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Places to visit in Palampur

When you travel to Palampur, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Palampur, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Palampur to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Palampur things to do can include exploring Palampur attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in palampur


Kangra Fort, otherwise called Nagar Kot, was developed by the imperial family of Kangra. Arranged at an elevation of 350 ft above sea level and spread over a range of 4 km. The site where the fortress is arranged is otherwise called the Purana Kangra, which is at a separation of 3 km far from the town of Kangra. This fort is not just mentioned in the incredible Indian epic of Mahabharata but also in the war records of Alexander the Great. Built at the merging of the two rivers, in particular, Banganga and Manjhi, the stronghold is limited by thick walls and fortresses.


Baijnath temple is one of the main attractions of Palampur, spotted at a distance of 16 km from the town. Since its foundation, the sanctuary, devoted to the Hindu divinity, Shiva, has persistently been under construction. The temple’s available construction modeling is a fine illustration of the Nagara style of temples which is common as the medieval north Indian sanctuary architecture. The Svayambhu manifestation of 'Shiva lingam' lies in the sanctum of the sanctuary over which a tall Shikhara is mounted. The outer walls and external doors of the temple showcase pictures of a few gods separated from religious inscriptions. A little four pillared yard set before the Mandapa with an idol of Nandi, the bull that serves as Shiva's mount, can be seen in the temple.


The temple has colossal religious vitality as it is considered as a real part of one of the 51 Shakti Peethas or spots of love. The altar of the temple is devoted to Hindu divinity Chamunda, prominently known as Durga, which is held under cover, owing to its religious importance. The atmosphere of the temple is tranquil and quiet, owing to which countless meditate there and look for blessing of the Goddess. Devotees can likewise discover a serene lake inside the temple, which is accepted to have holy water. A cave looking somewhat like a 'Shiva lingam' is seen in the temple. 


The Losel Doll Museum houses a unique gathering of around 150 costumed dolls, which are complicatedly detailed and reflect the everyday life of Tibetan people. This religious community has been re-built in South India. Copies of the dolls in the exhibition hall are available to be purchased and make for incredible masterpieces.


Dhauladhar National Park, or the Gopalpur Zoo, is a noticeable vacation spot of the city of Palampur. Found at a separation of 199 km from the main centre, the park spreads over a territory of 30 acres.

This national park houses different types of creatures, which pulls in an expansive number of wildlife lovers. Tourists can likewise visit a mini zoo spotted in the park where creatures like panthers, dark bears, angora rabbits, Asiatic lion, S?mbhar, red fox, and different types of deer can be seen.



Nevgal Khad, located at a distance of 2 km from the principle city, is one of the prominent tourist destinations of Palampur. Likewise, known as Bundla Chasm, its prime fascination is its 300 m wide stream. Apart from picnics, adventurers can appreciate the beautiful excellence of the spot which includes a surrounding perspective of the Dhauladhar extents encompassing the area. The monsoon season further improves the excellence of the spot. During the monsoon, the river literally swells up to about twice the original depth. Hence, that is the perfect time when you should be visiting this place.


Tea Gardens are the prime fascination for the tourists going to Palampur. Owing to the inconceivable tea gardens of the city, Palampur is famously known as 'Tea Capital of Northwest India'. Spread over acres of area, these thriving tea gardens are a wellspring of work for a larger part of local people of the district. Tea estate was started amidst the nineteenth century by Dr. Jameson, the Administrator of the Organic Enclosures in the North-West Boondocks Area, in the district.


Al-Hilal, situated at a distance of 12 km from the city of Palampur, is a well known tourist destination. The literal meaning of Al-Hilal is the land of the Crescent Moon. From Al-Hilal, explorers are furnished with a surrounding perspective of the Dhauladhar ranges. It is as much a cultural heritage as it is a natural enigma.

This site acted as the military fortress of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Tourists can use the guest house named Taragarh fort, which spreads over a range of 15 acres in proximity to Al-Hilal.


Andretta, otherwise called artist’s village, is a noticeable tourist spot in the city of Palampur, found at a distance of 14 km from the town. This village speaks to a special blend of culture. You can find art shops in the locale offering mini compositions from Kangra, Shobha Art Singh Gallery, Norah Center for arts, and Norah Richard's home. Andretta Pottery and Crafts society is an alternate noticeable spot, where understudies can take in the craft of making pottery.


Tashi Jong Monastry, one of the outstanding tourist destinations of the city of Palampur, is home to a few Tibetans refugees in the state. The main feature of the Jong is that it gives off an impression of being more like a community than a religious focus. The curved roof of the monastery is mounted with red-golden hued embellishments that look like prayer flags. Peace seekers and Buddhist explorers visit this spot regularly.

The walls of the sanctuary are pleasantly tinted, representing the art and culture of Tibet. The masterful brilliance of the sanctuary can be gotten from the lovely weaving loom like stupa, a Buddhist spiritual landmark, set in the monastery. A wide mixture of Tibetan relics, artistic creations and articles can be seen in the art emporium of the monastery. Separated from this, glorious enclosures, restaurants, and art emporiums in the area draw in numerous tourists.


Belfast is a very beautiful place which guaranteed you to fall in love with nature all over again. It is also very rich in flora and fauna. 

Activities in palampur

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If you are fond of outdoor activities, Belfast is the place to be. Water skiing,ice skating,canoeing,yachting, boating,kayaking, fishing, sky diving and climbing are some of the options you may try.

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In Belfast you will have a number of spas and health centres for ultimate relaxation.

Food in palampur


If you are in the mind-set for some Indian food then you'll clearly appreciate the incredible and delightful kinds of Indian food served here. Set in the midst of wonderful hills, this restaurant is a decent choice for a wholesome feast. Separated from a yummy main course menu you can likewise decide on quick bites like chats, pakoras and paranthas. 


This restaurant has extraordinary food, speedy service and is located inside Surbhi Hotel. One of the finest multi-cooking restaurants in Palampur, it serves Indian, Chinese and Mainland bites. It's an added preference to the individuals who love Chinese food, as it is the forte here, and is basically mouth-watering. 


Dishes range from Chinese, to Indian to Mughlais and everything that comes in between. Basically, if you come to Palampur just to taste good food, this is a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 

Shopping in palampur


Palampur is famous for its flea markets that sell a lot of local artefacts and handicrafts all over the place. They are very visible near tourists’ spots where local people make temporary shanties to sell woollen materials as well as local handicrafts.


Since this is a developing hill station there is not much departmental stores here. However, if you are into shopping, do check out the famous departmental stores in Dharamshala.


Andrette village is the biggest tourist hub that crazy shopping maniacs go for a treat. From handicrafts to local pottery, everything is available and at various prices. DO take a souvenir from here.

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