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Places to visit in Kausani

When you travel to Kausani, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Kausani, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Kausani to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Kausani things to do can include exploring Kausani attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in kausani


Established in 1948 this is an educational institute founded by Catherine Hillman. This man was a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and being influenced by his ideals he set up this Ashram in order to provide education among the marginalized. The main motto of this Ashram is to provide education to poor girls and make them dependent. So, you will be able to see here girl’s keeping animals, cooking, growing vegetables, cleaning and many more. This is also the abode of many orphan girls and women. This Ashram remains open for the visitors and you can even donate in cash and kind if your wish to. 


This is the oldest temple of Kausani with the river Gomati flowing outside it located 16kms from the town of Kausani. The place consists of a group of temples constructed in 9-12 A.D and the temples are named as temples of Ganesh, Parvati, Shiva, Brahma, Kuber, Surya and Chandika. This place will no doubt be loved by everyone who loves monuments and religious places. This temple though maintained poorly has a great historic value. The entire structure is made of rocks and numerous lovely flowers are there outside the temple. You can also get down from your car near the temple for having some fun and adventure. 


This gallery is dedicated to the poet named Sumitranandan Pant whose birthplace is Kausani. Numerous manuscripts of his works are stored in the Gallery along with his poems and numerous other literary works. It also has some important items that were used by him in his day to day life including his awards. Every year a poetry conference is arranged by this museum to celebrate the birth anniversary of the poet. This museum is the favourite place for literature lovers with numerous books arranged and showcased on the selves. This museum remains open form Monday to Sunday from 10.30 A.M to 4. 30 P.M. 


This tea estate is famous for Uttaranchal Tea. You will also get a chance to educate yourself about the tea making process in this huge estate. A walk through the tea garden is a must to known about different interesting things about the garden. Tea form this garden is exported to numerous other countries and you can also get a view of tea packaging and export. Numerous shops are also there outside this garden where from you can buy quality Uttaranchal Tea. Apart from this tea estate you can also go to the Corbet National Park if the package you have selected provides you with the option. 


You can halt in Kausani and get to see a number of places around Kausani. Bageswar situated 38 kms away from Kausani has a famous temple which is sure to draw your attention. Bageswar is actually the District Headquarter and The Center of Administration, Danapur. If you hit Uttarakhand in January then you can also get to see the famous Uttarayani Fair here. Someshwar is another option where you can also pay a visit from Kausani. If you are in search of some off bit tourists attraction in Kausani then go for Jain Ki Dhai, Koshi Mool, Maha Avatar Baba Cave, Gannat, Bhatkot, Bura Pinnat, Gopal Kot Pinnat, Mini Bugyal and a lot more. 


If you are a nature loving person then the Rudradhari Waterfall is your ultimate destination. This is the best natural attraction in Kausani. There are also many caves in the nearby areas. There is also a well known folklore about this place and people believe that this is a place related to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The Shiva Temple at Someshwar is also very near to the waterfall. You can also see this waterfall if you go for a trek in Adi Kailash Region of Kausani. 


Kausani is the motherland of numerous majestic and beautiful hills which are covered with dense oak and pine trees. Nature lovers may simple sit down in the balconies or the base of the mountains to enjoy this beautiful view. If you get a clear sky then the mornings are the most beautiful time of the day to get a view of the sunrise from the top of the mountains. 

Activities in kausani

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Trekking is the most common adventure that you can do in Kausani. As you start trekking you will get to see the beautiful and panoramic view of the snow capped Himalayas. Some of the popular and significant trek routs of Kausani are Base Kausani Trek, Adi Kailash Trek, Bageshwar- Sunderghuna Trek and some more. Most of the trek routs are dangerous and strainus so, taking a professional guide is a must. 

Food in kausani


You can find the best food in Kausani in the restaurants like Yogi and the Garden Restaurant. Yogi is located in the Kausani High Street and you can easily spot the Garden Restaurant just opposite Hotel Uttarakhand.  All foods in Yogi are cooked in front of your with fresh seasonal vegetables. This is a small restaurant but hygiene is maintained at its best. For a cup of tea and snack you can easily hit the Garden Restaurant whose only shortcoming is their services are a bit slow. Numerous multi-cuisine restaurants are also available where you can also taste dishes apart from authentic dishes of Uttaranchal.


Different mouth watering dishes are served in the local restaurants in Kausani where you can get to know the authenticity of Uttaranchal. The traditional dishes of Uttaranchal are all highly nutritional, very easy to prepare and at the same time very delicious. Some of the authentic dishes of Kausani which are a must try are aloo daal pakora, allo tamatar ka jhol, aloo ki gutke, baadi, chainso, gahat chappatis and many more. Most of the dishes of Uttaranchal are non-veg which are delicious at the same time.

Night Life in kausani


Nightlife means the life in a city after the sun goes down. Nightlife in Kausani is absent in Kausani. Daily activities generally ends in Kausani after 6 P.M. As, cold increases at night so, no other options are there apart from getting back to home. No other info is available about the nightlife of this place.

Shopping in kausani


The only departmental store that you can notice in Kausani is the Anand and sons Store which is located right outside the tea estate. You will the best quality of Uttaranchal Tea both packaged and loose. This is must buy from this market. You will also find various other stuffs under one roof. Various other things of your daily use are also available here. 


Not many shopping destinations are found in Kausani. However, you can buy some woollen garments from the only market located in the Mall road. The main attractions of this market are the hand knitted caps and shawls. You can also find a variety of other colourful stuffs as well. The main things which you must buy from this market are jackets, pickles and Kumauni jams. You can also find organic products and various cosmetics. 

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