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Attractions in mawlynnong


One of the most interesting activities that can be done with the kids in Mawlynnong is to take a trek to the living root bridge in the neighbouring village Riwai. Another place which your children will love to visit is the sight of the natural balancing rock. This phenomenon of the balancing rock is strange but it has been this way since years, the balancing rock is a boulder which does not fall down whereas is balancing itself on the other rock.



The natural balancing rock in Mawlynnong was worshipped by the villagers in the earlier times or in the pre-Christian times. Today, the villagers mostly follow Christianity. There is a lovely Church in that small village which accentuates the quaint beauty of the place.


Considering that this is a small village it is not surprising that there are no museums in the area. The nearest museum is the Butterfly Museum which is situated in the East Khasi Hills District. The nature lovers and the experience seekers should definitely visit this place. This museum houses various species of butterflies from different parts of the country. The museum takes up special programs to conserve and preserve various species of moths and butterflies. Do take out some time to visit this superb museum.



Mawlynnong village is a village made amidst a large garden. It is surrounded by a variety of flora and emerald green tress, all of this adding to the beauty of the place. Here, you will be greeted with a very beautiful enchanting sight of the nature which is the colourful orchids flowering between the green leaves of the trees. The villagers are passionate about maintain the ambience of the place that each of them contribute a small amount of money to hire a gardener for the village.



You simply cannot miss the trek to the neighbouring village Riwai to see the living root bridge. This bridge isn’t built rather it is grown. This is a sight to behold. This bridge is a tangle of massive thick roots, which has been intermingled to form such a bridge which can hold several people at a time.

Another place which you simply cannot afford to miss is the Sky Watch. This structure stands 85 feet tall and is purely made of ropes and bamboo. This site allows you to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Bangladesh plains as Mawlynnong falls alongside the India- Bangladesh border.



There are many different places to visit around the area.Mawlynnong is a perfect place for communicating with nature. The best places to visit in this village are the many different orchards and those areas that are full of flowers. You can also experience the beauty of nature by visiting the Living Root Bridge, Sky View Tower or the balance rocks.



This is one of the best places to enjoy nature, especially if you like to trek. You can also visit a few of the orchards in the area, which are full of different varieties of trees and flowers. You can come close to nature if you visit this place. 

Activities in mawlynnong

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You can trek or even choose to explore the place as an adventure activity. You can even climb the Sky Tower to have a panoramic view of the Bangladesh border and plains and the 85 feet bamboo structure gives a bird’s eye view of the village.

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If you want a quick getaway from the busy and noisy city life then Mawlynnong is the place for you. You attain a peace of mind by just looking at the mesmerizing beauty of the place. If no activity interests you and you want all the time to your own leisure then just strolling amidst the greenery will do the job.

Food in mawlynnong


There aren't many restaurants in the village and most of the food comes from the stalls. Here, you can get a variety of different dishes which includes chicken, rice, chapattis and tea. The dishes are made in the local cuisine style and are mild in taste. The village offers a number of tea shops. You may have a lovely time relishing a hot cup of tea and at the same time looking around the scenic beauty of the place.  


People eat very simple food in Mawlynnong. The menu is fairly simple, one chicken dish served with rice, one potato dish, vegetable, dal, roti and chutney. They even serve South-east Asian cuisine and the traditional tribal food. 

Shopping in mawlynnong


There aren't any flea markets in the area but there are only a few small stores. The fancy bazaar market is a flea market in Mawlynnong where you can shop for western clothes. There isn't much that is required to be purchased here. If you are looking to purchase something particular, then you should wait until you reach Shillong where you can find a huge array of different shops.


There are a few street markets in Mawlynnong. It showcases traditional and beautiful handicrafts. This roadside market also deals in local produces. You can get fresh fruits in the street markets of the village.

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