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Places to Visit in Jabalpur


Attractions in jabalpur


This irrigation project on the river Narmada is credited with being the first dam to be completed in the state. A few good resorts overlook the dam making it extremely popular among tourists. Birdwatchers frequent the dam as it attracts a huge number of migratory birds from across the world. Few of the common birds that are spotted here are black sparrows and cranes. 


Located atop the Satpura range, the fort is a reminder of the glorious past of the city. The fort was built by the Gond rulers during the 16th century using mud mortar and stone blocks. Though the fort was damaged by the British, a huge part of it remains intact even today. In its present-day condition, the fort has three entrances and houses a temple and a few damaged sculptures.  


Built during the 19th century by one of the rulers from the Vijaraghavgarh Riyasat or family, the fort is known for its rectangular fortification walls and the surrounding moat. Today, the fort houses an amphitheatre and a temple which is well preserved and is known for its simple architectural style of the 19th century. While visiting the fort, one must take a look at the 10th century inscriptions in the veranda of one of the mahals, or palaces, of the fort. 


Children will love the city due to the abundance of national parks and tiger reserves here. Tourists can choose to visit any of the tiger reserves and national parks such as the Bandhavgarh National Park, the Kanha National Park and the Pench National Park. The Dumna Nature Reserve Park too has a variety of animals in their natural habitat. Visits to these parks are entertaining and educational as they make the children more aware of and sensitive to animals. The Sea World Water Park on Bhedaghat Road is another attraction for children. The place offers a variety of exciting rides and guarantees a day well spent.



Literally translated as “64lady yogis”, this is the site of the holy temple of Chausat Yogini. The temple is very popular among devotees and tourists because it offers panoramic views of the river Narmada and the gorgeous Bhedaghat gorge. You need to climb the numerous stairs to reach the temple atop the rocky hill. A 10th century temple built during the Kalchuridynasty is dedicated to Lord Shiva and houses a number of statues and figurines of hundreds of Hindu gods and goddesses. According to legends in the area, the temple has a secret underground passage which connects it to the Gond Queen Durgavati’s Palace.


Located at Hanuman Tal in Jabalpur, the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. The temple houses one of the biggest tanks in the city of Jabalpur and devotees are allowed to take a dip into the water as many believe that the act would wash off their sins.  


The Jain community practices its beliefs in the Tripuri Jain Temple. 


This is a religious spot where devotees gather every year to take a dip in the holy waters of the river Narmada. 


Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the temple is located in the midst of the city at the Defence Establishment as it was built by the Factory Establishment of the region. The temple is surrounded by well-manicured gardens which are open to the public daily from 6am to 10pm.



As the name suggests, the museum is dedicated to the erstwhile Queen of Jabalpur, Rani Durgavati. The museum displays a collection of sculptures and relics from the Gondrule and from the personal collection of the Queen.



This ecotourism destination in the heart of the city is spread across an area of 1,058 hectares. The park is home to a range of flora and fauna such as deer, wild boars, jackals, and a number of bird species. The park also has a rest house and a hanging bridge making it very popular among the tourists. 


Built by the City Municipal Corporation, the park is extremely popular among the locals and attracts huge crowds over the weekends. The park is located near the city bus stand and is an ideal spot for picnics.



One of the biggest wildlife parks in the country, the KanhaKisliNational Park is known for successfully implementing the Tiger Conservation Program in the country called “Project Tiger”. The park manages to attract thousands of wildlife enthusiasts from across the country as it is one of the parks where one can watch a tiger in its natural habitat. Also, the park is said to be the setting and inspiration of Rudyard Kipling’s bestselling novel “Jungle Book”. Leopards, Barasinghas or swamp deer, sloth bears and Indian wild dogs are the other wild animals that can be spotted here. 


Another national reserve in the region, the Bandhavgarh National Park is known for having the highest density of Royal Bengal tigers in the India. Located in the Umaria district of the state, the park is also known to be the breeding ground for other animals such as leopards and deer. 


This is the third national park in the region but is relatively less popular than the others.The Pench National Park is one of the best managed national parks in the country and offers tourists a chance to raft in the river Pench.



Located on the outskirts of the city, this stretch of natural marble rocks at Bhedaghaton the banks of the river Narmada are a natural splendour. The rock structure soars a few hundred feet on either side of the river and the best way to explore this marvel is to take a coracle ride in the river. The serenity of the river, the sparkling waters, and the tall marble pinnacles will astonish you with their beauty. 


This wondrous beauty is one of the first places to visit on every nature lover’s list. The famed waterfall is located in the outskirts of the city but is easily accessible by road. Dhuan literally means ‘smoke’, and as the name suggests, you will get to see the smoke-like mist as the water comes gushing down from a height.


Another one of nature’s marvels is the Balancing Rock, a rock formation made of eroded volcanic natural rock, precariously balancing on the rock base. Even the earthquakes which struck the region could not disturb the balance of this rock and have thus made this sight famous.



Built in the year 1116 by Raja Madan Shah from the Gond dynasty, the fort is located atop a hill. The fort is visible from several parts of the city due to its height.Once atop the rocky hill, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city ofJabalpur. 


Another construction by a Gond Ruler – Sangram Shah, these structures are resplendent examples of the architectural style of the medieval age and era. 


Situated on the banks of theriver Narmada, this site is famous because the ashes of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, were immersed into the river from here. This is also the location of the 1939 session of the Tripuri Congress. 


As the name suggests, this is a monument devoted to all the brave people who have given their lives for the country. The monument is located in the city centre and is visited by several tourists every day.



A picturesque boat or coracle ride across the river Narmada into the Marble Rock gorge is a fascinating experience for nature lovers and tourists in general. 

Activities in jabalpur

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A favourite activity in Jabalpur, and also a great way to explore it, is to hire a bicycle and head to the numerous forts and temples, most of which lie atop rocky hills. A jungle safari to spot the majestic Bengal tiger and other animals is also a must-do. 

Food in jabalpur


Jabalpur is dotted with eateries and restaurants serving various cuisines from all over the country. Few of the better-known restaurants are the Indian Coffee House, Arihant Palace and Traffic Jab. For local dishes, head to the small food vendors in Jabalpur’s Fuhara region where you can relish Khowa Jalebi and Rabri. 


Puri Palak, Kusli and Jaleb are some of the famous dishes of Jabalpur and are served in various restaurant and eateries in the city. 

Shopping in jabalpur


Ganjipura Market is a popular flea market in Jabalpur.


Check out malls like South Avenue Mall, Samdariya Mall and Dixit Pride Mall among others. 


Check the shops at Mina Bazaar, a popular hunt for shopaholics. 

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