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Places to visit in Khajuraho

When you travel to Khajuraho, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Khajuraho, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Khajuraho to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Khajuraho things to do can include exploring Khajuraho attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in khajuraho


The main monuments within the city are the numerous popular temples which is the USP of Khajuraho. There are three groups of temple sites located at Khajuraho which divides the sighseeing itinerary of tourists visiting Khajuraho. The Kandriya Mahadev Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, The Lakshmana Temple, The Chaunsat Yogini Temple and the Matangeshwara temple form the most important structures of the Western Group of Temples. The Varaha Temple, known for its 9 ft tall boar statue is important. It ratifies the belief that the Chandela Kings were devotees of lord Vishnu.


The eastern gatherings of temples is a pure example of the confluence of jain and Hindu thoughts. The Parsvanath temple, with the most glittering structure is a Jain Temple. The Ghantai Temple is also based on Jain thought. The Brahma, Javari, and varaha Temp-les are also important ones in the eastern gathering.


The Southern group of Temples include the Chaturbhuj temple and the Duladeo Temple. 


This temple was built in dedication to the sacred Hindu deity Lord Shiva.. This temple also has a huge sculpture of Nandi the Bullock companion of Shiva who is also regarded holy. The 31m height to which the structure rises is noteworthy. 


Another temple built in dedication to Lord Shiva which features a 8 foot tall Lingam (holy shrine). 


This oldest structure in Khajuraho and is the finest specimen of craftsmanship of the artists. It has a beautiful beam lying horizontally,which depicts the holy trinity of Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Lord Shiva on it. 

The other popular temples of the western group are: Chitragupta temple, Varaha temple, Devi Jagadambe temple, Kandariya Mahadeo temple and Chaunsat Yogini temple among others.



This temple is devoted to the popular Jain God Tirthankar Adinath, it depicts lavish embellishments of sculptures of Gods and Yakshis.


Is devoted to the Dwarf formed incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu (God), is the simplest in architecture among all other temples of Khajuraho located at a secluded site.

Other popular temples of the eatern group are: - Javari temple, Brahma temple, Hanuman Temple, Parsvanath temple, Ghantai temple etc.



Located south of the Ghantai temple is the last one at Khajuraho. The most striking features of this particular temple are the various depictions of Apsaras (courtesans) with vivid ornamentations and the large Shivalingum.

Other popular southern group temples are: - Chattarbhuj temple also known as Jatkari temple and Beejamandal temple. 



The whole of Khajuraho is a temple town. The three portions of the standing temples, Eastern Group, Western Group and Southern Group of Monuments cover a large area and is what Khajuraho is all about. A complete tour of these Temples normally takes time and a trip to Khajuraho is all about the appreciation of these temples.


Khajuraho, the town is named after ‘Khajjur’ or date palm. The town is accentuated with date palm trees and these sit well with the petra tone of the town. 


The temple town of khajuraho is a cultural attraction in itself. It is a town wholly inspired by Hindu and jain philosophy and holds the Culture of our land in evry inch of it. The Dance Festival usually held in the month of March annually is one to be experienced.



Khajuraho’s Group of Monuments have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site . Each and every structure could be called a landmark but the Kendriya Mahadeva Temple at the center is considered the sanctum sanctorium as far as the entire group of structures is considered.

Activities in khajuraho

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Khajuraho is the melting pot of various sides of human expression. The place thus finds a vibe of the unusual. Khajuraho is a temple town rich in Traditional Rt. Activities involve the imbibition of the soul of Indian society cemented by the temple art of the time. You may see various musicians performing at street corners. Folk artists patronizing their craft can be found all over the town. Khajuraho finds many artists from around the world spend time finding inspiration from it. The town has various centres running crash courses on Yoga, traditional Indian arts that even tourists visiting for a day may attend. Khajuraho is a town that is built around art and philosophical thought and art soothes the mind. A trip to khajuraho in itself unwinds anyone reaching the place and it is relaxing. 

Food in khajuraho


Nice and colorful eating joint that serves good quality breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. The service is also good at this place and each dish is served with a smile. The décor is vibrant green and red. The chef here is the best in town and cooks beautiful delicacies both Indian and multi-cuisine. 


This restaurant also serves good quality Indian dishes at a rooftop dining place. Located near the western group of temples is another attractive tourist spot.


This is a cozy, small place that serves inexpensive meals which are also very tasty. The staff here is friendly and helpful and the joint is clean and hygienic. There specialty is the breakfast special dish of mango pancakes.


This place serves good western cuisine snacking items and foods. It is also a rooftop place that has a Greek café theme to it. Menu consists of café lounger items.


This Italian themed eatery is located at the Jain temple road of Town centre. It is another popular rooftop eatery that serves hearty Italian dishes.


This eating joint serves pure vegetarian dishes of the traditional Indian kind. Also located on the Jain temple road beside the Hotel Gem palace, it offers Jain cuisine menus. The popular dishes of this place are aloo tamatar curry and boondi raita which is a must try.


Located just off the main square, this is an eatery that specializes in South-Indian cuisine. Other popular eateries of Khajuraho are: - La terraza, Raja café, Apsara restaurant, Punjab restaurant, Shivam restaurant etc.



The main popular dishes of Khajuraho are sweet dishes. This place has a large range of options in sweet desserts. They serve cashew barfi, jalebis, moong dal halwa, lavanga lata, shikhanji etc. There is also a spicy variety of munchies called namkeen.

Night Life in khajuraho


The popular drinking places at Khajuraho are Bean grounded and The Gandhi café.

Shopping in khajuraho


The various replicas of the temple sculptures can be bought at various local shops and flea markets around the city to add a touch of carnal art to your interior décor.


The Oswal complex and shopping place called City Centre are great places for shopping in Khajuraho. 


There are various small shops at the street market called Gole market near the temple complex, where one can find traditional handlooms and handicrafts of Khajuraho at great bargain values. These objects are designed by the ace craftsman of Khajuraho and feature the trademark designs of this place. One can find miniature statues of the various sculptures at Khajuraho as souvenirs from these local shops as a remembrance. 

There is a also a government emporium in the city where one can find good quality handlooms and textiles. Other than that, there are also several private outlets in Khajuraho where one can find trademark textiles and stone carved miniature replicas of the various sculptures of the temples.


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