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Attractions in periyar


There aren't any monumaents in the area because it is a national park and tiger reserve. However, the national park is a big monument in the area and should be visited because of the grandeur as well as the history.



One of the best activities that you can do with children in this area is to go on a safari. This can be done by hiring a jeep and you can go to the national park or the tiger reserve and drive around. As you drive, you will spot a number of animals roaming around in the park.


Religion is not too prominent in this region. However, if you are interested in viewing some temples, there are quite a few ones in the nearby cities. Tourists can get a day’s trip organised and visit these temples to know more about the lifestyle, culture and religion of this region.



Sadly, there aren't any museums in the area, but the national park and tiger reserve will tell you its own story through the guide. There is so much to learn about the area, how the animals survive and how the animal population has been kept alive by the caretakers.



The whole area is a national park along with a tiger reserve which means there is plenty to see and experience in the area. The most popular activity is to take a safari which allows you to drive through different areas of the park and tiger reserve where you can spot different animals.



There is so much to see around here, especially the tiger reserve and the national park. The park is a beautiful place and should definitely be visited along with the tiger reserve, so you can try to spot the different animals, which includes tigers, elephants and a huge variety of wild birds.



This area is full of nature which means you can spend a lot of time learning about it and the plants, trees and animals that call it home. One of the best things that you should do to experience nature is to take a safari into the tiger reserve or park so that you can enjoy the view as you drive around. You can also visit Periyar Lake and sit on the shores and relax.



If you want to look back at the past, make sure that you visit different tribal areas. This will allow you to learn about the history of the tribes and if you to want experience some of the traditions and how they live.


Periyar Tiger Reserve is one of the biggest landmarks in the area. This reserve is full of beautiful trees, plants and animals. Here, you can experience what it truly means to be alive and fully experience the feeling of the area.

Activities in periyar

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One of the best adventure activities that can be done in this area is to stay at the Jungle Inn, which allows you to stay in the jungle overnight. This is one of the best activities and you will be able to see the animals as they roam around the area and their nightly activities.

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There aren't any spas in the area, but one of the best ways to relax in the area is to simply read a book, which can be done in the gardens of the hotels. You can also relax by taking a jeep safari and enjoying the area. Another good way to relax is to visit the Periyar Lake and sit down on the shore, under a tree if possible and enjoy the cool breeze and read a book.

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There are no places in the region where you can listen to live music since most of the area is a national park and tiger reserve. However, you will have to wait and find somewhere in the bigger cities that have live music because the best you will be able to do is bring your own music and listen to that.

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There is so much to do in nature around here including hiking and safaris. These are the top things to do in the area. You can also just sit outside your hotel room and enjoy the breeze and the sounds that you hear from the many different animals.

Food in periyar


Most of the restaurants in this area are located in the hotels which make it easier for the guests to eat when they want to and in whichever hotel they stay. However, there are also a few small dhabas in the area which make simple food that tastes amazing.


This area has a huge variety of different dishes that are unique to the area. Some of the best dishes include dosa, idli, sambar, rasam and many more. These dishes feature a lot of curry leaves and should be consumed on a banana leaf instead of a plate.

Night Life in periyar


There aren't any places to dance around this area which isn't surprising because it is a national park and tiger reserve. However, you should wait until you get to the larger cities before you plan on dancing.


There aren't many places in the area that serve drinks, but most of the top hotels will most likely have something. However, one of the easiest ways to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks while you are in the area is to bring your own. This is especially recommended if you want something imported or an expensive drink.

Shopping in periyar


Unfortunately, there aren't any flea markets where you can shop. However, if you are lucky you will find a few small shops which sell a huge variety of different items including clothing and even shoes.


There aren't any department stores in the area which means you won't be doing any heavy duty shopping while you are here. However, you can visit some of the smaller stores in the area and buy some local mementos and other items.



The street market is one of the predominant shopping places in this area and is the best place to find souvenirs and mementos of your trip for your friends and family. You can also find a huge variety of different clothing items, toys and much more. You should definitely look at buying some of the different spices in the area which are extremely popular and fresh.

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