive collection of rugs and carpets. The amazing interior will surprise you as much as its external architecture. Inside this giant Museum, you will get to witness vibrant tapestries that display various weaving methods and old fabrics that give a sense of the country's history. The showstoppers of this Museum are its collections from the Shusha Museum of History, which include about 600 carpets. It's not just the exquisite carpets that will blow your mind, this Museum displays about 10,000 items. This construction also houses an elegant bookstore that gives a gist of the country's history.Altogether, if you miss this location, then your Azerbaijan holiday is incomplete.

Rostropovich Museum The country's capital houses a museum that is dedicated to the well-known contemporary musician, Mstislav Rostropovich. Initially, it was a residence to the Rostropovich family which was later converted into a museum. Today, the museum flaunts about 5000 items. Most of the exhibits belong to the Rostropovich family. is home to more than 5000 items that are displayed. The museum possessions also include a carpet and furniture, photographs, autographs, gramophone records, letters, awards and other artifacts that have been preserved over the years. The history and creativity of the Rostropovich family can be known by taking a walk through the rooms and viewing its vintage demonstrations.

Shirvan Shah's Palace Wish to learn more about Azerbaijan's cultures, architecture and traditions? Shirvan Shah's Palace is the place you need to visit. This alluring building was constructed in different sections overthe years. The palace dates back to the year 1400, when it had 5 sections. The main palace wascreated during the 1411s. Later during the 1430s, the construction of the Palace's mosque cameinto action. The complex today houses Divankhana, a stone pavilion, a burial space as well as a bathhouse.

Food in Azerbaijan Featuring the enticing blend of Turkish and European flavours, Azerbaijani delicacies are simply delicious. From a wide range of food options, here's a list of the most famous dishes you should indulge during your Azerbaijan holiday.

Plov. This traditional food of Azerbaijan consists of saffron flavoured rice which is cooked with aromatic herbs, caramelized onions, stir fried meat and vegetables. Every food joint has its own special and unique way to make this scrumptious delicacy.

This mouthwatering recipe consists of a blend of rice, meat mince, mint and herbs wrapped carefully in cabbage or vine leaves. Sounds delicious? Head to a nearby restaurant as no one would like to miss out on this dish during their Azerbaijan holiday.

Kufta Bozbash Kufta Bozbash is the national soup of Azerbaijan. The recipe includes meatballs cooked with mutton bones, peas, potatoes and aromatic herbs that turn into a delicious broth. Different restaurants serve different flavours associated with this dish, which include a play with spices and ingredients.

Baliq Seafood lovers, this is the dream dish you were craving for! Baliq consists of fresh sturgeon marinated in salt, lemon juice, chopped dill and other spices, grilled on a skewer and served with a plum sauce.

Halva This sugary confectionery has been in this country since ages. The traditional sweet dish comprises fried dough, chopped nuts and sugar syrup. Halva has its own different versions throughout the country. The Sheki's put in a secret ingredient to make this sweet dish even tastier. Find outwhat that is during your Azerbaijan holiday.

Things to do in Azerbaijan Enjoy scenic views from a tower top Head to the top of the Maiden's tower and soak in the panoramic views of the entire city of Baku. Walk through the history lane of this tower and get to know more about the significance of the tower. The monument gives an overview of the beautiful city of Baku. A thing you definitely must do during your Azerbaijan holiday for a breathtaking view and an amazing experience.

Take a stroll through the streets of Baku Baku is the cultural heart of Azerbaijan. The beautiful city is a blend of the new and the old. Vibrant streets lined with cafes, museums and artist workshops and the beautiful wall paintings and graffiti will definitely fill up your photo gallery. Walking around the old city streets, you will come across old mosques, Shirvanshah's Palace and much more! All you need to do is start exploring. And the restaurants serve some authentic, lip-smacking Azeri delicacies, which means a treat for your eyes and stomach! Marvel at the Flame Towers Nestled at a location which overlooks the Baku Bay and the old city, the Flame Tower building is in the shape of a flame and is covered with LED lights that display the movements of fire. This structure pays respect to the history of Baku, as Azerbaijan's locals used to worship fire. A sight to behold, whether you are near the structure or far away, you will be able to witness the domination of the Flame Towers over the skyline.

Spend a day at Gobustan National Park Spend an amazing day at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Azerbaijan, the Gobustan National Park. A sight of sprawling fields bubbling with mud volcanoes, blistering lakes and anthropological sites. Witness the residence of 300 mud volcanoes scattered at the shore, islands and in the sea. Get a chance to learn more about the past of petroglyphs, see the ancient human skeletons and Mesolithic period tools.

Go on a retail therapy in a Bazaar Once you are in Baku, you cannot miss out on shopping. Carpets, fabrics, rugs, souvenirs, artifacts and much more can be picked at these colourful bazaars. You can also pick up a Libaas, the traditional attire of Azerbaijan as a memory of your trip to Azerbaijan. Enjoy cheap deals and discounts while shopping in a bazaar.

Witness a natural fireplace near Baku The burning mountain, Yanar Dag, is a natural fireplace one can witness on the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea, close to Baku. This gave the name “Land of Fire” to this country. The fire burns all round the year naturally emerging from the year 1950. A sight to behold, a science to know. So, when you go on an Azerbaijan vacation, do not forget to head this nature's wonder.

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