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Places to visit in Parwanoo

When you travel to Parwanoo, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Parwanoo, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Parwanoo to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Parwanoo things to do can include exploring Parwanoo attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in parwanoo


Dedicated to Goddess Manasa, this temple is revered as the abode of the goddess in the form of “Shakti”.  It attracts a crowd of devotees every year during Navaratri.The common beliefsays thatdevotees aregrantedboon by the Devi if pleased bytheir offerings. The temple authority offers special fare or the devotees during the festival of Navaratri.


The present structure of Shri Balaji Temple is reconstructed after it is being buried in the year 1988. It is one of the spectacular attraction in the city.



Situated 4500 ft above the sea level, this fort is one of the historical attraction in this city. It is located on a small hillock surrounded by the dense forest. According to the common belief this fort is constructed by the Chief of Gurkha Army Amar Singh Thapa during his fight against the British Army. On the contrary, it is also believed that the fort was taken over by the Gurkhasfrom the possession of the King of Patiala. Subathu, the place where it is situated is considered as a cantonment area that bears the relics of this fort.


The hill station has a plethora of attractions. Being a family holiday spot, there are plenty of amusement and children park in and around the city.  In addition to that, you can also take your kids for a visit in the hillocks and fruit orchards in the city. Though there are not much of waterparks and zoos especially for the kids, the scenic beauty of the place is truly captivating. 


The Kali temple of the city boasts of its enriched historical significance.  It’s an ancient Hindu temple that attracts thousands of devotees biannually. During the festival of Navratri, several events takes place in the temple premises, which are indeed of greatest attraction. 


The shrine dedicated to the Lord Shiva is one of its kind. The imposing structure is indeed an eye-candy. As the common belief runs, this sacred temple is historically famous. Devotees who offer their worship and prayer to the God are likely to get blessings from the Lord.


One of the major landmark of the city, Baba BalakNathMandir attracts a lot of devotees round the year. It’s impressive structure and historical significance makes it the talk of the town. Also known as Deotsidh,this sacred temple is located on the top of the hill in a natural cave Guha (cave).  The temple is known as the abode of Baba. While offering worship, the devotees come with Sweet Indian  four bread mixed with Pure Ghee. It is also cooked with jaggery, popularly called Gur. Though goats are offered to the deity that signifieshis gesture of love, though they are not slaughtered.

One of the interesting fact about this temple is that the entryof women devotees is purely restricted in this temple. But women can have a Darshan of the deity’s idol from the raised platform just opposite to the cave. Just 6 kilometers away from the where the women can have Darshan of the Babaji's Idol. Just 6 (six) kilometres ahead of the "Deotsidh" Temple, the small village “Shah-talai” is revered as the sacred place where Baba used to practice penance.Apart from those mentioned above, there are several Kali Temple and Durga Temple in and across the city, each of which has historical and cultural significance. Your Parwanoo tour guide will help you enjoy your vacation by visiting the sacred places in the city.



The beautiful city is the abode of a wide range of flora and fauna that seeks to provide you a perfect treat to the eyes. There is a plethora of parks and gardens in the city that comprises of the majority of the tourists’ attraction.  Adding to that are the fruit orchards, which are splendid and spectacular at the same time. However, mention should be made of the Mughal Gardens, which is popularly known as Yadavindra Gardens. The garden is namedafter the late Maharaja Yadavindra Singh of Patiala, Punjab. This celebrated garden was designed by a 17th century designer NawabFidai Khan.

Featuring a symmetrical rows of flowers and fountains that are illuminated after sunset is indeed an eye-candy. A small zoo and a mini restaurant are there in the garden. The gardens inside is quite breathtaking with its seven terraces. IT descends from the entrance in a symmetrical fashion. The famous Mughal gardens are also known for being a venue of various occasions organized during Baisakhi in April. Another popular festival organized here is the Mango festival during the months of June and July.


The Fruit Orchards are one of the main attractions of Parwanoo. Most of the industries in the city are engaged into processing flavoured jams, jellies, fruit pulps and other food products. Located in theShivalik range the Fruit Orchards in the Parwanoo city comprises one of the top most attractions here.The beautiful sceneryand the pleasantweather also add to the enigmatic magnificence of the orchards, which is why it is the favourite hotspot for the afternoon picnic.


Parwanoo, being a hill station is replete with natural attractions and splendid elegance. Apart from the breathtaking town itself, the temples and the orchards, parks and gardens form the major attractions in the city. Mughal Gardens, Cactus Garden, Fruit Orchard are to name a few.  This place is great for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. If you have an eye for landscape photography then there can’t be a place better than Parwanoo. The beautiful gardens, serene ambience and wonderful climate won’t let you leave the town easily. This place is also a great option for the newlyweds. Amidst the beautiful natural landscapes and greenery you will find peace and love. 


The major share of the natural attractions in the city goes to the breathtaking landscape and the splendid atmosphere.The small city on the lap of the Shivalik features one of the amazing topography, landscape and of course mesmerizingsparkle. The beautiful parks, gardens, fruit gardens are the major natural attractions. The Fruit Orchards tops the list when it comes to natural attraction. The vibrant and colourful fruits are a treat for your eyes. 

Activities in parwanoo

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For a travel freak, Parwanoo comes with a package of spine-chilling adventures. Being a hill station, the city offers some exciting trekking plans. You can also opt forcable car ride and outdoor activities in Parwanoo that you can enjoy. You can also indulge into day trips in the fragrant fruit orchards that is incredibly refreshing. You can simply pack your bags and come along with your team for shootings and photography experience. This place is a heaven for photography lovers. 

Food in parwanoo


The pristine beauty on the lap of Himalayas issprinkled withan array of restaurants and bars to woo the weary travellers.The eating outlets in and around the city offers quite a sumptuous dine out. You can also spot a fewhotels that serve delectable cuisines to titillate your taste buds. However, the most popular restaurant in Parwanoo is inside the Timber Trail Resort. You can also try the staple food of the place in their road side stalls. These stalls serves the most authentic Parwanoo food which is absolutely delicious. 

Night Life in parwanoo


Though nightlife is not as interesting as metros of India, the city has some of the best bars and pubs, where one can have a great time with friends.  Make sure you have a close watch in the amount of liquor you consume to keep your safety intact. 

Shopping in parwanoo


Like all other Himalayan cities, Parwanoo also does not offer any ingredients to appease your fancy shopping. Neither it’s a souvenir picking destination.But, travellers won’t get disappointed at all. The city comes with a bunch of local products and freshly made jams, marmalades and pickles. The plastic stuff manufactured here are quite popular among the travellers. Apart from the conventional pickles, the meat based pickles are also available in the street and local markets.The meat pickles are the perfect delight to the taste buds.If you happen to stay in nearby cities then you can also collect some fine quality fruits for your friends and family. 

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