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Attractions in kullu


This Fort is considered to be the most beautiful building inKullu. This fort was built in the 18th century by King Abhaya Chand. It was known as the residence of King Abhaya Chand and his family. There is a hall and about 12 chambers inside this Fort. The Sujanpur Fort is also a hub of Pahari Miniature Paintings as Abhaya Chand was himself very fond of such paintings. This historic monument deserves a visit undoubtedly.


This is a magnificent palace located in Kullu. This palace is also known as the Rupi Palace. It was the residential Palace of the royal family of Kullu. It was designed when the capital of Kullu shifted from Naggar to Sultanpur. This is one of the must see places in Kullu. The unique architecture is not the only thing which attracts numerous tourists every year, but also the location of the palace is wonderful for the art lovers.It has some wonderful Pahari Miniature Paintings. The architecture of the palace is an amalgamation of the Pahari architecture and the Imperial architecture and looks simply magnificent.



This is also a heritage monument of Kullu. It was built by Raja Sidh Singh in the 16th century. The beautiful Himalayas overlooking the castle is a wonderful scenic spot to visit. There is a gallery in the castle, which stores some paintings of the Great Russian painter Nicholas Roerich. There are also many religious shrines within the Castle, which is a must see for the visitors. The entire palace is made of stone and wood which is the traditional architecture of the Western Himalayas. 


This is a beautiful temple that is located 10 kms away the Beas river. The temple is situated at the top of a majestic hill and is dedicated to lord Shiva. This shrine is located at an altitude of 2,435 meters. This is just 10 kms away from Kullu and is known as one of the most excellent art forms in India. The staff of the temple is about 60 feet high and can be seen clearly from the KulluValley. This temple is on a spur and offers fascinating views.


The Raghunath Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama or Ragunath. There is a famous story associated with this temple. According to the local hearsay and folklore, Raja Jagat Singh of Kullu made a great mistake in the 17th century. In order to get redemption he sent his senior courtier to Ayodhya for a statue of Lord Rama. A temple was built by Raja Jagat Singh in the place of the statue and from then onwards the temple came into being and every year Dussehra is celebrated with much grandeur. 


Locally known as Vaishno Devi Temple, this temple is situated in the north of the Kullu valley. This is a newly founded temple in the KulluManali Road. Though a new one, it is acknowledged like any other famous and old temple. This temple was laid by Swami Sewak Das ji. 


The Great Russian painter Nicholas K. Roerich drew inspiration for the Himalayas and drew thousands of beautiful pictures of the Himalayas. Some of his beautiful paintings are showcased at the Roerich Art Gallery at Naggar. Along with some original works of Roerich the gallery also preserves some famous quotations of Roerich and the comments of some eminent visitors. This gallery is inside the NaggarCastle and is located 2km uphill from Naggar.



This folk art museum was established in the year 1928. In this institute subjects like Indian and Tibetan Medicines are studied. The history, ethos and the spirit of the Himalayan region is also seenin this art museum. The museum has some exquisite paintings made of various Indian and Russian painters. It is situated 100 m uphill the Roerich Art Gallery.


Numerous places are there in and around the Kullu valley which are a must watch. One of the most popular places is the Tirthan Valley where you can enjoy nature at its best. The Prashar Lake is another awesome place where you can indulge yourself in driving. Some wonderful food is also available here and you even get an awesome view of the sunrise. The hot springs at Monikaran is a must watch and they are known popularly for those who loves religious places. The Great Himalayan National Park, the Hanogi Mata Temple, the Jagatipatt Temple, Kheer Ganga, Kulanth Pith are some other examples. 


If you are a nature lover thenthere are numerous sites in Kullu, where you can just sit and enjoy nature. Raison is a famous camping site on the banks of the Beas River on the Kullu Manali highway. 


Shoji is another awesome point where you can get a panoramic view of the Kullu valley, the mountain ranges, the rivers and falls.


Kasol is a small hamlet in the Parvati Valley of the Himachal Pradesh. Replete with mountain ranges, it is an adventure seekers paradise with various stupendous trekking trails, picturesque beauty and stunning rivers surrounded by pine trees. 






The most popular trek trails  at Kasol are

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga at a height of 3,050 meters is a small village in Parvati Valley and the most famous trek route at Kasol. Beginning at Tosh, it is a moderately challenging trek through the dense forest that takes upto 6-7 hours and offers a magnificent view from top of the emerald green snow crest alps, vast greenery, tropical forests and flowing Parvati river. Upon reaching the top, one can indulge in dipping under the hot water spring to relax and rejuvenate.


Tosh is a quaint hamlet situated at an elevated height of 2,400 feet above sea level and en route the Pir Parvati Pass. It is popular for its scenic trek routes and marijuana plantation. Located at Parvati Valley, Tosh is a beautiful village dotted with green hills and snow peaks. Adventure enthusiasts from all over the world especially from Europe and Israel descend in Tosh for a backpacking trekking expedition on its gradual terrain with mesmerizing views and to enjoy the hippie culture. Nature lovers flock here to practice yoga and meditate amidst the natural beauty, fresh air and serene surroundings.


Malana is a solitary hamlet in the Malana Nala, a side valley of the Parvati Valley to the north-east of Kullu Valley. Shadowed by the mountain peaks of Chanderkhani and Deo Tibba rising like benevolent giants, it is isolated from the rest of the world making its picturesque beauty unparalleled heaven on earth. Trekking in Malana is an exquisite experience of witnessing a serene ambience, spellbinding terrains, dense forests, transcendent valleys, splendid waterfalls and snow crest alps. Malana is also know as the ‘Little Greece of India’


At an altitude of 3,048 meters above sea level, Rasol is a peaceful isolated village at the foothills of Himalayas and an exhilarating trekking trail with awe-inspiring views of the snow capped Himalayas. The expedition is a 5km journey from Kasol spanning between 3-4 hours passing through Chalal and ending at the mystical village also known as Magic Rasol.  


Chalal is a mystical village at an altitude of over 5,300 feet and a 30-minute trek from Kasol. Filled with rustic charm and old world beauty with wooden houses and a spectacular panoramic view of the snow covered mountains, magnificent pine trees and serene Parvati river, this quaint village is a delight and popular with trekkers and backpackers for trekking and camping. Chalal is smattered with wonderful mix of Indian and Israeli cafes that must be visited. The main allure of the village is the trance parties that are held here amidst the dense forests and under the brilliant star lit sky. People from all over the world flock to Chahal to enjoy the scenic beauty and sway the night away at these parties held throughout the year.

Pir Parvati Pass

Pir Parvati Pass is the most thrilling trek expedition and an adrenaline pumping experience to engage in. The most sought after trek, it is a challenging experience of trekking through steep slopes, climbs and persistent peaks, which starts by crossing the Parvati Valley and ascending to the great height of 5,319 meters above sea level in 12 days. The apt time to undertake this challenge is during the monsoon season of July to September. This pass also leads to Spiti Valley.

The Great Indrahar Pass

The Great Indrahar Pass is a mountain pass hike from Dauladhar range and snow draped Pir Panjal mountains. The hike moderately difficult lead you through the scenic sights of the enchanting tropical forests comprising of Deodar and Rhododendron and ends at Chamba. The hike offers a fun experience to camp at Triund and Lahesh under the blanket of star filled sky. The best time to visit this place is between May and October.

Manikaran Sahib

At an altituted of 1,760 meters above sea level and located between the two pious rivers, Beas and Parvati, Manikaran Sahib is a revered gurudwara thronged by Sikh and Hindu devotees throughout the year. At the peak of Manikaran Sahib originates a hot spring that is considered sacred and bathing in it is believed to absolve one of his sins and curing of any disease. It is a tranquil place with a spiritual ambience and beautiful surroundings with majestic mountains serving as a backdrop.   .

The best time to visit Kasol is between October to June.



  1. Kasol will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush with its multiple trek routes.
  2. Parvati river, originating from the Pir parvati mountain range and flowing from the Parvati valley is popular with tourists for river rafting, angling and basking in the tranquility of the serene and mesmerizing landscape.
  3. Chahal village is a popular destination with tourists and foreign expats for the outdoor trance parties.
  4. Kasol has many quaint cafes serving lip smacking Israeli cuisine that is extremely popular with the tourists.


Recommended For

Trekkers and adventure enthusiasts.


How to get to Kasol


The nearest airport is Bhuntar airport, Kullu located at a distance of 31 km. A cab can be hired from there directly to Kasol


The closest station is Pathankot railway station at a distance of 150km. A cab can be hired from there directly to Kasol


Several private and state buses ply to Kasol. Private car and taxi can also be hired.


Interesting Facts About Kasol

  1. It is believed that Lord Shiva meditated at Kheerganga for 3000 years and the hot spring has sacred medicinal properties.
  2. The residents of Malana consider themselves as a superior race belonging to the Aryan race and direct descendants Alexander the Great due to which they maintain less contact with the outside world and don’t interact with people. They have their own lifestyle, culture and social structure with the the oldest democracies of the world followed with the well-organized parliamentary system, guided by their deity Jamlu Rishi.
  3. Malana is known for the best production of cannabis.
  4. Kasol is inhabited by a huge number of people from Israel and has several Israeli cafes.

Nature conservation is a very important activity of the people of Kullu. The place is famous for its varied biodiversity. It is the motherland of some rare animals like Himalayan Tahr, Red Bear, Monal and various plants. The best place to observe nature is the sanctuaries of Kullu like Khokan Sanctuary, Tirthan Sanctuary, Rupi Baba Sanctuary and a few more.  

Activities in kullu

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If you are in a mood to relax you can simply sit in your hotel balcony and see the mesmerizing Kullu hills in front of you. You can also pay a visit to the Bhrigu Lake and Dashir Lake situated near the Rothang Pass. It has a majestic backdrop.


Food in kullu


You can find restaurants of all budgets in Kullu very easily. From a five star restaurant to a café made of bamboo will serve you the best quality food. Some of the popular restaurants of Kullu are Sapna Sweets, ChindakaDhaba, Hotel Lake View, Red Roof Restaurant, Water Edge Restaurant and a few more. There is also an authentic vegetarian restaurant which serves Indian cuisines situated at Prini in Kullu. If you want to taste some simple and homely food, then ChindakaDhaba is your ultimate destination. Sapna Sweets serves you with some good and delicious food and also some good quality sweets.


Some 25 years ago you could find a limited variety of foods in Kullu. The scenario has changed totally now. Now, you can find some really delicious local foods in Kullu. Some of the must try dishes of Kullu are Kodra and Salyara which is the daily food of the residents here, Madra, Raita, Bhatua, Jatu and some more. 

Shopping in kullu


The Manu Market is the most popular flea market near Kullu. This is similar to any other flea market on a small mall road. It is fun to roam about and see numerous shops selling stuffs of your daily need.


Apart from flea markets you will also find some departmental stores in this hill station. Some of the well known and popular departmental stores in Kullu are Baba General Store in Akhara Bazar, Kullu General Store, Sushil Kumar General Store, Anjali Enterprise and a few more.


The Akhara Bazar, Tibetan Bazar, the Sultanpur Market and Bhuttico and Himbunkar are some of the well known names for street markets in Kullu. You must not miss grabbing a Kullu shawl and cap from these markets. You can also buy some authentic Tibetan jewellery made of Turquoise or Silver from the Tibetan Bazar. 

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