This temple is a Hindu temple and is full of different shrines that are all for Lord Rama. This is one of the most highly regarded temples in the city and there are also statues of Lakshmana and Sita.


This museum was initially opened in 1980 and has a full collection of the different versions of Indian currency. They also have exhibits that show the dyes, moulds, coins, photos and even replicas.

This is a group of 5 banyan trees. These tress are not just any normal trees. This area is one of the most sacred areas around. All of the temples nearby this area are considered to be highly important.


There are quite a few places that you can go visit around here, including the Stone Age Site that is a short drive away. You can also visit the Bird Sanctuary called Nandur Madhmeshwar which is situated close to Niphad. Here you can see all sorts of birds and enjoy nature.


This area is located on the way to the Gangapur Dam and is somewhere you can stop and frolic in the water. The kids will love going boating and swimming in a place where many different movies have been shot.


There are many different theatres here for the dramatic arts lovers including Kalidas Kalamandir. There are also a few different cinemas, including CineMax, Inox, Damodar Cinemas, and Anuradha Cinemas.

These are caves where Sita and Lord Ram had come to worship Lord Shiva while they were exiled. The shivlinga they used to worship is still here and it is thought that this is where Ravana had managed to kidnap Sita from.

There is so much to do in nature around this area, especially hiking, bird watching and even simply enjoying the time outside. There are a few places in the mountains that you can just sit and watch as the world goes by and enjoy the peacefulness that surrounds you.

One of the best adventure activities in this area is to go caving. There are so many different caves in this area, which make for the best places to explore. Some of the best caves include Sita Gufaa and Pandav Leni. You can also go to Someshwar and go boating, swimming and picnicking.

There are a few spas in the city that are good places to take a time out and pamper your self. Some of the best spas include Aura Spa, Jyo's Spa, Aenzi The Spa, and Ray Spa. Each of these spas has a huge array of treatments that you can indulge in.

You can also go for a wine tasting at Sula Wines, which is produced and bottled in this area. There is nothing better to help you relax than a few glasses of good wine.

Sanskruti is is one of the best places to visit if you want to try Maharashtrian cuisine. You can easily get a thali, or a large plate, of food that has a huge array of dishes that are freshly cooked for a small price.


The food that is normally served here is Maharashtrian, but it has also been influenced by other areas, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Khandesh. The traditional food here is good and should definitely be tried.

There are quite a few restaurants in the area that have live music, including bands and other artists, including Bon Vivant. Some of the best hotels, pubs and even clubs have live music as well and it just depends on what atmosphere you are looking to enjoy.

This is one of the top night clubs in the area and it should definitely be visited if you are in a partying mood. Here you can dance the night away and avail the wide array of drinks available

This is one of the best pubs in the area, which this area has quite a few of. Here you can get a good variety of different drinks, including wine, beer and other spirits.


There aren't any flea markets in this area, but there are quite a few department stores and street markets in the area. These are the best places to get good items at prices that won't break the bank.

There are plenty of department stores in this area and most of them are located in malls. However, the most popular department stores include FabIndia, Lee Cooper, Woodlands, Adidas, Reebok, Van Heusen, Provogue, D&G and many more 

This is the place where you will find the city's oldest street market. Here you can find almost anything you can imagine, including a huge array of clothes, household goods and much more.


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