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Places to visit in Lonar

When you travel to Lonar, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Lonar, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Lonar to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Lonar things to do can include exploring Lonar attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in lonar


This is one of the most popular and most visited tourist spots in Buldhanaand is located at four and a half kilometers from the Buldhana. This lake is encircled by trees and is about 2.5kms long. The visitors can have fun and enjoy activities such as boating, horse riding and fishing. There are also few strawberry stalls and eateries lined up on the shore of this lake.


Hanuman is one of the powerful gods in Hindu Mythology. BuldhanaCity has one of the biggest Hanuman idols in India. It is one of the biggest holy places in the city. People from all over India come here to worship. It is also one of the tourist attractions in BuldhanaCity. The Hanuman Idol is one hundred and five feet tall. The chest of the Lord Hanuman is seventy feet wide. The base of the idol is around thirty feet and is covered with thick cement blocks. The tail and the arm of this idol is around seventy feet and twenty five feet respectively. 


This temple is of great religious importance. The location of the place is also known as five rivers or Panchganga. Those five rivers are Savitri, Gayatri, Yenna, Koyna, and Krishna. It is an exact replica of the Shree Balaji temple at Tirupati.


Lord Shiva is worshiped in this temple and is of religious significance for the Hindu pilgrims. It is about 6kms north of the main city and is housed in the Old KshetraBuldhana. This temple is built in South Indian architecture and was built in the 16thcentury by Chandra Rao of the More dynasty.


Very few citizens know about this place as it is situated about 10kmsaway from Buldhana. This small little town is situated in the Buldhan District on the far backwaters of the KandhatiRiver, Solshi and KoynaRiver's TriveniSangam. Due to the splendor and tranquility of the ShivsagarLake this place is also famously known as the city of rivers. This tourist site is a great place to enjoy scooter rides, speed boats and motorboat rides around the lake and deep in the forests.


This place is situated near Buldhana and is an ideal place for people who love adventure as it is a picturesque hill. Khamgaon avails good opportunities for people who love hiking and trekking with a year-round pleasant weather. The place receives its name from the five lovely hills that surround the hill station.


If you are travelling to Lonar city with your kids, you should not be worried as this city offers a lot of activities for children. From lush green gardens to watching different species of plants and birds, there are a number of activities in which children can indulge in.

Although there are no major amusement parks in Lonar city, there are a number of places where children can enjoy and spend a relaxing yet adventurous holiday.


Panoramic view and picturesque sights are what Buldhana is famous for among tourists and you will witness the very same on your visit to this place with the Buldhana City Tourism Pckages. You can witness more than around fourteen view points that will avail you with mesmerising sights. These viewpoints are named after distinguished Britishers and are located close to each other. Some of them are HunterPoint, ConnaughtPeak, Babington point, Wilson point, Lodwick, Galloni point, Arthur's Seat and Elphinstone Point.


Mouth Olympia is otherwise called Connaught top and was named after the Duke of Connaught. This spot is named after the Duke as when he went by this specific spot he was hypnotized by the stunning magnificence and experienced passionate feelings for this spot. This is the second most noteworthy top in Buldhana that offers a flawless sight of the vistas and valleys underneath.


The Dibang Valley, Lonar Crater Lake and Mailgad Fort are clearly visible from this spot that makes it even more attractive. Ajinkyatara, Rajgarh, and Kamalgadh are also visible from here, which makes it a lovely place to visit. The place is popular among riders and trekkers due to its unique terrain which avails with a great chance to experience some adventure and thrill.


This is a bar and restaurant that is located near Kate's point in the Brightland holiday village. This place avails you with a great opportunity to dine in front of the warm bonfire under a million stars. Kebabs are a specialty of this place. One can avail non-vegetarian and equal number of vegetarian kebabs that will soothe your taste palate.

Activities in lonar

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This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in this region. The lake is always filled with visitors from various parts of the country and outside to see this lovely lake that is filled with greenery and tall trees on all the sides. You can enjoy a soothing boat ride with your family and friends. If in case your stomach is rumbling you can relish in some yummy delights that are offered to the visitors in the form of food stalls. The mini train and games stalls are where the kids can have a great time. On the other hand, adults can enjoy fishing along with watching beautiful sunset. You can also visit here at night as it is busy even till late nights.

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The Lonar Lake Crater is also known as the queen of all points. Lonar Lake Crater has an average elevation of five hundred and sixty three meters. Lonar lake has its indicate diameter of 1.2 kilometers. It is about one hundred and thirty seven meters below the crater rim. The crater is about 1.8 kilometers. The circular depression bears a saline water lake in its central portion. The mountains are fully equipped with trekking equipments.    

Food in lonar


You will find a variety of restaurants serving different types of cuisines in Buldhana. If you want to try Maharashtrian food, Hirakani's is a must-try. You can visit the TempleView restaurant if you are a pure vegetarian. Hotel PremVihar is the place for you, if you are a non-vegetarian lover. The pizza we a good place that serves a good collection of sandwiches and burgers. Some delicious continental and Chinese cuisine is served at Sai Residency Hotel. You certainly cannot visit Buldhana and not bite on a delicious BatataVada. This will be available to you at all the places, but the ones outside Buldhana temple are very famous.

Savoring some of the best and healthiest home grown vegetables of the region along with witnessing the nature at its full blossom is what describes Buldhana well. Hence, when you are visiting here with a Buldhana City Tour Guide, do not be surprised if you see hordes of cherry tomatoes, corn, mulberries and strawberries displayed at the local stores for sale.

Since these fruits and vegetables are locally grown, they provide you with a unique taste that is unmatched by any other area. For example, you certainly cannot miss the very popular strawberry with cream or corn patties. Do not forget to taste some VadaPav, if you happen to be near the popular HanumanTemple. VadaPav is a staple in Maharashtrian cuisine. Among the many eatables available in Buldhana, Chikki is not to be missed as it is one of the specialties of this region.


You can relish on some delicious mocktails and cocktails at Unlock with a wide range of snacks. The place also comes equipped with a big screen television wherein you can enjoy your favorite sports while spinning in some cocktails.


This place is housed in the town market of Buldhana and is famous for its Tandoori, Chinese and Punjabi cuisine that is served in a lovely ambiance. The place also features some notable wine as well as the beer list.

Along with the pubs and bars, there are also some major festivals and feasts that take place in Buldhana, the Strawberry Fest topping the list. This is the time wherein people from all over the places, gather in the town to taste some locally grown fresh strawberries. Due to the enormous amount of tourism, the town also boasts of a very busy nightlife. Some locally celebrated festivals are also something when you can enjoy the authentic taste of entertainment. For instance, the town organises skits and fun fairs during festivals such as Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and many more that will give you a taste of local entertainment. Hence, one can enjoy the nightlife in Buldhana as merely as they can enjoy its scenic and natural beauty along with fresh grown vegetables and fruits.

Shopping in lonar


Shopping in Buldhana is mainly about purchasing marmalades, jellies, jams and fresh fruits. Mapro gardens, Imperial store and town bazaar are the places that attract a lot of visitors that wish to carry out some shopping.

When in Buldhana, raspberries, strawberries and jams should be on your must purchase list. MaproGarden is a great place to buy fruits even though they are pretty much available in the local shops. Mapro is located on the way from Buldhana to Khamgaon. This is where you can find varieties of strawberries, jellies, jams and squashes. You can also taste a sample before purchasing something from this place. You can as well purchase some fresh honey here.

If the sight of positively divine and juicy berries enchants you, visit to the MaproGarden should not be missed. You could not just find squashes, syrups, toppings, marmalade, preserves and jams here, but you can also taste some mouth-watering ice creams, strawberry shakes and fruit salad in this place.

Other than food products and eatables, one can also buy some souvenirs, tribal trinkets, leather goods and handicraft items that are available in bulk in the town bazaar. This street consists of shops that sell different types of products and is situated in the heart of the town. You can buy right from decorative items, baskets, shawls to crochet dresses, handcrafted walking sticks, Kolhapuri footwear, and honey.

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