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Places to visit in Mahabalipuram

When you travel to Mahabalipuram, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Mahabalipuram, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Mahabalipuram to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Mahabalipuram, things to do can include exploring Mahabalipuram attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in mahabalipuram


This monument is located on the Bay of Bengal Coromandel Coast, in Kancheepuram region of the Tamil Nadu state, India. PanchaRathas is an instance of monumental Indian rock-cut structural design. Each monument of the five in the PanchaRathas compound depict a chariot (Ratha), moreover, each is engraved over a solo, long stone or else monolith, of stonework that slopes in a north-south way with a slight prejudice. The constructions are titled after the Pancha Pandavas and their general wife Draupadi, of impressive Mahabharata fame. In the line of their size, they comprise of the DharmarajaRatha, Bhima Ratha, ArjunaRatha, NakulaSahadevaRatha, in addition to Draupadi Ratha.


The monument is located at Mahabalipuram. It is a huge open-air respite engraved of two monumental rock boulders. The marvel depicted in the bas-relief is the tale of the fall of the blessed river Ganges in the world from the universe led by Bhagiratha. The Ganges waters are believed to have paranormal powers. The fall of the Ganges as well as Arjuna's Penance is depicted in rock at the Pallava tradition site.

The bas-relief is extra of a canvas of the Indian stone cut statue at its finest not seen at any place in India. This monument is one of the Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram, which were selected as a UNESCO Globe Heritage Site since 1984.


This place of worship also known as AdivarahaCaveTemple. It is a stone-cut temple. This place of worship is a part of the hilltop village that is four km to the north of the main Mahabalipuram place of Rathas as well as Shore temple. It is an instance of Indian stone cut structural design dating from the late seventh century. The place of worship is one of the best testimonials to the olden VishwakarmaSthapathis of stone-cut cave structural design, out of several such caves also known as Mandapas.


Seashore temple at Mahabalipuram is the ancient temple with attractive interiors and architecture. Entry to the temple is charged so you have to pay a fee to visit the temple. You could visit the holy place between 5 am to 6 pm. It is around 60 kilometers away from Chennai. The seashore, water and winds along with beautiful landscape make it an ideal place to visit. Rock carved idols of the god Vishnu and many other gods are located in the middle of the temple. The archaeological community of India has maintained the place of worship superbly.

You require pursuing few rules of the temple, as eatables are not permitted at the place of worship. You require switching off the mobile phones prior to entering the prime section to prevent any interruption. You require taking out the shoes prior to entering this religious place.


Kerala Backwater is as well an eye-catching spot of Mahabalipuram. One more very significant sightseeing spot is the SculptureMuseum, where you should definitely visit. Most prominently, this museum becomes the house for approximately 3000 assortments of rare sculptures devoted to diverse Gods as well as Goddesses. Even Buddhist idols can be discovered in the museum. The sculptures are prepared of diverse materials such as cement, brass and wood as well. You should never forget or miss to stop over to the extremely significant attraction situated in Mahabalipuram.


The Tiger Cave is well thought-out a rock cut place of worship structured by Pallavas in the eighth century AD. This site has gotten this name since the caves of this shrine are carved in the form of a tiger. It totally demonstrates the head of the Tiger. The tiger cave is also well-known picnic place because it is located on the Bay of Bengal.

The beaches in the city offer an astonishing sight of the big yet attractive Bay of Bengal. The pristine and sandy beach is mass with tourist all over the year. Besides this, the beach also offers various other attractive sightseeing alternatives in the city.

The charming, as well as the astonishing crocodile farmhouse, is another admired attraction in this division of the earth. With loads of various breeds of crocodiles along with other reptiles, you will merely have a wonderful time. The pair of snake venom extracting hub in addition to the school of sculpture along with art attract many numbers of visitors each year. You will see a number of interesting pieces of art as well as sculpture that will take your mind off. The section of Tourism in Tamil Nadu hosts a Festival of Dance every year moreover you can plan your journey around this occasion and have extra fun in addition to enjoyment.

Activities in mahabalipuram

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The range of things to carry out runs from visiting the recognized Shore Temple as well as seeing the unsteadily balanced Krishna’s Butterball. Subsequent to you, have done the place of worship rounds; unwind by the sea along with a look at the magnificent sundown from the beach. It is not safe to go for a dip in the sea here, however, you could take a dip in the water pool of your inn. The outside activities in Mahabalipuram comprise of exploring chronological monuments.

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Gocounting angling, deep-sea fishing or else only unwind at the beach. As the undercurrents are very strong here, swimming is not suggested.

Food in mahabalipuram


Mahabalipuram provides lots of food choices to travellers. Irrespective of whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian you will be happy visiting this city for their food alternatives. Accommodation and food is one of the main concerns at the time of every vacation. Mahabalipuram beach comprises a number of eating places as well as hotels. It is all the time suggested making the reservation before visiting this amazing city. You can moreover try out a number of local food dishes at some of the very well known South Indian eating-places. You can taste the dishes and have pleasure enjoying them when you book the Mahabalipuram Tour Package. 

Palais Croisette Restaurant & German Bakery: It is one of the admired eating-places in the city. It is a necessary visit when you come to Mahabalipuram on vacation. It is ranked first in the catalog of well-liked places; this eating-place boasts of good as well as fresh food in addition to facilities like great ambiance and web access for people who desire to combine work as well as meals. It is an agreat hangout for good food lovers. 

Mamalla Heritage: This is one of the best eating-places when it comes to a South Indian cuisine in the vicinity. If you are a seeking a wide range of South Indian staples, it is a good idea to check out this place. 

Santiago Coconut Café: This is one of the pleasant options for an eatery which you can think of visiting. The food is outstanding, particularly the non-vegetarian choice, such as fish along with other seafood. Many mouth-watering meal options are provided on the platter, and the sight of the beach is superb from here. It is a good option for those who adore watching nature as well as enjoying delicious delicacies. 

The Pisces, GRT Temple Bay: It is a great getaway choice, which you can take pleasure in. This place is a big hit with tourists, thanks to the great cuisines, accommodation and the surrounding natural beauty it offers. 

The beaches also comprise a number of shacks that provide the tourist with refreshing drinks, as well as cool snacks. On the seashore, you will by no means be out of actions, as there you will find many things to do in a very short span of time. Loads of eating places as well as bars comprise poolside, as well as rooftop cafes. Doctor on request, TV, Jacuzzi, Spa and many other facilities are also offered. There are loads of amenities that are provided here

Night Life in mahabalipuram


the The Country Club Jade Beach Resort is a popular place where you will always find a happening crowd


Waters Edge Café, Rose Corner and Manogaran Cool Bar are some of the most popular bar hangouts in the seaside city. They boast of a great ambiance.

Shopping in mahabalipuram


Shopping in the city Mahabalipuram is the most significant activities among the travellers. This city is the ‘Heart of Indian Shrine Sculpture’. It has generated loads of splendid sculptures. Tourists can purchase loads of tiny sculptures as well as artistry works that are produced by the artisans. Fine-looking statues are prepared of granite rocks. The statues of Mahabalipuram town are very famous in the countries such as Germany, Singapore, Britain and Denmark. The Handicrafts, pictures prepared of soap rock, timber carvings, seashell articles as well as jewelers are also purchased here. There are common Kashmiri shops as well in Mahabalipuram city. There are loads of small stores set up around fashionable tourist places selling souvenirs as well as other ornaments. The Apollo Book Club offers you guides, novels, Indian writing, philosophy in numerous dissimilar languages.

If you want to purchase jewellery, pictures of Hindu gods, timber carvings and seashells this is the place. The Poompuhar Handicrafts Emporium is a government emporium, means to Shore temple right side you can witness this shop. The city comprises a number of fascinating craft and art commodities for travellers to purchase from. A number of the well like’s things you can buy in the town area are:

  • Rock sculptures.
  • Soapstone handicrafts.
  • Lumber carvings.
  • Seashell articles.
  • Jewellery

The Mount Road is recognized as the main shopping region of the city, heaving with the town’s best crafts. Preferably, you might purchase handicrafts from the administration-run emporiums.

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