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Places to visit in Khumbhalgarh

When you travel to Khumbhalgarh, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Khumbhalgarh, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Khumbhalgarh to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Khumbhalgarh things to do can include exploring Khumbhalgarh attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in khumbhalgarh


The fort is built on the shore of the river Banas and ranks second in importance as forts of Rajasthan. It is encircled by as a many as 13 mountain peaks strengthened by many bastions and monitored by multiple watchtowers. It took around 15 years for the fort to be built by Rana Umbra. Legends say that a voluntary human offering was needed for the robust construction of the fort.

A pilgrim willingly came forward for this sacrifice and to commemorate it a shrine was built at the main gate of the fort. From the top of the fort a splendid view of the surrounding areas including various important ruins inside the huge enclosure of the fort can be achieved. If you don’t have any problem with long walks then you can stroll through those ruins to explore them from a close quarter which would really be worth the effort of yours. The fort has got as many as seven gates which are broad enough to allow the passage of eight horses abreast.

And the boundary wall of the fort is of 36 kilometers in length and it is so wide that a small car can run on to it. A very fascinating light and sound show is held in the after the dark fort for the visitors which is sure to appease the mind of every traveler.



This is the second most important place to visit in Khumbhalgarh region. It is a considerably large and beautiful temple dedicated to Tirthankara Adinath.

There are some other temples as well in Khumbhalgarh among which Badal Mahal or Palace of Clouds is worth mentioning.



The temple is located quite close to the plains and is the house of the lord Shiva. There is a shiva lingam inside the temple which is around six feet long.


Khumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary can be a nice place for your kids as well as for your entire family. Taking an area of around 578 square kilometers it circumscribes the enormous Khumbhalgarh fort. It is a home to a number of wild animals and beautiful birds some of which fall under the group of endangered species. The list includes Panther, Chausinga (4 horned antelopes), Jungle cat, Flamingos, Wild boar, Leopard, Hyena, Inlay, Samba, Peacocks, Wolf and more. You can also take a safari (which is offered through various means such as horse, camel jeep or even bicycle) along with your kids and enjoy the wild nature around. This will be really very amusing for your little ones.



The list of the places to see around chiefly consists of Kubhalgarh Fort, Khumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and the Ranakpur Jain Temples.



The festival of Gher Ghoomer which has been celebrated for more than six hundred years deserves mention as a cultural activity of Khumbhalgarh. It is celebrated in front of the Chamunda Devi Temple with much excitement and fanfare by the local tribes of Khumbhalgarh. The main activity of the festival includes a circle made by tribal men and dancing to the foot tapping tunes of the great sized drums. There is another circle consisting of women who play with each other with colourful water and sing songs at the same time. Besides, as a part of the festival a special brew which is believed to induce euphoria is given to everyone whosoever is willing to take. 

Activities in khumbhalgarh

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If you are adventure loving then there is something for you in Khumbhalgarh. You can take part in trekking which extends till the Khumbhalgarh fort. The trekking trips are organized in such a way that it goes through beautiful valleys, streams, deep forests and cliffs to make it intensely exciting so that the exhausting effort of the journey can be offset.

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This could be another very interesting activity especially for the lovers of birds as well as anyone in general. There are various birds to be found in Khumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary such as Red spur owls, Grey jungle fowl, White breast kingfisher, Doves, Oriole and more.

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Being a small town the choice for hotels in Khumbhalgarh is limited. There are a handful of heritage hotels who offer typical Rajasthani hospitality to its guests. Among them mention can be made of Karni Palace Hotel, Aodhi Hotel, Dera Hotel and Hotel Khumbhalgarh.


Food in khumbhalgarh


There are only two restaurants that can be traced in Khumbhalgarh. They are Gazebo and Chowka Restaurant. The reason is that in Khumbhalgarh eating out is restricted by the most of the hotels that has got in house restaurants of their own.  


There is no identical cuisine related to Khumbhalgarh so as to say. However you can savor some of the special Rajasthani thali for a change of your taste palate. However the hotels and restaurants as mentioned above serve Indian, Mughlai and Chinese dishes.


Shopping in khumbhalgarh


Khumbhalgarh being a very small town there is scarcely any scope for marketing in this locality itself. However if you are very much inclined to shopping you will have to reach Udaipur (Which must be there in your tour plan) where you will get some opportunity for marketing. Here you will find different handicrafts and Rajput and Mughal paintings. Miniature paintings on various things such as marble and ivory can be good souvenirs for your friends and relatives. Other articles include jewelry, pottery, marble and wooden carved items, puppets and semi precious and precious stones.

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