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There is no monument as such but the Bargi dam is a must visit.  Built on the River Narmada, the dam is around 25 kilometres away. Famed to being one of the first completed banks in the region among the 30 proposed dams, the dam’s construction was started in 1974 but was completed in 1990. The dam’s height is 69 meters and is managed by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (MPTDC).

The popularity of the dam has been boosted recently, due to the unique promotional campaigns such as water sport activities at the dam by the MPTDC. You may opt for a cruise ride or motor boat ride across the dam water. Also, if you are visiting the dam during the winter season then always have a binocular as the dam attracts rare species of birds during this time.

How can you enjoy a trip if the kid travelling without you becomes bored? Well, when you are in Bhedaghat, you need not worry about it. Bhedaghat has places of attraction for children as well. Children will love the coracle ride across the River Narmada which allows them to explore the marble rocks from close proximity. Also, take your child on a tour to the nearby national parks such as the Dumna Nature Reserve Park which will allow them to view the wild species in their natural habitat.


This 10th Century holy temple attracts hundreds of devotees on a regular basis. Dating back to the Kalchuri Period, the temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva. The wall houses a number of carvings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses but that is not the only reason why the temple is popular; the temple is also popular due to its location which offers commanding view of the flowing river and the gorge. Though there is a tedious task of climbing around 100 steps to reach the temple, the climb is worth it once you glimpse the panoramic view.


Spread across around 1058 hectares, this is an ecotourism site on the way to the Jabalpur-Dumna Airport. The park manages to attract a fair number of tourists due to its high population of wild species such as wild boars, porcupine, jackals and deer. That is not all. The park is also famous for bird watching as the site attracts a number of migratory species on a yearly basis. 

This is a natural splendour which should not be missed while touring this region in Madhya Pradesh. It is a stretch of marble rocks standing tall along the banks of the River Narmada for a few hundred feet on either side. Traced back to Tripuri – an ancient settlement of Jabalpur, the site is also known for housing fossils of animals dating back to the Stone Age. The marble pinnacles stand over 100 feet, making it a breathtaking experience which one can experience while boating or over a coracle ride.

A number of tourists visit to view this natural attraction but there are regular devotees who also throng the area to flock at the Pachavati Ghat, the site where the old and the new streams merge.One can visit the site throughout the week and boating is closed during the monsoon season. 

Look at it closely and you might think that smoke is coming out of it; hence, the name ‘Dhuandhar’ which literally means ‘smoke’ and ‘flow of water’. If you want to get a closer look of the fall then opt for the ropeway which can be organized by package tour operators around. Though one must remember that ropeway is prohibited during the monsoon season.  

A famous site in Bhedaghat is the site of the balancing rock, which basically features a gigantic rock balanced on another rock. To the naked eye it seems that the rocks are merely touching it but what is amazing if the fact that the balancing rock has survived the earthquakes in the region with the magnitude of 6.5.


The two famous landmarks in Bhedaghat are the Dhuandhar Falls and Marble Rocks. While the Marble Rocks have been a shooting destination for Bollywood movies such as Asoka, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hain and Pran Jaye Vachan Na Jaye, the Dhuandhar Fall is labelled as the Niagara Falls of India. Also, another landmark of Bhedaghat is the Chousat Yogini Temple. 

The scenic beauty along the mighty Narmada river is simply mesmerising. Scholars have described Narmada and the scenic beauty as “the mighty river, the Narmada pent up into a third of width, for a space of about two miles, forces its way through the mighty and majestic marble rocks of over 105 feet in height. The scenic beauty it produces has perhaps no parallel in the world. Not even the famous river Colorado, which flows through the American desert of Arizona with its lofty banks can compete it either in splendour or in Qjiiet.”Tourists can enjoy boating on the Narmada river and enjoy the mesmerising beauty of the nature.


Water sports activities such as boating across the Marble Rock gorge is probably one of the best and most popular activities in the town. This allows you to explore the rocks from close proximity. Another activity which you can indulge in Bhedaghat is rope walking down the Dhuandhar Falls. This experience will leave an inedible impact in your life because nowhere in India can you walk down a waterfall as charismatic as the Dhuandhar Falls in Bhedaghat. If that is not interesting enough, there is more for the activity freaks who travel to Bhedaghat. You can also opt to Jet Ski and rapple around the Bargi Dam, one of the popular picnic spots of the locals and the tourists. 

What can be more relaxing then the soothing beauty of the nature?


The town houses very few eating places. Few of the better-known restaurants are located in the nearby town of Jabalpur such as Rishi Regency Hotel and the Zayaka Restaurant. 

Bhedaghat may not have many restaurants, but small eateries dot the town. While refreshing yourself here then order for dishes such as mawa-bati, malpua and khoprapak. It is a great place to taste few local delicacies from the state.


While at Bhedaghat, opt to shop for soapstone artifacts which are available in the local shops and kiosks. Creation of soapstone items such as deity idols, ashtrays, jewellery and trinket boxes are very popular and provide occupation to the local families. Hence, make it a point to spend some time in these shops and buying a suitable souvenir of your Bhedaghat trip.

That is not all! There are few local shops which offer you a chance to buy the famous state textile such as Maheshwari saris. If you do not find a suitable choice of sari in Bhedaghat then head for the nearest city of Jabalpur which houses a number of sari shops selling it. 

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