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Places to visit in Panjim

When you travel to Panjim, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Panjim, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Panjim to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Panjim things to do can include exploring Panjim attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in panjim


Bearing the historicallegacy in its every aspect, this amazing structure defines Portuguese style with all bold elegance. Also known as ChurchSquare, this is a 12 meter high column, where the statue of Vasco Da Gama was originally located. Later it was shifted to a museum at Old Goa. At present, the Church Square is holding the Ashoka Pillar, Indian national emblem.



Revered as the oldest historical monument in Panaji, Idalcowas originally thepalace of the AdilShahi Kings. After being devastated by wars and invasions, the structure was reconstructed in 1615 by the Portuguese Viceroy Jeronimo de Azevedo. Till 1759 it was used as the residence of the Viceroy and in 1843, it became the Secretariat house. Presently it’s the house of theGoan State Legislature.



Also known as the martyrs' monument, this domed structure is created by the Portuguese. Made of iron beams and granite pillars, this breathtaking structure is a wonderful treat to your eyes. At present, the Azad Maidan is the home to a brass statue of Goan freedom fighter Dr.Tristao de Braganza Cunha.This monument is also known as the melting point where free opinions are voiced out openly over various issues.



Holding the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, this is indeeda treat to your eyes.Bearing the influence of baroque architecture, the oldest church of Goa depicts a true Portuguese influence in every aspect. You can also spot some old paintings and relics of the contemporary time in the church.


Initially a mud-shrine, the Shanta Durg Temple had its stone structure in the 18th century. Later it was renovated in 1966. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Shanta Durga, the goddess who mediated between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Shanta Durga Devi is revered as the “kuldevi” (family goddess) of many Konkani residents. Indo-Portuguese fusion of architecture is clearly evidentin the pyramidal structure of the temple. Stained and coloured glass panes are found in the main building.


Reis Magos is a Portuguese fort that dates back to the British era in India. Featuring strong laterite walls with Portuguese turrets, it was built on the ruins of a pagoda. It is built with the help of the Government funds. This amazing structure close to the city of Panjim used to be a factory of arms and ammunitions


Se Cathedral is the revered seat of the patriarchs of East Indies and among the largest churches in Asia. This age-old structure commemorates the victory of Afonso de Albuquerquee against the Muslim army, following the ownership of Goa. Featuring a true Portuguese-Manueline architecture, this church is a real eye- candy.


Dedicated to the Saraswat Brahmin clan of Panjim, this temple is a quintessential example of the architectural excellence of the contemporary era. Shri Ramnath is the chief deity of the temple. This is solely a Hindu temple in Goa that is devoid of Portuguese influence.


The Archaeological Museum, often called the Museum of Christian Artbuleadingilt in 1964, is one of the It is one of the tourist hotspots in the state. The museum has eight different sections in eight separate galleries. While a number of displays here belongs to the then Portuguese Governors and Viceroys of Goa, this very monument sports a widely assorted collection of Goan handicrafts and cultural art. Most of the carvingsavailable here are made of precious metals like gold, expensive stones, ivory and so on. One can spot a huge collection of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The huge standing statue of Lord Vishnu with Godess Lakshmi on one side and Garuda on the other is awe-inspiring. Works from the Palaeolithic age, Neolithic Celts and excavated materials are among the special attractions.



The southern states of India usually come with a wide diversity of flora and fauna. The capital city of Goa, Panjim, offers a plethora of parks and gardens and is a soothing treat to the eyes. On route to Miramar, Campal gardens, lands you up amidst tranquillity and quietness, perfect for the romantic rendezvous.


For the avid lover of Nature, Jogger’s Park is indeed an unavoidable lure. A pretty landscaping featuring a wonderful joggers track is the major attraction here.


Then comes the haven of peace amidst the hustles and bustles of the capital city- the Millenium Gardens. Amidst the burst of greenery, the statue of our national emblem AshokaStambh, the Lion Capital stands with all its characteristic boldness. While being a visual treat, the place offers an immaculate romantic getaway with attractions replete. Most of the tour packages that come with sightseeing facilities include a visit in these places. It’s up to you which one to choose.


In spite of being a small city, Panjimis replete with attractions, both natural and manmade. Which is why, tourists will always find a place worth visit according to your mood. In short, a holiday trip to Panjim will always be an experience that you will treasure for a life time. From beautiful sceneries, the breadth of a beach to the breathtaking structures-everything makes the Panjim city a happening place. 


It’s not unknown the major attractions of this southern state is its beaches, but the interiors of the state is no less of an attraction. In spite of being petite in terms of square meters, the capital city of Panjim squeezed it itself a wide diversity of flora and fauna, the topography, landscape and of course the huge beaches are mesmerizingly breathtaking in their own rights. The exquisite splendour that mesmerises a weary traveller is unreservedly evident in the Panjim City.



The cultural varieties of Panjim are quite evident once you get in there. The Portuguese and Christian influence makes the city truly unique. From the variety in language to its festivals, the Panjim city has a lot to offer to an enthusiastic traveller. The ethics of Unity in Diversity has found its true significance here. While depicting a religious harmony, this is indeed a place with cultural attractions galore to bowl you over. No wonder, you will definitely find a different land detached from the rest of the world while being here!


From beautiful temples to striking monasteries, the city of Panjim comes with a lot of famous landmarks, each of which has enriched historical background. Starting from Praca da Igreja (Church Square), the major landmark in this area, one can spot the breathtaking structure of old and rebuilt Adilshahi Palace, the Mahalaxmi Temple, the Jama Masjid Mosque and the relics of Saint John Bosco.



The natural greenery and cruising across the sea surrounded by forest makes Panjim a worth visit.

Activities in panjim

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For a travel freak with an adventurous bone, Panjim offers a number of exploratory activities. From river cruise to exciting bus trip, the Panjim tour packages include a lot more than you can expect


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What could be a better alternative than relaxing in the quiet beach of Miramar close to Panjim. You can also experience a retreat to relaxing spas across the city. However, your Panjim tour packages may not come with the “spa packages” included. 

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 A trip to Panjim sans live music is a no trip at all. No wonder, a Panjim holiday package will always include one. Beach festivals are very popular in this city. So, when you are in mood of some live music, head for a beach festival during your holiday trip. 

Food in panjim


The cosmopolitan culture of the city is also evident from its foot habit. Quite obviously, you can expect a wide range of restaurants offering a variety of delicacies to tang your taste buds. Most of the popular name includes Viva Panjim (Goan and Portuguese dishes), Delhi Darbar (North Indian dishes), Ritz Classic (Indian and Seafood) and The Upper House (Portuguese and Chinese). 


In terms of dishes, the Panjim city is really blessed. The city comes with handpicked delicacies from all across the world. From Italian to Lebanese, From Indian to Portuguese, From Mughai to Seafood, the variety will never fall short of savouring your taste buds.

Night Life in panjim


Your visit to Panjim will always let you shake your legs with the funky tunes and DJ mixes at high-class clubs and discos. Whether it’s a friend’s outing or a romantic night, the clubs and discos will offer you a happening hotspot.


Though small in count, the bars and pubs in the city is definitely a lure for the enthusiasts. 

Shopping in panjim


Anjuna’s flea market is quite a happening destination in Panjim, when you are looking for some good bargained stuff. Vendors from Kashmir and Tibet come to peddle all kinds of garments and trinkets.


The departmental stores in Panaji are featured with items from across the world. There is plethora of stores in and across the city and for a tourist, these are always an added attraction. 


The street markets are one of their kinds when it comes to Panjim. For the shopping enthusiasts, the city is indeed an attraction. So if your pocket has all the boldness, the city encourages you to shop till you drop.


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