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Places to visit in Nileshwar

When you travel to Nileshwar, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Nileshwar, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Nileshwar to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Nileshwar things to do can include exploring Nileshwar attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in nileshwar


The imposing Nieswaram Palace symbolizes of an era gone by and is a prominent cultural monument in the history of Nileshwar. This former home of the rulers or Rajas of Nileshwar, underwent serious renovation by the Archeological Department of Kerala and today it is a fabulous centre of Folklore. The traditional custom of ‘Theyyam’is performed here for the tourists.


This prominent, ancient temple has an eminent role in shaping  the history of Nileshwar. Legend says that this temple is established by Shree Parashurama and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva.


Situated at the heart of Nileshwar, this famous sacred grove is surrounding a special ‘Kanhiram’ tree, which draws a lot of devotees from the neighbouring states as well. It is believed by the devotees that there is God’s presence in this ‘Kavu’ and the mysterious lights on the tree are lit on Tuesdays and Fridays.


This is another significant temple in the area that is dedicated to Shree Parvathi and it has its sub temples in the nearby places. This temple is renowned for the diverse festivals and rituals performed here, such as ‘Karthikolsavam’."Pooram Kali, Thrukarthika, and many more.


Situated at a distance of 50 km from Nileshwar, this striking museum of the folklore and artistic heritage of Kerala, is close to Kannur city. This eminent museum is home to a wide array of Folklore relics, which include tribal musical and drumming instruments, life size models of performances of Theyyam and Patayani and lot more.


This imposing fort with its round bastion is a significant cultural spot of the ancient ruins and is located near to Nileshwar. This fort is widely popular for the ‘Nityanandasaram’ with 45 caves, which is situated nearby.


It is a spectacular beach hotel with an amazing garden set in palm groves and is built in the classic Kerala Vastu style.  Besides exploring the delightful space outlined with palm groves, you can enjoy an unspoiled and pure beach here.


It is a stunning beach resort in Nileshwar set in the middle of a landscape, filled with coconut trees and lush greenery. While enjoying the beach and its clean sand, you can go for nature walks in the surroundings. 


Situated close to Kasargodu city, this wonderful park has many children friendly amenities for their enjoyment. Apart from that, this park is home to a wide range of wildlife which can be spotted as well.


This is another amazing Park, close to the Kasargodu city, where the kids can indulge in some games and fun. 


Situated on the seashore of Pallikkara village, the renowned tourist location of Bakel offers a combination of a serene beach and the calm backwaters. It is a culturally packed destination with the majestic Bakel Fort in its landscape. 


Coorg is one of the most sought after destinations in Karnataka state with its district headquarters, Madikeri is the highest point at a height of 3500 ft from ground level. It is a fantastic hill station packed with attractions like the stunning Abbey falls, fragrant coffee plantations, scenic mountain trekking and lot more.


Telicherry is a coastal town located at a distance of 80 km from Nileshwar, lying in between Kannur and Calicut. Drenched in the lush green natural beauty, Telicherry has a lot to offer to its visitors, such as the Muzhapilangadu beach, Telicherry Fort, Tiruvangadu Temple.


Malpe is a serene beach stretch situated close to Uduppi in Karnataka, which is 160 km away from Nileshwar. It is a natural port and fishing harbor and you can enjoy some quiet beach time or walk around the harbor here.


Located close to Bakel, the Azhithala Beach is the place where the Tejaswini River meets the Arabian Sea. It is an unspoiled and quiet beach ideal for long, beach walks and enjoying the seashore. 


It is a renowned dense forest area of Wayanad drenched in the coolness of the trees and mountains. You can spend idyllic time in one of the eco-friendly resorts or tree houses, arranged in the forest and enjoy the nature by completely immersed in the smell and sound of jungles.


Nileshwar is a significant city of Kerala with a loaded cultural background that includes cultural festivals and Folk arts, ‘kavuus’ or sacred groves and a weaver street.  The vibrant, age old festivals of ‘Theyyam’ and ‘Pooram’ attract a lot of tourists and foreigners to this place. With a large number of the striking temples around, you are sure to witness an enchanting, cultural heritage of Kerala.


Dharmasthala is a pilgrimage centre with a number of famous temples which are visited by numerous devotees. The massive Bahubali statue dates back to the 16th century. Apart from this the eight Jain Basadis and the remains of the ruins of the famed Shri Manjunatheswara Temple are significant landmarks of this city. 


Located at a distance of 20 km from Nileshwar, the Bakel Fort is the largest Fort in Kerala which is spread over 40 acres of land. It is a unique fort that is built up from the sea and it is a marvelous sight to watch the waves persistently stroking the citadel. 

Activities in nileshwar

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Quad Biking is a very exciting activity to do inside the stunning coffee plantations of Coorg. Various places in Coorg like Kedkal near Medikeri offer this thrilling opportunity to the visitors.

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White river rafting is another thrilling activity you can indulge in while you are visiting Coorg. Various tour organizations across various locations in Coorg offer this activity through rapids.

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After an eventful day of sightseeing and trekking, you can relax by indulging in the special Ayurveda spa, which is available in most of the resorts and hotels across the state. It is rejuvenating for the body as well as the mind and gives you a refreshing new energy.

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Fishing is another interesting activity you can enjoy in the various backwater spots in Kerala. Angling is a fun activity as well relaxing to be loose yourself to the backwaters and nature around.

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This marvelous place filled with plantations is situated near to Bakel and is ideal for trekking through the plantations, immersed in the greenery and the tranquility of the pure nature.

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After the sun sets, the various five star hotels and resorts in the area offer live music performances along with food and drinks. In some of these places, they arrange traditional Kerala Folklore performances like Theyyam and Kathakali for the tourists.

Food in nileshwar


Situated by the river side in Nileshwar, amidst lush greenery and open space the Nalanda Resort restaurant is an amazing place to eat. Their breakfast buffet is delicious and filled all the Kerala delicacies as well as the dinner and both in pocket friendly prices.


Green Park serves good food. You will get authentic local cuisine at this place.


When you are on vacation in Kerala, the traditional cuisine here, which is rich with rice and coconut is a must try. Especially the ‘Sadya’, usually eaten on a banana leaf is a gastronomical delight.

Night Life in nileshwar


The wonderful resorts and star hotels situated on the banks of backwaters and rivers are renowned for their warm hospitality. Few of these places include club or discos along with their lounge bars or restaurants.


Beside the independent bars available in the city centres, the star hotels and resorts are inclusive of bars.

Shopping in nileshwar


There a number of small stores, textile stress and gifts stores available in Nileshwar. In the nearby Kannur City, there is a glittering shopping mall, Capitol Mall where you can get well known brands as well.


While you are visiting Nileshwaram and its neighbouring areas, you will find street shops near beaches and other tourist attractions, where they sell traditional Kerala souvenirs and gifts.

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