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Best Time to Visit in Neriamangalam


Attractions in neriamangalam


This beautiful stone monument is called Ranikallu, which means ‘the stone of Queen’ was established here by the Travancore king to commence the construction of the famous ‘Neriamangalam Bridge’.  This was installed by Rani Lakshmi Bhai, the Regent of the Travancore kingdom at that time.


The St. Joseph’s Church is one of the significant churches in the area and is a place of worship for the Zero Malabar Christians. The striking construction of the church is an example of the brilliant structures in Kerala.


Situated at a distance of 50 km from Neriamangalam, the legendary St. Thomas Church is a significant Christian pilgrim centres in Kerala. The church is situated on the hill top called ‘Kurishumudi’, which is renowned as visited by St. Thomas in AD 52. St. Thomas was one of Jesus Christ’s Apostles and this pilgrim centre attracts visitors from far off places as well.


Idukki is one of the most picturesque hill stations of Kerala, which is situated at a distance of 50 km from Neriamangalam. Idukki wildlife sanctuary is a visual treat for adults and kids, which is surrounded by Idukki Reservoir created by three dams; Iduki, Cheruthoni and Kulamavu. The Idukki wildlife sanctuary is famously known as Elephant Sanctuary as well, because of the large number of elephants one can spot here.


This small but amazing bird sanctuary is also known as Dr Salim Ali Bird sanctuary; named after India’s famed Ornithologist. Kids can have a fun filled time here watching more than 270 species of birds, which include Malabar Gray Hornbills, crimson-throated Barbets, rusty-tailed flycatchers rose-billed rollers,  Ceylon Frogmouths shrikes, Malayan night herons, parakeets, and Sunbirds. Furthermore, this sanctuary is home to an impressive collection of more than 200 species of butterflies as well.


This heritage museum is a significant landmark in the culture and history of Kerala, as it stands to symbolize the supremacy of the Portugese in Kochi through a wide array of artworks and other remains. This prominent historical museum has an enormous range of artifacts which are divided into three sections strategically  as Civil Life, Cathedral, Treasure, Altar and processions. 


Constructed by the Jewish community in 1568, the Mattanchery Synagogue is also known as the Pardesi Synagogue. The word Pardesi means ‘Foreigner’ which indicated  that the synagogue was initially used by Jews from Europe and Middle East. Located next to the Mattancherry Palace, this eminent structure is home to priceless historical pieces such as scrolls of  the Old Testament written in Hebrew, Glass Chandliers and gold and silver coins belonged to the kings.


Situated at the heart of Idukki City, the Hill View Park is a spectacular landscape which offers breathtaking views of the Idukki Dam and Cheruthoni. The park is artistically constructed on a hilltop, which includes a natural lake where you can do paddling and watch the flora and fauna around.


The spectacular Forest rose Garden is situated in Munnar, which is a visual treat to the eyes with a huge variety of roses in a riot of colors. There is also an impressive collection of Cacti and Orchids, all of which makes this garden one of the most pleasing sights in the hill station.


This is one of the most marvellous natural waterfalls in Kerala, located between Neriamangalam and Adimali. It is a spectacular sight to watch, water pouring down over seven stops and this unique scene draws a lot of tourist attention. 


Lying in the rain shading region of Western Ghats, this is a tropical forest region nearby Munnar and is home to the most peculiar and rare flora and fauna. This includes the imperiled white bison and giant grizzled squirrel and this sanctuary houses a unique thorny shrub forest as well.


This is one of the most splendid locations in Gods own country, situated at a distance of 50 km from Neriamangalam. It is one of the famous trekking spots and an excellent place to watch the sunset and sunrise. As per the legend, the Pandavas had a stay here during their exile and this place attracts tourists and locals alike due to its enchanting surroundings.


The Periyar woodlands are one of the most stunning forests in India, which its massive chains of hills and the exhilarating spice plantations. This stunning wildlife reserve is home to a wealth of wild elephants, which is engulfing a serene lake where you can do boating and spot wildlife.


Located at a distance of around 80 km from Neriamngalam, this waterfall is one of the major attractions in Kerala. Athirappilly is a nature lover’s paradise, which is a natural combination of forests and waterfall and is situated at a height of 1000 ft above sea level on the Chalakkudi River. 


Located in the Idukki district, this stunning waterfall is a renowned tourist destination set in the backdrop of picturesque landscape. If you want to have a bit of adventure or you want to simply drench in the natural beauty around, this is a perfect place to do all that.


This is a heritage museum located in the outskirts of Kochi, which displays the history and culture of Kerala through its wide range of artifacts and its unique structure. Designed with the traditional Kerala wooden architecture, this stunning museum is a must visit and you can also watch live cultural programs in the evening.


Located in Fort Kochi, this aromatic street is significant in the history of Kerala as the spice trade with diverse nations were done based on this place. You can leisurely walk around the streets of Jew Town packed with history and also visit the fabulous antique stores here.


This is a popular backwater destination in Kerala, located near the city of Kottayam. This stunning area is brimming with activities and is beautifully lying in the backdrop of Vembanadu Lake, the prevalent freshwater lake in Kerala.


This bridge is prominent in the transport scene of Kerala and it is popularly known as the ‘Gateway to the High Ranges’ of Kerala. Constructed across the marvellous Periyar River in 1935, by His Highness, The Maharaja of Travancore. This bridge is included in the National Highway 49 and it is on the way to Munnar from Neriamangalam.


Kumbalangi is a model tourist  village in Kochi and is a popular Eco- tourism destination of Kerala’s  thriving Eco-tourism scene. You can do nature walk here and marvel at the famous Chinese nets as well as you can have a peep into the simple livelihood of the people in the village.


Activities in neriamangalam

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Situated close to Munnar, the Echo point is a prominent location among adventure seeking tourists. The trek to the top is exciting with steep mounts and the breathtaking view from the top is well worth the effort.


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Bamboo rafting in the Periyar river amidst the dense forests  and watching the loaded wildlife around, is indeed a thrilling experience. You can experience the wealth of wildlife in this natural reserve up and close.

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When you are visiting Kerala you can't miss the traditional Ayurvedic treatments to relax your body and mind. There are various Ayurvedic Spas available in and around Kochi, such as the Cochin Ayurveda Centre, SVM Ayurveda centre and many more.


Food in neriamangalam


This is a lovely seafood restaurant in Kochi which offers delicious seafood with a wide variety of Kerala delicacies along with other cuisines.


One of the stunning restaurants in Fort Kochi that serves fabulous western food as well as other cuisines. This restaurant stands out with their warm hospitality and service combined with an appealing ambience.



The traditional dishes of Kerala are rice and vegetable curries with coconut paste and a lot of seafood varieties. Dishes like Appam, Stew and Kerala Paratha are very popular and available across restaurants here.

Night Life in neriamangalam


Some of the five star and four star hotels in and around Kochi have Discos along with their lounges and bars.


You can find quite a few bars and pubs in the city of Kochi as well as part of star hotel.

Shopping in neriamangalam


This is a massive shopping mall in Kochi which houses all the top brans, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.


Fort Kochi is ideal for some street shopping for souvenirs, gifts and traditional handicrafts of Kerala.

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