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Places to visit in Gopalpur

When you travel to Gopalpur, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Gopalpur, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Gopalpur to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Gopalpur, things to do can include exploring Gopalpur attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in gopalpur


Chilika Lake, the largest fresh salty inland lake in the whole of Asia, is only 45km away from Gopalpur and is a must visit spot for those who visit Gopalpur by sea. It is a large lake which expands over 1000 square km and is one of the biggest habitation centers in the cold season for migratory birds arriving from regions such as Siberia. An area of the lake of about 20km inhabited by a large variety of waterfowl is considered to be a protected territory and sanctuary.


‘Taptapani’ which literally means hot water, is a natural spa. The water has sulphur present in it, which makes it medicinal. The temperature of this natural spa is uniform at 55°C, which makes it special. Taptapani, lying 67km from Gopalpur, is visited by mostly holidaymakers travelling to Gopalpur.



Mahuri Kalua, the temple, is on the road to Tapatapani, only 30km away from Gopalpur. It is a beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Kalua and is an eye-catching spot. Since it falls on the road to Tapatapani, tourists visit these places one after another


Juagarh lies 50km away from Gopalpur and is historically a very important place. Ancient rock edicts of Hindu Emperor, Ashoka have been discovered at Juagargh, which shows and proves its historical importance. Historians, using these edicts, have come to the conclusion that Jaugarh was the main centre of several activities during the Ashokan period. The discovery of Shiva temple and various images of Buddha that have been found here prove its religious importance.



Tara Tarni is a religious shrine in the tantric cult.It is situated on the top of a hill close to Purshottampur. It is made in the name of the twin Goddesses Tara and Tarini. The river Rushkikulya spirals its path around the hill. This is why the temple and its surrounding area look picturesque. To reach the hilltop temple, one needs to climb about a thousand steps.Inhabitants of the surrounding areas visit this temple regularly, more importantly on Tuesdays of the month of “Chaitra”, holy to the Hindus. 

Activities in gopalpur

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The old jetty in Gopalpur is counted among Gopalpur’s tourist attractions.Earlier,it was considered to be the major point for trade and commerce.The sailors then commenced their journeys right from this jetty to Rangoon and Indonesia across the Indian Sea. For tourists, it's no doubt a wonderful drive-in. The long stretch of cashew nut trees will leave you thrilled. One of Gopalpur’s landmark is its lighthouse. In fact, the view from its top is splendid as one will be able to see the entire town of Gopalpur. Don’t forget to attend the beach festival that is organized on an annual basis.

Food in gopalpur


As far as food is concerned, Gopalpur will not leave you dissatisfied. Seafood lovers will be able to spend quality time in the restaurants as well as at the shacks on the beach. The tourists can buy their favourite fish and vegetables from the market. If they wish, they can also get them prepared by the chef or the cooks of the shacks.

Gopalpur is one of the most happening seaside destinations for fish lovers. Apart from savouring the delicious continental dishes at Chilika Restaurants in Swosti Palm Resort and mustard fish (cooked in Bengali-style) in Panthanivas, visitors can plan for an evening merriment on the beach.


The best thing about Gopalpur is that it has been serving mouth-watering seafood to tourists for quite some years. This is indeed a seafood lover’s paradise and the restaurants, shacks and even the locals are quite willing to cook a special meal for you. Perhaps you can buy fresh fish from the market and ask your hotel cook to prepare it for you!

A number of vendors sell food items such as channa chat, grilled fish, jhalmurhi and many such items. The experience of enjoying such lip-smacking food by the beach will definitely add some spice to your beach holiday.

Night Life in gopalpur


Nightlife is all about enjoying and having a good time while the sun goes off to sleep! Nightlife in Gopalpur on Sea is full of vigour and energy. Young and old, rich and not so rich, everyone comes together to have a taste of the thrilling nightlife of Gopalpur and enjoy a few drinks at one of the bars or clubs there. If you wish, you can also spend a great time at the discotheque. In other words, the nightlife in Gopalpur is top notch!

Shopping in gopalpur


Tourists and travellers can shop in Behrampur – the Silk city, only 16km away from Gopalpur. Odisha is most well-known for its hand-woven Ikat silk. Heavy silk sarees, BehrampuriPatas, are traditional and exclusive. Silk sarees, fabrics and dhotis can be bought from several shops in Anapurna Market and Bara Bazar. Local papads, pickles and spices and Odisha handicrafts like filigree of Cuttak, are available in many shops too. Shopping in Gopalpur is all about buying hand crafted items made of seashells that are sold on the beach side by the local people. Some of the interesting items that they sell include necklaces, bracelets and other knick-knacks that make for some great souvenirs.

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