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Places to visit in Dervan

When you travel to Dervan, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Dervan, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Dervan to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Dervan things to do can include exploring Dervan attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in dervan


Shiv Samarth Mandir- This temple cum memorial building was inaugurated on the year 1981. It was built in honor of Shree Samartha Ramdas and the famous King Chatrapati Shivaji. Here, a life size idol of King Shivaji is at display where he rides his horse. Along with him there are several other life sized statues of various other important personalities of local importance.

For instance, there are statues of Sant Ramdas, Sant Namdev and Sant Tukaram. All these personalities have found their respective places in the history of Maharashtra and are highly revered by the people of this region. Apart from these, there are statues of soldiers and chivalrous men of local prominence who have protected this land from the attacks of the enemies and are highly celebrated.

As Chatrapati Shivaji is highly revered and respected here, there are several descriptions of his life events here in this memorial building. The walls of the main hall bear up on them these events vividly described through pictures. There are many scenes from his life which finds mention here. There is a scene where as a child he is taking an oath with his companions at Rohideshwar. In another he is praying to the Goddess Jagdamba for her blessings. His revengeful execution of Afzal Khan has also been depicted here amongst many other such endeavors of his. 


Dervan is a beautiful village which offers a serene and peaceful environment. Traveling here along with the family can prove to be a very pleasant experience. The memorial of Shiv Samarth Mandir offers a lot to learn about the Indian culture. It tells in detail the past glory of some of the greatest heroes of all time. Various events have been pictured and displayed so that younger generation can draw some inspiration from these.

Also, nearby at Chiplun, there are options for hiking and trekking which offers opportunities for adventurous experiences, for the kids along with the whole family.



While you are visiting the Shiv Samarth Mandir, also visit the Shree Ram Mandir which is nearby. It is quite notable for its architecture. There are several beautiful statues along with those of the Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshamana. Also, there is a Datta Temple with which some local legends are associated. The surrounding areas around Dervan has pleasant and quaint villages accentuated by the picturesque western ghats and its amazing landscape. The various village markets, temples and natural landscapes are worth imbibing.



This museum is located on the Mumbai-Goa Highway, at some distance from Dervan. It is basically dedicated to the life of the King Shivaji. Here, the life and history of this Maratha ruler has been depicted in details.


Situated in Chiplun, this wildlife sanctuary is situated at a distance of 19 km from Dervan. Located at the banks of Shivajisagar Lake, this wildlife sanctuary has been declared as the protected area by the Government.

This dense forest is known for its rich biodiversity which includes several endemic species of flora and fauna. As this sanctuary opens to the Western Ghats at one end, it has several eco regions. Some of its protected forest also forms part of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve which has several tigers and other protected animals living in it


Dervan is located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. This region of the state is located near the Western Ghats. It is also very near to the coast line of the country which opens to the Arabian Sea.

Such a geographical positioning brings in rich natural landscapes and biodiversity to experience. Mango orchards are strewn all over. The area is close to the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. This dense forest is known for its rich biodiversity.



Although the state of Maharashtra is one of the most progressive states in India, Dervan is still not that robust amongst the tourist circles. Till few years back it was a very backward village. However, with the advent of rise in tourism in this region, it is now on the track of development and is sought after by travelers looking to explore off- beaten paths.

Nevertheless, Dervan has become the cultural flag bearer of this region. The Shiv Samarth Mandir upholds the rich glorified history of the Maratha rulers and presents it to the new generation so that they can imbibe some of the values and learn about the history of the region.

The locals here draw immense pride from their past. They are also very proud of their culture and language. Here, Marathi is widely spoken and understood. Apart from this, Konkani and Daldi are also spoken by the locals.    

Activities in dervan

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In Dervan, the Shiv Samarth Mandir is one option which one may exercise to have an adventurous day while going through the history of this region. Not only the building, but the complex includes many places of interest which can be explored. Some are historic in nature while some have a religious meaning.

Apart from this at some distance, the Western Ghats offer hiking trails through the sanctuary which are good enough for the adventure loving tourists. Chiplun offers mtb bike hike trails and other trails around the Western Ghats.

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The village of Dervan with its contoured surroundings in the Western Ghats offer visual pleasure for those that love natural landscapes. The whole experience is relaxing. For enterprising tourists there are mtb bike trails and hike trails around Chiplun, a neighbouring town. For nature lovers, the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, also situated in Chiplun offers a relaxing experience tinged with an essence of adventure.


Food in dervan


Even if restaurants offering fine dining are absent here, Chiplun has some good options. The Riverview Restaurant at the Quality Resort offers excellent food coupled with great ambience and service. Also, The Royal Palace is good with their seafood preparations.



Here, the food is simple and includes local ingredients. Rice is a staple here and it is taken daily with helpings of several kinds of side dishes. These dishes are often made of locally produced vegetables and lentils. Curries of fishes, known as meen-curry is also very popular. Fishes are much popular and found in abundance as it is situated near the coastline. 

Night Life in dervan


Dervan is a small village which may not have a very vibrant and exciting nightlife. Here people lead a very simple and traditional life which often does not include partying.

However, the festivals are celebrated with much fanfare here. Also, the Shree Shivaraya birth anniversary celebration is one of the big events here which is celebrated annually in the Hindu month of falgun. People from all over the state come and take part in this celebration.    


Shopping in dervan


Dervan is not much of a shopper’s paradise. However, one can visit the town of Chiplun for some shopping of local produce. During summers, this region is known for the world famous exotic fruit, Alphonso mangoes. One can surely relish these in Dervan as well.

At the Chiplun markets, you will get mango pulps and aam-papads, which is layers of mango dried to preserved for future use. Also, there are varieties of pickles available here, which are often bought as a souvenir.

Some of the local fruits are particularly exotic and can only be found here. One such fruit is kokum, which is sweet-sour in taste. Beverages are made from its pulp and it is also widely used in cooking dishes. The Indian gooseberry or amla is also very popular. It is an extremely rich source of vitamin C and known for its health benefits. It is also found in dried forms which help in preserving this fruit for later use.     


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