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Best Time to Visit in Nilgiri


Attractions in nilgiri


This fantastic Deer park is situated on the edge of Ooty Lake and it offers a special high altitude zoo experience for the children and adults. After enjoying a lovely boat ride on the lovely lake, children can enjoy watching the wildlife in the zoo, which includes a range of various species of deer along with other animals.


Situated in the background of scenic natural beauty of Ooty-Coonoor Road, the Wax World accommodates life size, wax statues of eminent personalities of Indian history and civilization. It is really amazing to watch these wax statues, which are housed in a 142 year old, heritage bungalow.


The well known Mariamman Temple is situated close to the market place in Ooty and it is dedicated to the region’s local deity, the Hindu Goddess of rain, the Mariamman. This temple has a lot of carved figures of the Goddess in her various forms and the temple festival is the most celebrated festival in the region.


The Annamalai Ashram Temple is another significant place of worship for the Hindu people. It  is placed on the hilltop, Kundah at a distance of 20 km from Ooty. The famous temple surrounded by the stunning tea plantations, bordered with Oak trees is an ideal place for practicing meditation as well. The temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga and the Lord Muruga festival celebrated here is widely popular.


Situated at 11 km south of Ooty, this fabulous museum showcases a wide array of artifacts, depicting the lives and times of Nilgiri and Andaman Tribal groups. There is an impressive collection of well preserved objects of an ancient era here, which helps the visitors to understand their culture and heritage.


The Honey Bee Museum is an unusual museum, which narrates information on native honey bees and the traditional aboriginal tribal people who harvest these bees for honey. This unique museum offers a vibrant, open space with live demonstrations on tools used in beekeeping, cultivating and honey gathering.


The largest rose garden in India, this magnificent rose garden spreads across a huge land, housing around 20,000 varieties of roses of 2800 diverse cultivars. Spreading magnificently over the Elk Hill slopes in Vijayanagaram, close to Ootytown, this spectacular garden offers you views of the most unusual rose flowers in colours like black, blue and green.  


Established in 1847, the exceptional Ooty Botanical gardens spread over an area of 22 acres of land that offers dense, lush green gardens around. This dazzling garden is home to a wide variety of species of plants such as herbal and bonsai plants, shrubs, trees and ferns. It is also home to the gorgeous Fernhills palace and a most unique fossilized tree that is 200 million years old.


Boasted as the highest peak in South India, this famous mount is situated at a distance of 14 km from Nilgiris. A trek to the top of this peak is aweinspiring with breathtaking views of the plains of Mysore and Coimbatore and also the stunning valleys nearby.


The Mukurthi National Park was built to protect the Nilgiri Tahr, and it is spread over a protected area of 78 square kilometers in the western part of Nilgiri plateau. This brilliant park at a high altitude is home to Montane grasslands and shrublands as well as a collection of endangered wildlife, including Asian Elephant and royal Bengal tiger. However the park is widely famed for its main attraction, the Nilgiri Tahr.


Coonoor is a popular base for a number of trekking voyages to the Nilgiris and is situated at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level. It is the second largest hill station in Nilgiri, second to Ooty and an ideal destination with  a wide range of attractions like the Sim’s Park, Lamb’s Rock, Law’s Falls and a lot more.


Kotagiri is the third hill station among the three in Nilgiri district and offers a picturesque landscape of tea plantations and hills. The St Catherine falls, Longwood forests and Nehru Park are the major attractions here.



The renowned wildlife sanctuary, the Avalanche Sanctuary is a must visit while you are in Nilgiris as it as an incredible national park surrounded by picturesque landscape and a range of endangered wildlife. Situated at a distance of 67 km from Ooty, it is a perfect place to spot its preciously protected wildlife.


The Mudumalai National park is a famous Tiger Reserve that is situated on the northwestern part of the Nilgiri hills. The flora of this reserve is an amazing combination of three types of forests- the Tropical moist deciduous, Topical dry decidious and Sothern tropical dry thorns. It is home to a huge variety of endangered species of wildlife as well.


As the name suggests, this fantastic lake has got the name from the color of its water. The fabulous Emerald lake adjacent to the forest reserve and the view point near the dam provides breathtaking views of the surroundings.


Constructed in the 18th century, the imposing St. Stephen’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Nilgiri. Amidst thick woodland and scenic beauty, this architectural wonder of significant cultural relevance is a delight to watch. It is home to spectacular stain glass windows that depict stories from the life of Jesus Christ.


The Tiger hill is a popular attraction in Ooty.It is situated at a distance of 15 km from the main city and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Atop this massive hill, you can view the marvellous sight of the Ooty Water Reservoir and it is a favorite picnic spot of tourists and locals.


Renowned as the first bungalow constructed in Ooty by John Sullivan, it is widely known as ‘Kal Bangala’ or stone house among the tribes here. Dates back to 1822, this majestic structure remains as a huge attraction of heritage value.


The popular Pine Forest is placed between Thalakunda and Ooty and is a famous shooting location of several movies. This spectacular downhill area has lovely pine trees grown in an orderly fashion and it is an ideal place for peaceful nature walks.



Pykara is a sacred river of the Todas, originated from the Mukurthi Peak and owns two fabulous falls along with a Dam and power plant. It is a famous destination of tourists where you can enjoy the tranquil forest, Toda settlements and grassy meadows.

Activities in nilgiri

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There are various locations in the Nilgiris, which provide Paragliding to the visitors. The region is ideal for this adventure because of the high peaks and the breathtaking views it can provide. This aerial adventure is the best way to view the forested valleys and thick woodlands, which are not accessible by foot.

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Trekking is a prime adventure activity you can indulge in this area as it provides the perfect locations for trekking, surrounded by dense forests and active wildlife. Trekking the tallest peaks of Nilgiri ranges can be the most thrilling activity due to the uneven mountainous terrain. Nilgiris is a favourite location of trekking enthusiasts for long.

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The tea plantations in Coonoor offers a much relaxing stay in the heavenly climate, drenched in the natural beauty. Many plantations and estates have amazing resorts or Homestays in offer which is facilitated with Ayurvedic massages and Spas. 

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The Earl’s secret restaurant in King’s Cliff Hotel is an amazing place that serves mouth watering delicacies with desserts and drinks and have live music played as well.

Food in nilgiri


This is a fabulous Indian restaurant located in Ooty that serves perfectly grilled meat of different variety. Besides the delicious food this amazing place wins with great ambience and pocket friendly prices.


The vibrant Sidewalk Cafe offers a mix of American and Italian Cuisine. Those who prefer to eat western, this is an ideal place for them.


Homemade chocolates and a wide array of freshly baked items available across bakeries in Ooty are must try in Ooty.

Night Life in nilgiri


Some of the five star hotels in the area offer disco along with their restaurants and lounge bars.


The Nilgiri region has many five star and four star hotels and resorts for the tourists and most of them have bars and pubs included.

Shopping in nilgiri


The vibrant Tibetan market situated in Ooty sells good quality woollens for all age groups, which is a much required accessory in the hill station.



There are few department stores available in Ooty including the Mohan’s, Green Shop and Higgin Bothoms Bookshop. You can get superb quality spices, tea and cheese from here.

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