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Places to visit in Nalagarh

When you travel to Nalagarh, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Nalagarh, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Nalagarh to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Nalagarh things to do can include exploring Nalagarh attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in nalagarh


There are no monuments in the city, but that doesn't mean there aren't old buildings that can't be considered as such. There are many different old forts around the area, which are full of history and culture. They are also excellent places to learn about the history of the area.


Around this area you can get elephant rides, which is a perfect idea for kids. You should book the tickets in advance so that you get seats. The ride will take you throughout different parts of the forest and is one of the best ways to explore.


There are many temples in this area and near by. Some of the best ones include Sheetal Mata Mandir, Shiv Mandir Jai Baba Chowk, Panch Mukhi Temple, Durga Mandir, Shiv Mandir, and a mosque for the Muslims in the area.



There aren't any museums in this area, but there are old forts that are good places to help learn about the history. The different forts include Surajupur, Chamba, Malaon and Ramgarh. Each of the different forts has a different history, which makes learning about each one exciting.


This is one of the biggest cities that is closest to Nalagarh and should definitely be visited. Here you can find all sorts of things to do, including shopping, since this city is the biggest commercial area in the state. Some of the best markets for shopping are Mall Road, Lower Bazaar, Upper Bazaar and even Ganj Bazaar. Here you can find a huge array of items such as clothes and memorabilia.


The huge space near the Nalagarh Fort is the best place to explore nature. Here you can take walks, hikes and just plain enjoy the outside. You can also go to the nearby lake and try to catch some fish or even go boating.

Activities in nalagarh

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If you want, you can go on an elephant ride to see the area. Also available are boat rides on the lakes and much more. Also, the Heritage Resort has some adventure activities that you can find on the premise.

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The Heritage Resort located in this city has a full spa where you can get a variety of different treatments done. Also, they have a swimming pool and other facilities for relaxing. You can take a book and lay next to the pool and read a book.

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There aren't any places here for live music, unless you find one of the hotels that has it. You might, however, if you are lucky be able to find live music in any of the hotels in the area. There might be some local tribal music that you can listen to, but you have to find somebody to arrange that.

Food in nalagarh


There are very few restaurants in the city aside from those in the hotels, but still you can get good food at the hotels. Also, if you go to Parwanoo, which is a close by town, you will be able to find a huge variety of dishes, including Chinese, Indian, North Indian and Continental.


The traditional dishes that you will find in this area are Punjabi, which means a huge variety of rich food. Punjabi food includes dishes like Rajma, rice and different varieties of parathas.

Night Life in nalagarh


There aren't any nightclubs or places to dance in this city. However, if you are lucky you might be able to locate a hotel that allows dancing. Otherwise, you will have to wait until you are in the larger cities before you can go out dancing.


This is one of the few places in the city that you will find with a bar. You can visit the bar even if you aren't staying here and there are plenty of drink options, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic on the menu.

Shopping in nalagarh


There aren't any flea markets in this city, but there are some small street markets. However, if you go to one of the cities, such as Solan, which are nearby you will find all of your shopping needs.


There aren't any department stores in this city, which means you will have to make sure you bring everything with you. However, if you feel the need to visit a big store you can take a day trip into Solan and visit the many stores available there.


There aren't any big street markets in this city, but you can always find some small stalls here that sell different things. You will be able to find different souvenirs, snacks and even some fresh fruit and vegetable sellers.

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