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Places to visit in Bandipur

When you travel to Bandipur, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Bandipur, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Bandipur to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Bandipur things to do can include exploring Bandipur attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in bandipur


The Bilgiriranga Hills are very famous for the presence of this particular temple of Lord Venkatesha situated on the highest peak of the range, on the 'white hill' which incidentally gives it its name. The local people know this particular deity by the name 'biligiriranga' which is shown to be in a standing position. In the month of April, many pilgrims come from far to visit this temple in huge numbers to attend the Ratha or the Car Festival. The local tribe, present the Ranganathaswamy with a huge slipper, every two years measuring to 1ft.9 inch made up of skin. This unusual feature is also one of the main reasons as to why tourists love visiting this temple. The temple is of great importance to ShriVaishnavites and special rituals are performed on Fridays. The temple is also a place one can find calm and peace, since the full and lively forests at all sides make a heave image in a tourist's mind, leaving a long lasting imprint. 



The Temple of Shri Malai Mahadeshwara, located in the Mahadeshwara Hills, in Chamarajanagar district of Southern Karnataka is a famous Shiva pilgrim centre. It draws many pilgrims from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu yearly, the huge area around the temple nearly accounts for 156 acres. It was built by a rich Kuruba Gowda landlord. The deity is worshipped by numerous tribals like JenuKuruba and KoduKuruba among others. The presence of Lord Shiva is aymbolised by the presence of a self manifesting Linga. The huge area and the open wildlife at all sides combines to make the temple a very inviting one. 



The highest point on the Bandipur National Park is on a hill called Himvad Gopalswami which is the home to this Hindu Temple. It was built by Hoysala King Ballala in 1315. Later on, the Woodeyan Dynasty of Mysore showed a great interest in maintaining the hill temple, who also happened to be great devotees of Venugopala. The temple is dedicated to a form of the Hindu deity, Krishna, called Gopalaswamy. A sacrificial altar and a flag pillar are present on the inner porch. The walls also happen to contain the sculptures of the various avatars of God Vishnu. The ‘garbhagriha’ contains a very famous idol of Lord Krishna on his famous pose of playing the flute. The scenic beauty of the temple invites many tourists and is the part of the habitat to many animals and plants. It is an ancient temple, right at the heart of nature. Religious people and Nature lovers both can enjoy a tour of this beautiful temple, located right on a hill top. 



Away from the busy city life, this beautiful National Park, is a great place to relax as tourists can experience nature at its best here. The Park was expanded in 1941 and adjoined with the Nagarhole National Park, which lies towards its northern side and with Wynad and Madumulai sanctuaries on the southern side. The entire area lies in the Indian Deccan Plateau and is hence shadowed by the Western Ghats. It constitutes the Nilgiri Biosphere, and has been a designated Tiger Reserve since 1973. The area has been blessed with a huge varying fauna, the presence of Deciduous and Evergreen forests to thick covers of Grassy Woodlands. This huge range has been able to provide varying animals with habitats required for their survival. The River Moyar, along with its two tributaries irritates the whole area and is the lifeline of the forests. The reserve also has a huge variety of animal, especially ones that are now considered endangered. Animals like the Tigers, sloth bears, Muggers, Elephants, Indian Rock Pythons, Four-horned Antelopes among many others. The reserve is the most accessible habitat of the Asiatic Elephant. Many birds such as the Peafowls, Indian vultures, Honey buzzards, Red headed Vultures, Flowerpeckers, Hoopoes, Brown fish Owls, Crested serpent Eagles. Reptiles like Vipers, Rat snakes, Monitor Lizards among others. Tress like Rosewood and Teak are abundant. The region is also very famous for the abundance of Sandalwood. 



Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous reserve for wildlife at the Biligiriranga Hills. It's a protected Sanctuary under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Right at the juncture of the Western and Easter Ghats, it is the home to many ecological systems. This sanctuary was also declared a Tiger Reserve in 2010. 


This National Park, which also happens to be a wildlife sanctuary, is located at the crossroads of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu lying on the north-western side of the Nilgiri Hills. It is home to many endangered species such as the Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, Gaur and Indian Leopard. There is a huge variety of birds, especially the critically endangered Indian White-rumped Vulture and Long billed Vulture. This sanctuary is also under the consideration of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to be declared as a World Heritage Site. 


The major cultural attractions include the various Temples one may find in and around Bandipur. The Hindu Temples speak of the Ancient Indian History, and the too of the one before the British or the Mughals. Bandipur gives tourists a great chance to look into our Ancient culture and appreciate our heritage. 

The Dravidian culture is reflected through the temples at Biligiri Ramaswamy Temple, and lots can be learned about the Chola Dynasty through the temple at the Someshwara Temple. 


This is the Big Michelia champak which is considered as the holiest of all of the Soliga tribes around the BRT Sanctuary. A large number of champak trees are cluttering together, and to east of the river Bhargavi, lies this enormous Champak tree which is about 20m in girth and 43m high. It is considered extremely holy by the soliga tribal members and is considered as Lord Shiva's braid. The members of the tribe also perform the Fire Dance on the Eve of Maha Shivrathri since they are worshippers of the nature and Lord Shiva. Besides the platform itself lie about 100 ‘lingas’ which are also worshipped. This gigantic Champak tree is known as the 'doddasampige' by the locals.  


Bandifur is extremely rich in flora and fauna. You can see over 200 species of birds many of which are endangered. Many environmentalists and nature lovers visit Bandipur for this purpose. Birds such as the Hornbill, Woodpecker, Fly catcher, Thrush, Crested Hawk Eagle are easily spotted during the winter season. 

Activities in bandipur

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The Bandipur National Park provides the tourists with the facility to go on for a Jeep Safari to look around at the animals.  Tourists, especially the ones interested in wildlife photography, should certainly avail the facility and to do this. 

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The much sought after elephant safari, is one of the most famous activities. One can enjoy moving around the beautiful jungle right on top of the majestic Elephant! Kids especially enjoy this particular activity since it's full of fun and frolic. 

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Many tourists also trek on the varying landforms around Bandipur. The area around BRT or the BiligirirangaSwamiTemple, is a known trekking spot. Many people chose to trek from BRT to the famous Champak tree, 'doddasampige' since the trails are good enough.

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Tourists who like to stay close to the nature, relaxation in Bandipur for them is a happy treat. The beautiful landscape, with its thriving flora and fauna, leaves an everlasting image on the tourists. Observing the birds, the sunset is a great way of relaxation in Bandipur.


Food in bandipur


The food is quite synonymous to the food found in and around South India. Dishes like Idly, Dosa and delicacies made of coconut are very common. Other common and popular and vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes are available. 

Shopping in bandipur


One can find number of departmental stores on the way to Bandipur. Tourists, who wish to buy souvenirs, can go to the very popular Resort - Serai. 

The gift shop sells many things such as caps, T-shirts, kitchen magnets and decorative items like small terracotta animals which do a great job of reminding tourists of the Wildlife around Bandipur.  


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