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Place's to visit in Madurai

When you travel to Madurai, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Madurai, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Madurai to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Madurai things to do can include exploring Madurai attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in madurai


Among the different places worth visiting in Madurai City, Alagarkoli Madurai comes first. You can have a visit there are and discover the finest of beauty in the Art culture of India form properly preserved here. This place is imbued with the old stories of the city being destroyed by quakes, the survival of the people, and the recovery of the city and so on. Any experienced guide can serve you with these stories.


There are a wide number of religious venues in MaduraiCity. There is All Thiruparankundram, SriMeenakshiTemple, AlagarKovil, PazhamudhirSolai and many more. The Hindu community is very strong here and therefore they have the best venues for prayer and visit here.


Gandhi Memorial Museum happens to be one of the most visited place of the art lovers and buyers. GANDHIMemorialMuseum situated in Mudrai; Tamil Nadu welcomes you as well with its vast collection of artworks of Gandhi different variety. You can admire or buy the artworks here.


Samanar Hills is the place you will never want to miss if you are a nature lover. There is an arrangement of  the helicopter tour here. If availed, you can have a wonderful view of the Samanar  range. Also, the tour covers, SamanarNational Park, a place to experience the lush green valley and forests. For the bird watchers, this surely is a trip of a lifetime.


MariammamTheppakulam Madurai is a pond that is near the VandiyurMariammanTemple. This is a beautiful backdrop against the temple and is mostly used for all the devotional purposes.


The conglomeration of the different landmarks and venues builds up the culture in MaduraiCity.


These trails offer you a real insight into the heart of the city. You can spend your time here with the artefacts, buying antique things and so on. There is indeed to end to it.


On the waterfront situated in the city, is situated the great bronze statue, VandiyurMariammanTeppakulam. Vandiyur happens to be a Maori figure from the mythologies. In Parade, people are bound to stop as they get a glimpse of this statue.


A journey to this peak is an experience of a lifetime. If you are an adventure lover, then this is just the right place for you. Amidst the bushes and rough plateau, you can journey towards the peak. No doubt the journey is strenuous, and the fit ones should only head for the place, but the fun is limitless.

Activities in madurai

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We have already mentioned about the adventures such as horse riding. Apart from that whitewater rafting is another adrenaline rush that you can try out. Mohaka rafting facilities have their single day and three days rafting packages. It can also be included in your Madurai City Travel Packages. The open waters are a great treat for adventure enthusiasts.

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If you are looking for some relaxation while on your holiday, the Yoga Centre happens to be just the place for you. In this quiet, well decorated place you can have an evening nap or rest beside the lawn and so on so forth. You will have fresh air, which will energize you no doubt. You may stretch your legs and enjoy an evening in this way. Yoga Centre welcomes the tourists all through the year. So you do not have to correspond your visit to any particular time in order to visit the centre. 

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A little far from the Madurai City, this Corporation Eco park is a real treat for the nature lover’s eye. He can witness a wide range of flora and fauna here, along with the birds, seagulls and so on. The more one gets into it, the more he can witness the beauty of the nature and the birds in their natural habitat.

Food in madurai


Bamboo offers the MaduraiCity tourists with a huge variation of food and beverages. Both for the alcoholic lovers and the non-alcoholics there are options here to have attractive drinks. Set just by the beach, this place is the best place to be for celebrating the evening. Offering both indoor and outdoor facilities, this Restaurants service is a must visit place.


This is another restaurant situated in the West Veli Street. The real attraction for the foodies, this restaurant has all the delicacies that one may look for in India. Chef Rajesh Sharma offers different food options based on his understanding of the place and the atmosphere. Truly, Pacifica can be called as a “must visit” Restaurant in MaduraiCity.


As MaduraiCity is a seaside town, the restaurant cultivates on the seafood. The tourists who visit here also look for new and attractive seafood choices. On one hand, they can have a green leafy vegetable with fishes, on the other hand, one can have roasted prawns. These prawns are so famous that in the month of May a food festival is held which concentrates on these sea foods. However, you can also states various South Indian and Indian cuisine here spanning various and cultures.


Typical Indian dish roasted crab is another treat and a major delicacy for the tourists. The crab roasts along with the spices are feasts for the apatite.

Night Life in madurai


This band performs and will perform live music in Madurai City. The stunning Indian songs are ready to hypnotize your senses. On your visit to Madurai City, joining live concerts of the Madurai MAestro is a real cool thing that you ought to do.


The ‘village’ in AMS Timbers is a very popular venue for those who like to have an entertaining nightlife. There are many cafes, bars and restaurants there where you can have the best options regarding is spending your night. Other than that, there is The Thirsty Whale, another venue for the club and disco lovers.


Snooker Bar, Grt Regency Bar, Polka Pubs, Shiver Bar, Impala Bar, Freedom Bar these are some of the Bars and Pubs that you may visit while staying at Madurai City.

Shopping in madurai


This store is indeed a storehouse of all the different gift items as well as the daily medical, healthcare items. A store for all the ages, the tourists, can have all that they seek right here.


It is another department store for you, if you want to buy something that is from the city itself to gift you loved ones when you went back. Gift items, clothes, women’s stuffs, kid’s toys, accessories, all are available in this shop.

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