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Places to Visit in Nubra


Attractions in nubra


Diskit Gompa Buddha Statue is located about 120 km from Leh. This majestic statue is the part of a gompa or Buddhist monastery. This monastery has a huge statue of Gautam Buddha, which is a must watch for the tourists. It was founded by Changzem Tserab Zangpo, a disciple of Tsong Khapa. The statue measures 32 metre and it looks extremely beautiful. Statue of Chamba in Nubra Valley is another tourist attraction. 


Kids will enjoy the camel rides through the sand dunes of Nubra Valley. They may also like visiting the different monasteries near Leh and know about the history and culture of Nubra. 


A good number of Buddhist monasteries are seen in Nubra Valley. One of them is the Ensa Gompa, built near the Panamik village in Leh. A 6 hour long trek from this village is required to see this 250-year old monastery. The beautiful Buddhist murals in Ensa Gompa are really rewarding after the long trek.


Samstemling Gompa is situated about 1 km uphill from the nearby village of Sumur. A good collection of frescos, Buddhist idols and scrolls are well preserved in this monastery.


The most popular tourist attraction of Nubra is the Diskit Monastery, belonging to the 17th Century. It is the largest and oldest from the rest of the monasteries in Nubra. The Gelugpa sect or the Yellow Hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism looks after this religious place.  The 32 metre Buddha statue belonging to this monastery draws lots of tourists attractions while they are on their way to Leh. 


Zimskang Museum is located in the Tegar Village near Nubra Valley; though many tourists are not aware of this museum. They have preserved the valuable items and memorabilia related to the ancient Silk Route. This museum remains open for the public and is also known as the Kargil Museum. Tourists can have a glimpse into the 19th and 20th century business culture prevalent in Central Asia and India and get an idea about that particular period



Tourists often visit Tsolding Buddha Park in Nubra Valley. The Buddha Image Construction Project Committee maintains this park. No tourist vehicles are allowed to enter the natural park. Some breathtaking views of the snowcapped mountains and surrounding green landscape can be enjoyed from the Tsolding Buddha Park. The park comprises of a small lake and a Buddha statue sitting on a small building in the park. 


The Khardung La Pass has made access to Nubra Valley possible. This pass, in spite of being located at a high altitude allows communication through vehicles. This pass appears to be a bit rough and dry. But this is actually where a lot of farmland can be seen. So much so that the Kurdung La Pass region has earned the title of ‘Orchard of Ladakh’.



This awesomely scenic place lies 80 km away from Hunder. It’s a valley of raw-rock and its narrow roads wind through the Shyok valley. Tourists will get to see some beautiful waterfalls in this region. Extensive barley and wheat fields and occasional Apricot trees are also seen. 


These small villages lie across the Siachen Glacier. But amongst the mountain valleys lies the small village of Panamik, which is popularly known for its hot spring. Another village, named Tegar offers scenic views and you will also get the opportunity to have a glimpse of the much talked about  Zamskhang Palace. The hardly known Zimskang Museum is also located in Tegar. Sumur, another small village located nearby Nubru valley also offers panoramic view of the surrounding region.



Nubra Valley is a scenic valley near Leh. On the way to Nubra, you will come across the Khardung La. The surrounding view from the high altitude and a drive through this pass will be a memorable journey for sure.  


To find out about the culture of Nubra Valley region, you can visit the different monasteries located in and around this valley. The Diskit Gompa is the most prominent one among the rest of the monasteries of this region. You can attend the morning prayers hosted by the monks of the monastery.



Maitreya Buddha Statue A colorful 35 feet high statue of Lord Buddha has been constructed and it overlooks towards the mountainous region of Pakistan.      


This is an old Buddhist monastery; also known as Hundur Gompa. The Hundur Village offers panoramic view of the surrounding area.


This natural lake is near the Sumur Village. It is considered very holy by the local people.



You can trek up to any nearby villages or to monasteries and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and valleys from an altitude. Drive to the Hundur village or to Khardungla is a great option to enjoy the beauty of the vast landscape. The rugged hilly view of Khardungla is worth seeing. The lakes and landscapes are also great gateways to enjoy nature under the open sky. Nature lovers also prefer going to Hunder and Panamik for gorgeous views. 

Activities in nubra

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Camping and trekking are two popular activities in Nubra Valley-Ladakh region. Adventure lovers can trek up to the small villages and monasteries, situated uphill. While trekking, you can enjoy the scenic panoramic view of the surrounding gorges, mountain peaks and deep valleys. Trekking to the Khalsar from Sabo is a well-known route. For camping experience, you can choose Sumur village localities. Jeep safari and Bactrian camel safaris along the desert sand dunes are very popular and enjoyable activity for tourists in Nubra. The drive through the hairpin bending towards Khardung is a great adventurous activity. 

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For a relaxing holiday experience at Nubra Valley, you can spend your time enjoying the natural scenic beauty of the surrounding from your hotel room. You can also visit the nearby monasteries and spend some time in the serene and quite places. You can spend hours savoring the beauty of the lake and snow capped mountains from a distance at Tsolding Buddha Park. You can go out for a day to Diksik town center and spend time at the small souvenir stalls, enjoy a cup of tea at the cafes or try some local delicacies.


Food in nubra


It might be difficult to find proper restaurants in Nubra. Some local vendors sell authentic Tibetan and Kashmiri food. Diskit has some eateries and bakeries for tourists. Some of the popular eateries among tourists in Nubra are Selmo Restaurant (serving international food), Shack (offers Indian cuisine) and Maitreya Midway Garden Restaurant (serving local and other cuisines). The Himalayan Guest House also provides food along with lodging to tourists. 


At Nubra Valley, you will get the opportunity to taste a number of local dishes besides international and Indian cuisine. For authentic Ladhaki food, you can pay a visit to the nearby dhabas. As part of your Nubra travel package itinerary, make sure to incorporate eating out at some of the small eateries. You can even try local bread called Pava and Khambir; a local soup called sku. If you want to try some Kashmiri delectable dishes then you should try the famous Goshtaba, Marchwangan korma, Yakhni and Roghan Josh.


Night Life in nubra


It will be hard to find any designated bars and pubs in Nubra Valley, but you can check with the hotels, which have bar and lounge for their guests. You can check with Hotel Sten-Del, Yarab Tso Hotel and Chunka’s Camp (Lodge) for their respective bar facility

Shopping in nubra


This place is good for collecting both Tibetan and Kashmiri artifacts. At Nubra Valley, you can stop to shop for authentic pashminas. Local vendors sell varieties of shawls, carpets and socks. They also sell very tasty handpicked apples and apricots at a very reasonable price. From local bazars or street markets you can collect various souvenirs including the Tibetan handcrafted statues. There is another very popular bazaar or street market at Diskit. 

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